Chapter 0:


As The Dutches That Everyone Hates

Characters with passion, hope for the future, and wishes bring every character in the story to life, fillings their lives in a meaningful way, and makes them look special in the eye of the readers."

euphimia got it favorite author

It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say her best known love beyond time series changed my life’s been a year since her last work

And the final volume "affection touching across time" hasn’t been release

it was a quiet afternoon, with my pristine white uniform. I sat down on the bank of the lake watching the sunset reflects in water in distance and let out a big sigh'' why is life so unfair?''i whispered in the wind

“ i wish i can experience luxury in life even just for a day and get a girlfriend or being serve by maids” I thought as I threw a stone on the water i was about to pick a new stone when I got suddenly interrupted by a homeless old man place himself next to me

''since I'm in the situation as you are now, i think we're gonna be really good friends” the old man said and i glanced at him and smile even tho he’s not looking at me and just staring at space

I took my bottle of water and was about to drink when the homeless man glanced at the water bottle in hands

He seems looked very thirsty maybe from walking all this way along with the beaming hot sun

I reached out and hand him over my half empty left over water. I don’t have money to buy him a new one because I’m broke af

But i knew he wanted that water anyways

''You can have this’ ‘I said and shyly looked away.

When i got no response from him i reach out my hand to him ''it’s not that i care of you dehydrate or anything okay? “ I said while looking .when i turn to see his reaction he smiled and chugged all water left and places the plastic bottle in on the ground

‘‘You think life is so unfair? I asked as I crossed my legs and rest my chin on my hands

''Everything in my life keeps going wrong''i said as I stared at the water

‘‘That fool who I thought my friend sucked my life out of me. My scholarship, my freedom and my happiness ''

‘‘I should never have trust anyone''

‘‘You know what i thought that if i won’t change, the people i trusted and care about wouldn't change either''

''I was wrong though''i glanced at him and he was looking at me silently

‘‘How did my life end up this way?''i asked “I badly want to rewrite my life again”

''you can't change your life just because you want it to’ ‘he said as he stared back at the lake’ ‘unless you do something to change your fate or maybe if you die and came back to life again’ ‘he added as he take off his jacket and place it on the ground’ ‘that way you can restart over again”

i was about to say something more when he just lay down on the comfy grass and shut his eyes to sleep

i looked at him confusedly''oum thanks?''i said and throw a pebble on the water

Is he trying to cheer me up? Well he's not helping me at all. But i know what he said is right..i can’t change my life just because i want it too. After what happened to Lori, it would be difficult for me to start again .my life like A fine glass goes from treasure to trash, the moment it is broken and pieces are left shattered everywhere, i can never put back together.

Tears suddenly run down on my cheeks. I wipe it away and look around me if someone saw me cry when i heard a splash of water''help!''someone called out. Hearing it.

i immediately looked around to see where it coming from when i saw a boy struggling himself out of water

“Gramps wake up?!'' i panicky shook the old homeless guy shoulder up but he got no response

I stood up to look around the area hoping to ask for help. However but no one was around. Why now?!''i frustrated said as i ruffled my hair

'' No Luke you don't have to do it''i said to myself’ ‘even if you don't someone else will''i added

''argh you're a man aren't you?''i stomp around frustrated

''why is it me again?”

After I gather all the couragement left in my body, I dive into the cold water without any hesitation and that's when i felt the cold water hit my skin

I dive underneath after reaching the surface and grabbed little boy hand’ ‘ill get you out of here i promise''i said while struggling myself out of water.

i really can't swim, but if i won’t do it, then who will? Terrible cab happen within a seconds i have do something

Luckily there’s a wooden bridge across the lake not far from our spot so i swam near to it pulling the boy along with me

Shit in running out of breath

I pushed him up when I reached the bridge and luckily he was. Smart enough to help himself by grabbing the rope and pull himself up on the water

My heart filled with joy. First the first time in my life, I did something right. Something i can be proud of

i saved that little boys. Life all by myself

‘‘Big brother!'' the boy called out to me reaching his little hand to me

i gently reached out my hand to him when my body suddenly felt numb. Our fingers already few inch away...but why

i can see the little boy struggling and trying his best to reach me when suddenly the sky covered with darkness as the moon shadowed the sun

Eclipse? That’s weird

Then i felt a strong energy dragging me down

‘‘Brother!!''i heard the boy screamed with tears on its eyes as i slowing sinking down the water

i can still see his reflection leaning down in water as if calling out to me...but everything around me seem colorless...and dark

i could not hear anything...not even my own heart beat

i'm scared....i really scared. Not because i will going to die, but all alone with no one to help i tried to push myself up in water fight to the death

i felt like i was in a saphia the sun and the moon reunite as one where the Moon casts a dark shadow that turns into incredible dusk and the bizarre and extraordinarily beautiful halo is reflected “solar eclipse?”i smiled weakly as i remember lori talks about her interest in astronomy especially her story .In a nutshell, she told me that the love story goes when Sun and the Moon fell in love

I’m lucky enough to see such an amazing phenomenon. There was a little light and i can still see the reflection of the eclipse in the water. But it was very weak and the surface was still far off. I was still too deep.

"Sometimes, I think of the sun and the moon as lovers who rarely meet, always chase, and always miss one another. But once in a while, they do catch up, and they kiss, and the whole world stares in awe at their eclipse “I heard Loris voice in in my head

Those were the words she said when we were star gazing together….wait …why did i suddenly remember those memories

‘‘They say life may actually flash before our eyes when we die''

i guess it’s true

As I slowly sink down the entire life flash before your eyes in a space of seconds like a flash of lightning.

Even when I’m about to die i was still i going to die? I felt like time had stop in this endless void

I opened my eyes after i had enough courage to do so

There was darkness all around i thought “oh so this is how afterlife looks like?

i wonder if lori felt this way. After me leaving her getting drown to death in our school swimming pool

''Luke!'' my tears are blending with the water” why did i felt like lori calling after me

that’s right....i am nothing but unremarkable student who always keep his bangs long to maintains a Safe distance from his surroundings. Almost no one know my real name ...i am a coward. And nobody...i wasn’t able to save my friend back then, hats right. I deserve this all of it

Before I got into that situation, I did nothing with my life. ..if only I knew this is my end.

But i guess the best thing to do is to accept fate and give up on it

But....but i still want to live. I don’t want to die” my sudden realization brought all my regrets

Everyday I always wish I could have just die just like vanish into thin this time all my life I got a strong desire to live again

So this is the end huh? Well, I guess this is not bad. All my life I’ve been suffering and now......

i was out of whole body had gone numb. I was exhausted from all that effort "im sorry sorry Lori “I whispered as i drop down to the endless abyss below

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