Chapter 7:

Chapter 4: Yuuna

Radiant Prism - The Goddess of Chaos and a World With You [Short]

Radiant Age, April 3, 1127Bookmark here

After the journey back from the nearby ancient ruins, we made our way through the north gate security. Once we entered Radiant City, we were met with Jade leaning against a wall. Her eyes were closed. Jade looked like she was taking a much-needed rest. Bookmark here

“Ms. Jade!”Bookmark here

Vivian hopped over, waking Jade from her brief slumber. The knight pushed her body off the wall and stood up straight. With that powerful stride of hers, Jade approached us.Bookmark here

“Eve called me about what happened.”Bookmark here

Eve’s eyes brightened as she nodded.Bookmark here

“I explained over the phone, Feodora, Vivian, and I encountered a woman with orange hair and a black uniform and a boy with red hair, both dark vessels."Bookmark here

She nudged my shoulder, prompting me to continue.Bookmark here

“Yeah, like Eve said.”Bookmark here

I recalled that symbol.Bookmark here

"When I did, it gave me the insight I needed to locate the dark vessel following us.”Bookmark here

The knight took a deep breath… and smiled.Bookmark here

"Great work, all of you. Because of your hard work, this investigation is moving forward.”Bookmark here

Jade smiled.Bookmark here

I scratched the back of my head.Bookmark here

"I guess it's time for me to revisit the Barons."Bookmark here

I turned to the three of them and asked…Bookmark here

“Can someone give me an insight on who the Baron Group is? I don’t think I fully understand who they are or how they operate.”Bookmark here

The knight crossed her arms and sighed.Bookmark here

"The Barons are a group of religious people who believe that the headmaster and founder, Abigail Pasco, is a goddess in the flesh."Bookmark here

“Abigail Pasco… Like Lana Pasco?”Bookmark here

Jade nodded.Bookmark here

“Do you remember the blond girl from yesterday, the one that attempted to steal your weapon, Feodora?”Bookmark here

Jade asked. I held my sword as I recalled what happened yesterday.Bookmark here

“Yes, is she part of that group, Jade?”Bookmark here

“She is the headmaster’s little sister. Her name is Lana Pasco, and she tends to walk around the Radiant City like she owns the place.”Bookmark here

I thought about how she wanted to buy my weapon from me. After I denied her, instead of leaving, she tried to take it away from me by force. She was unruly for being so young and innocent.Bookmark here

Jade continued.Bookmark here

"But anyway, Abigail Pasco and her family have built up followers around the idea because she has the unique ability to use four of the main spectrum elements at her disposal."Bookmark here

Surprised, I backed up.Bookmark here

“She can use four spectrum elements to their fullest abilities?”Bookmark here

Regrettably, she nodded.Bookmark here

“Yes, she is strong in fire, water, wind, and earth. But that’s not the only reason why they believe she’s a goddess.”Bookmark here

The knight looked at the white robe in her hand.Bookmark here

“Abigail is a miracle worker.”Bookmark here

Jade turned to me.Bookmark here

“Well, your job is done for the day. Take tomorrow off, I’ll see you at 9 again Feodora.”Bookmark here

Jade then turned to Eve and Vivian.Bookmark here

“You both are relieved for the day. Don’t cause any trouble; do you hear me, Vivian?”Bookmark here

“Oh, okay! Eve, do you want to hang out with me?”Bookmark here

Eve shrugged.Bookmark here

“For a little bit, I guess. I have bigger plans later. See you around, Feodora!”Bookmark here

She grinned as her eyes shined that bright blue. With that, she turned around and made her way off into the city with Vivian behind her.Bookmark here

"Bye-bye, Feodora! We’ll get together and buy you that phone soon! I promise!”Bookmark here

Vivian cried out before rushing away with that gun-wielding psycho. So, I made my way out of the city…Bookmark here

Bookmark here

I slowly made my way back home. It was night, and the fields were peaceful. I could hear beasts in the distance, but they were too far away for me to have to worry about them attacking me.Bookmark here

"What a day… "Bookmark here

I complained as I looked back at the Radiant City. Its bright lights lit up the land. Everything in me didn't want to go back. My shoulders slumped. I sighed and continued my way back home.Bookmark here

When I saw my cabin, my relief couldn’t be mirrored. There it stood, alone in the land, just how I should be. As I approached, a bright pink-haired girl came running in front of my cabin. With both her arms spread out, she chased a bunch of fireflies and butterflies as she cut through my grass. I was surprised to see her again.Bookmark here

“Zoom! Zoom!”Bookmark here

She made strange noises as she played with the outdoor animals. Nothing could take away how adorable she looked. The pain in my body became background feelings as everything focused on her. It was like she numbed the ache as she spun about, freely enjoying her time out there.Bookmark here

“Mr. Wings! Mr. Wings!”Bookmark here

She cried in joy. The moonlight cast an off blue light on her as the fireflies lit up her body, making her appear nothing short of magical. Like a bird to her nest, she put out her wings and soared into the nearby bushes right behind my house. Suddenly, the pink bunny appeared again from the bushes. She danced around then ran into the nearby forest, the place I found her yesterday.Bookmark here

“She… likes being alone, doesn’t she?”Bookmark here

I asked myself with a smile on my face.Bookmark here

“Could she be… like me?”Bookmark here

The thought of it warmed my chest a bit. It made me want to watch more. Admire the way she enjoys the nightlife. I removed my jacket and set it on the porch. As I felt the ripped fabric my mind... couldn't stop thinking about that bunny that ran by.Bookmark here

“Hm…”Bookmark here

My home was right there. I could go inside, take off my clothes, take a nice bath and go to sleep… but I found myself drawn to her now. My cabin faded in the background as I walked toward the forest.Bookmark here

"Just a little peek won't hurt… "Bookmark here

Silently, I convinced myself. Maxwell told me to avoid people, stay in the shadows, and live a peaceful life. But this person reminded me… a lot of myself. This bunny enjoyed her solitude in the night… and I became a little interested in her because of it.Bookmark here

Slowly, I approached the edge of the forest. When I walked inside, I found myself in a scene similar to the one the previous night.Bookmark here

Casting a beautiful glow in the moonlight, that pink-haired girl was on her knees. She reminded me of a princess from those fairytales with all the wildlife around her. They would run up her legs, arms, and even her shoulders. Fireflies would light up the isolated space, and butterflies would suspend their bright blue wings above her.Bookmark here

“Hehe, zoom!”Bookmark here

My lips curled every time she would make those strange noises. It was the kind a child would make because they lack the shame and self-awareness associated with embarrassment. Just to have fun for the sake of having fun, that's what this timid loner reminded me of.Bookmark here

“Oh, a bunny!”Bookmark here

Her tender voice spoke up as a bunny ran to her. It was pure white, like a cloud as it jumped around her. Suddenly, it jumped in her arms, and she held it close to her cheeks. It wasn’t long before many others surrounded her too. It was as if she attracted them to her… just by being as sweet as she was.Bookmark here

“…That’s nice.”Bookmark here

I whispered. I knew when to take my leave. As I backed up, the fatigue of the day made me a tad dizzy, and I clumsily stepped on a branch. The crack under my shoes caused the life around her to scatter in an instant.Bookmark here

“Ah?”Bookmark here

Suddenly, she looked at me. I looked at her. We met eyes and, before she could run, I called out to her.Bookmark here

“Oh! I’m sorry!”Bookmark here

The fatigue finally kicked in, and I fell to the grass. My knees hit the dirt, and my hands caught me from faceplanting into the ground.Bookmark here

“…Sorry…”Bookmark here

It was the only thing I could say. I was… too tired to stand. So, I sat on my bottom and tried my best to look up at the coy girl. I was dizzier than ever. The pink bunny took to her feet. She looked as though she was about to start running from me like I was a monster.Bookmark here

"…Again, sorry for scaring you… I was just… "Bookmark here

Before I knew it, I closed my eyes and fell to the side. I wasn't sleeping, just in a slight haze as I laid my cheeks on the grass.Bookmark here

“Are you… alright?”Bookmark here

Her soft voice whispered in my ear. Before I knew it, she held my shoulders, and I felt a cushion on my head. I wasn’t able to identify what my head was lying on yet. My body was too weak to even move around. It was then that the fireflies returned, lighting up the world around me. With that crisp moonlight tricking in… it made me appreciate the night more.Bookmark here

“… I like the night.”Bookmark here

I whispered. That alone took a lot out of me. I'm not sure why I even said it, but I did. It was then that a soft hand was placed on my head. From that, I concluded what was happening… This pink bunny put my head on her lap… and she was treating me like a small animal.Bookmark here

“Ah… oh… ah… are you okay?”Bookmark here

She asked again…Bookmark here

“…It’s just been a long day. T-Thank you, I guess?”Bookmark here

My cheeks warmed up as I realized what was happening. I felt guilty as I tried to lift my head, but her touch was like a numbing spell. My body wasn’t hurting… but it wasn’t reacting to my movements either. I could feel her gentle hand brush my hair.Bookmark here

“… You don’t have to do this. My home… is right there. Sorry… I guess I was spying on you a little.”Bookmark here

She didn’t respond… but she caressed my head with compassion. Out of her tender lips, she spoke.Bookmark here

“It’s… okay.”Bookmark here

The peace she brought made me at least want to… know her name. My focus drifted in and out… but I had to keep myself awake, or else the night terrors would assault me and probably scare her away for good.Bookmark here

“My name is… Feodora Cicer.”Bookmark here

I pushed out as my cheeks went deeper into her thighs. They were like pillows, and everything in me wanted to close my eyes and fall asleep. Bunnies approached her again, but this time they jumped around me too. I… didn't understand how she attracted them like this.Bookmark here

I was in a daze and couldn't make out what was actually happening. But I forced myself awake… I didn't want this coy girl to see that side of me. I... didn't want her to see me scream like a banshee.Bookmark here

Strangely, she didn't answer me. She just continued to rub my head.Bookmark here

“You know… I like the night.”Bookmark here

I confessed, trying to keep myself awake.Bookmark here

“It’s quiet, peaceful… and lonely, but I like it.”Bookmark here

How gentle my voice felt was a surprise to me. The timid girl brushed my bangs back with her fingers. This reminded me of when I was little, Maxwell would do the same as I laid down.Bookmark here

“Is that why you’re out here alone… because you like the night too?”Bookmark here

For a moment, she looked away and gazed up at the trees. Her bright eyes stared there for a moment. With her free hand, her thin fingers touched her lips, and she nodded slightly.Bookmark here

“…Me too.”Bookmark here

I calmed my excitement as I smiled brightly at her.Bookmark here

“Do you always come out here at night to play?”Bookmark here

I curiously asked. The pink-haired bunny just continued to pet my head.Bookmark here

"... Do you like playing out here?"Bookmark here

I tried my best to get at least an answer from her. She was so mysterious as she coyly looked about. She waited for a moment, looked back over her shoulder, then turned back to me. Out of her lips, soft words finally came out.Bookmark here

“…N-No... I-I mean… yes. A-Ah… are you going to make me leave?”Bookmark here

Her voice was a tad shaky, and that started to worry me. It woke me up a bit, and I noticed that I had little to no anxiety around her… unlike others. I firmly shook my head from side to side, casually brushing her thighs as I did.Bookmark here

“N-No, I wasn’t going to make you leave...”Bookmark here

“R-Really?”Bookmark here

With all the energy I could muster, I got up and off of her thighs. The animals around us didn't scatter like before. No, they continued to bounce around us. It felt like I became a piece of this picture now. As if I was a small animal that belonged in this space.Bookmark here

“P-Please continue to play… I’ll leave you be.”Bookmark here

I slowly got to my feet. The pain in my body wasn't there any longer. The pink-haired girl took to her feet too. With us being this close, I could see that she was slightly shorter than me. Her body seemed slim, and she wore a backpack that was dark blue. That only added to her unique charm.Bookmark here

Her eyes looked me up and down as she put one hand behind her back.Bookmark here

“Ah… my name is Feodora Cicer. I live in the cabin nearby."Bookmark here

“Yes, you told me...”Bookmark here

She smiled…timidly. Embarrassed, I looked to the side too. The wildlife around us bounced about at my feet. The mysterious girl bent down and patted a white bunny. She didn’t say anything else as she let them touch her hands and jump on her shoulders like before.Bookmark here

I watched in amazement as they tenderly flocked around her.Bookmark here

“Yuuna…”Bookmark here

She whispered. Closing those bright pink eyes of hers, she confessed.Bookmark here

“Hm?”Bookmark here

I tilted my head. I wasn't sure if I caught her words right. They were light as a feather and made my heart… throb a bit.Bookmark here

“My name is… Yuuna.”Bookmark here

She finally expressed, showing me her bright pink eyes. Yuuna got to her feet, looked back at me, and held her chest.Bookmark here

"But… I'd like it if you'd call me... Yuu Yuu, though."Bookmark here

My eyes lit up as I was finally able to put a name to the face. After seeing her last time, I couldn't get her out of my mind for a while, I'll admit. But that was a distant memory. She was a girl named Yuuna who liked to be called Yuu Yuu.Bookmark here

“Alright, Yuu Yuu.”Bookmark here

I was finally close to her. Because of that, I could see her uniform was just like Vivian's. It begged me to ask the question.Bookmark here

“Yuu Yuu… do you know someone named Vivian Heart?”Bookmark here

For a moment, she turned to the side. Her expression darkened momentarily then, with a shake of her head, she concluded.Bookmark here

“Nope.”Bookmark here

Timidly, she walked to the side, and all the animals around us scattered into the forest. It was strange but magical as they did this.Bookmark here

“I got to go… F-Feodora.”Bookmark here

The bunny began running into the forest. Timidly, Yuu Yuu put her arm behind her back and scratched her cheek.Bookmark here

“I-If… I come back… would you play with me?”Bookmark here

Her words sank into my chest as I stepped forwards. I knew nothing about this woman. The thing that first captured me about her was her love for the night. But that alone… made me want to know more about her.Bookmark here

“… S-Sure.”Bookmark here

I agreed. Never have I ever wanted to get to know another person like her before. People are… stressful to deal with. But Yuuna wasn't like that. Her presence felt calming… and that alone made me a bit more… excited when I saw her.Bookmark here

With a bright smile, she ran away into the dark of the night. How someone so bright and alive could be so mysterious. I closed my eyes and put my hands on my hips.Bookmark here

“… I guess today wasn’t so bad, was it?”Bookmark here

I concluded as I made my way back home.Bookmark here

As I lay in bed, awaiting the night terrors to assault me, I began to question what happened in the past few days. More than ever… I associated myself with others.Bookmark here

But despite the odd situation I found myself in… I was able to meet the one person who actually made me feel calm…Bookmark here

Yuuna or Yuu Yuu as she likes to be called. A recluse, like me, who seemed to be so kind and gentle. Something is strange about her… and it makes me want to know more about her. And that never happens when I meet people. Something about her… is special.Bookmark here

My goal wasn’t changing. I need to solve this mystery so I can live my life in peace, and that starts with finding the woman who attacked me during our investigation. That orange-haired woman and red hair boy… were the key to my freedom.Bookmark here

“Jade told me to take tomorrow off… I’ll decide what I should do then.”Bookmark here

I closed my eyes and let the horrible night terrors assault me…Bookmark here

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