I Know Nobody really read my stories but I want to pretend someone does

for any violent comment and reaction.

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    "The warrior who acts out of honour cannot fail. [...] Seek honour as you act, therefore, and you will know no fear." -Roboute Guilliman- I'm in love with the arts, especially literature and cinema. Nomura cabrón
    𝓠〘興書家〙20↑ Watch G-witch if you haven't!!
    i want to put my feelings in writing ink will stay longer than my words in your memories
    • Male • First-time novelist • Artist • Musician • Anime Otaku New Author, aspiring to be create a popular Manga and eventually an Anime series! If you like my work please share with your like minded friends and family! 28/06/22 UPDATE: Chapter 3 is now released, I will be taking a few days off over my birthday and will get onto writing Chapter 4 on Monday! Enjoy. Look forward to sharing my Novel with you and please follow me if you would like to follow my novel chapter by chapter! Arigatō gozaimasu!
    Born in '99 - Arts (especially Puppetry), Metal, Occult, Anime + Gaming: Moba, Shooters/ First Person, Role-playing + MMORpg, Action-Adventure, Simulation , Puzzle, Mystery/ Survival horror Games, aaaand ANIME
    Hello there, I am TheHardWorkingStudent and I enjoy writing and reading Isekai, Fantasy, Action, Mytery and much more.
    A few stories had been gnawing at my mind for the past few years. This mght be a a good opportunity to pen them down! Weekdays would be very busy for me but I will be sure to interact over the weekends. ヽ(*゚д゚)ノ
    An otaku from SEA. Enjoying a good time here with you all.
    Male. Early 20s. I'm here to read anime inspired stories. Feed me with honey. uwu
    Here to read some novels!