Chapter 1:


test testThe Kingdom Of Sunflowers

The queen and grandmother tells a story of her childhood to her little grandchildren before bedtime.

-Tell us that story again Abu, when you were a child and you were learning to fly...

Fine, but then go to sleep. First hug me and settle each one on one side

-Just like Daddy slept with us before...

-Shh..., first of all to pray. Put your hands together, put your wings away and repeat:

“O great lord of honey,

thank you for another day of life.

Take care of those who have left

and now harvest the honey from your sacred fields,

give us the strength and wisdom to lead our people,

deliver us from our visible and invisible enemies

and blesses our day with abundant work.


-Aaaa-honey. (the little ones repeated)

-When I was still a young princess… like you

I liked visiting the flower fields. The kingdom was huge and not only was it big because I was small, it was really giant.

The prairies of the north with yellow tulips and white roses, the prairies of the south with violets and aromatic gardenias, the prairies of the east with our legendary golden sunflowers so high and so majestic that everyone who came down from the mountain knew that he was already in the great Kingdom of the Sunflowers.

-And the one in the west, Abu?-(asked the little one)

-You're all stubborn, I thought you were already asleep. To the west your favorite flowers and those of my son, the cempasuchitl field. I am glad that at least the western meadow survives almost intact, so we can continue to put flowers on its altar, the day we celebrate all those who have already left, it was between cempasuchitl where I fell a lot of times learning to fly.

The wings are part of our nature of Abejoides but they do not come with instructions, you must strengthen them to use them masterfully and when you are royal, you must get to master the flight to perfection...

One of those days to train, I decided to fly alone to high school, tomorrow's trip had no major complications, but when I returned it was starting to rain, the sky darkened quickly and the water began to fall strongly.

Drops the size of my body were falling around and the wind was blowing so much that I felt as if my antennas and wings were going to come off.

-Were you afraid, Abu?

Of course I was afraid! But I also knew, that this storm was a test of what I expected in life, I could not escape from it, I had to face it with courage and with honor... the drops hit me not once or twice, but three times, with my wings soaked and my body hurt, I managed to reach the Panalacio, with my own strength I managed to locate myself thanks to an intense light that came out of the main room for an instant and so when recovering slowly, I understood that flying and living will always be a whole adventure.

Tomorrow will be your coronation ceremony my child, I am so proud, you will officially be the princess of the kingdom of sunflowers, you must rest, a great workday awaits us.

Dalion Alteri
Taylor Victoria
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