Chapter 1:

True Identity

Real Villain, Desu Wa!

“It’s KENJA TAIMU!!” he shouted.Bookmark here

She just chuckled. She then pulled down the man with her arms and gave that man her lips.Bookmark here

One memory that was also buried.Bookmark here

***Bookmark here

Once again,Bookmark here

Something is wriggling on my right foot, Damian woke up. Yeah, it’s definitely a cute caterpillar, or NOT.Bookmark here

Damian was surprised. Strangely, he didn’t find any caterpillar when he looked at his right foot, but he spotted a cockroach.Bookmark here

“Get away!” Damian took a can near him and threw it to the cockroach that had moved. The cockroach and the can were smashed. I pray for your departure, slow cockroach. Why do cockroaches come out from nowhere and multiply later? Why?!Bookmark here

Damian looked at his surroundings. Night. Trash everywhere. I’m in a landfill. Abandoned one, I guess. How the hell did this happen? Damian thought, and then he brushed garbage off his black suit jacket.Bookmark here

Alright, I must have been dumped. But it was reckless. Dumped here? I should have been buried or dumped on a river instead. That meant I had come here of my own free will, and then I slipped and fainted. How careless.Bookmark here

Damian stared at garbage, and his mind went blank. Who am I?Bookmark here

License, identification card --- I must have brought one. Damian searched for a card in his pockets.Bookmark here

Inside his pants pocket, Damian found a wallet. It was a brown, torn wallet.Bookmark here

Found it. Damian took a business card. “Damian Ford. Fancy name,” Damian muttered. “A handsome man in his 20s with a chunk of black hair that is white-colored. Me.”Bookmark here

Bam!Bookmark here

Damian heard a loud noise and then a man’s voice. The man said, “So much rubbish today.”Bookmark here

“Report it later,” someone said with a robotic voice.Bookmark here

Damian peeked. That robot can act like a real human. This isn’t in the 21st century for sure, Damian thought.Bookmark here

At least I’m head of robotics engineering, so my life is secured. Strangely, I still remember robotics engineering. It should be the other way around for real-life amnesia, right?Bookmark here

An engine sound could be heard. It faded. They must be leaving, Damian thought.Bookmark here

Damian stood up and looked at a pile of rubbish that they had dumped. Robots, bloodstains, human bodies. Oh sh*t, is this a robot empire? Damian chuckled.Bookmark here

A robotics engineer in a dumpster. Was I taking a sh*t? Damian chuckled. I’m definitely not working with garbage, so I must have been searching for something here. Probably a classified document or an important data storage that I threw away. Damn it. Damian sighed. Let’s find it.Bookmark here

“In the world that you see,” about thirty minutes later, Damian heard someone who sang that line.Bookmark here

Isn’t this a landfill? Who the f*ck sings in a landfill?! Damian sat and took a rest. I don’t bring any flashlight or other light source. That means I didn’t come here at night.Bookmark here

Drones, AVGs, robotic arms, humanoids. Those are still in good shape. They can just replace its broken parts. Why did they dump those robots?Bookmark here

Damian then looked at the dumped human bodies. Judging from their attire, a waitress, a businessman, a simp, and a teacher. Are they criminals? “Rubbish,” that man said.Bookmark here

“Please keep doing, what are you doing,” the singer sang that line awkwardly for Damian.Bookmark here

“Hey! Don’t you have a healthier place to practice?” Damian shouted.Bookmark here

“For God’s sake, you rubbish, shut uuup,” the singer sang another line for Damian.Bookmark here

“F*ck you. Hahahaha”. Damian climbed a mount of rubbish. He wanted to know who was singing.Bookmark here

A woman. About 160 cm. Math is sure convenient. Hat, mask. Her skill is impressive. A famous person? Damian leaned his cheek on his hand.Bookmark here

“But I know that, I can be the one that you want,” the woman kept singing.Bookmark here

Oh, romantic attraction. Stupidity and violence inducer, Damian thought. Doesn’t she sing a piece of anime music? I like it.Bookmark here

“Oh, but you know what, without restraint, you wrecking.”Bookmark here

God, she is suddenly rapping.Bookmark here

The woman finished her performance. “Bravo! Bravo!” Damian shouted and clapped, but the woman just turned around and walked away.Bookmark here

“Hey, b*tch! At least bow to your fan! You are not alone!”Bookmark here

The woman raised her right arm and then her middle finger.Bookmark here

“Hahaha, good!” Damian said.Bookmark here

The moon is beautiful. Literal speaking, Damian thought. So this landfill is a bit far from the city, and it is in the middle of a desert. The buildings in the city aren’t different from the buildings in the 21st century. However, why is the city surrounded by a wall?Bookmark here

Damian rummaged through cans, fishes, bones, a sh*t, a laptop, and a charger. Is this the one? Damian found a flash drive. A heart sticker was plastered on it. The hell? Disgusting, he commented.Bookmark here

Let’s hope it’s not broken. Damian kept the flash drive in his jacket and took a torn bag. Stains were all over his suit. Now I’m a beggar, he chuckled.Bookmark here

Damian then walked to the city. After a few minutes, he saw one man and one humanoid guarding the city’s gate. Uniform, gun holster. Real police officers, I suppose.Bookmark here

Damian waved his business card and shouted, “Hey! I’m the head of engineering at Bartfort, open the gate!”Bookmark here

The city’s wall is about 5 meters, and there is barbed wire on top of it. Do they imprison their citizen? Damian chuckled.Bookmark here

The officers just stared at Damian, and then the human officer pulled out his gun.Bookmark here

Damian stopped walking and bounced a bit. Oh, sh*t.Bookmark here

The human officer took a shooting stance. Damian turned around. How do you avoid gunfire? Should you zigzag or run in a straight line? Ah, sh*t, whatever! Damian thought, and then he just ran in a straight line.Bookmark here

Bang! Bang!Bookmark here

The human officer shot while the humanoid officer took a start position to run, and then it ran as fast as it could toward Damian.Bookmark here

It was a good decision that I brought cans. Damian took one can from his torn bag. He turned around, and then he threw the can toward the humanoid’s head.Bookmark here

Bam!Bookmark here

The can hit the humanoid’s head, and the humanoid then did a backflip and smashed the ground.Bookmark here

Holy sh*t, I’m so strong! Damian thought.Bookmark here

Damian kept running away from the landfill and the city. I have to deceive them, so I need to hide in a dune and go back to the landfill later.Bookmark here

After a while, Damian returned to the landfill. He got behind a pile of junk to hide.Bookmark here

They shot after they observed me. Am I a criminal? Damian thought.Bookmark here

Damian leaned on the pile of junk and closed his eyes.Bookmark here

I have a weird sense of touch like a broken sensor. Cockroaches aren’t wriggling, but I felt that way.Bookmark here

I’m also damn strong, my throwing was so hard. It was unbelievable.Bookmark here

I have weird amnesia like I have deleted data.Bookmark here

I could calculate that singer’s height rapidly and precisely with the Pythagorean formula.Bookmark here

I have no sense of disgust. Whether it was a sh*t or not, I just wiped it away.Bookmark here

Damian touched his lower part and thought, And I have a d*ck.Bookmark here

Conclusion: I’m a cyborg. A half-human and a half robot.Bookmark here

If that’s the case, then I must have an OS, a version number, or any robotic thing. Let’s check it.Bookmark here

Damian said, “System Check.” He then said with a robotic voice, “The 10th ultimate cyborg, version 0.1.2, codename: the Super Creator.”Bookmark here

Bookmark here

AUTHOR'S NOTEBookmark here

Kenja taimu: we become wise after nutting.

Bookmark here

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