''Some of my stories is complete but will always remain unfinish''

So I kinda write stories....advance sorry for my typographical and grammatical error you can correct me instead and Im open for constructive criticism and would accept corrections if needed.
Violent Reaction And Comments are still appreciated because I Like To Punish Myself
and to my reader*if you really exist *😂 want you to know that i like you (っ◔◡◔)っ ♥ i love you,and always will ♥
you can always talk to always free etc

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    i want to pyt my feelibgs in writing ink will stay longer than my words in your memories
    • Male • First-time novelist • Artist • Musician • Anime Otaku New Author, aspiring to be create a popular Manga and eventually an Anime series! If you like my work please share with your like minded friends and family! 28/06/22 UPDATE: Chapter 3 is now released, I will be taking a few days off over my birthday and will get onto writing Chapter 4 on Monday! Enjoy. Look forward to sharing my Novel with you and please follow me if you would like to follow my novel chapter by chapter! Arigatō gozaimasu!
    Born in '99 - Arts (especially Puppetry), Metal, Occult, Anime + Gaming: Moba, Shooters/ First Person, Role-playing + MMORpg, Action-Adventure, Simulation , Puzzle, Mystery/ Survival horror Games, aaaand ANIME
    Hello there, I am TheHardWorkingStudent and I enjoy writing and reading Isekai, Fantasy, Action, Mytery and much more.
    A few stories had been gnawing at my mind for the past few years. This mght be a a good opportunity to pen them down! Weekdays would be very busy for me but I will be sure to interact over the weekends. ヽ(*゚д゚)ノ
    An otaku from SEA. Enjoying a good time here with you all.