Chapter 2:


test testThe Kingdom Of Sunflowers

The princess prepares for the day of her coronation while she must take care of everything

I like to wake up first and see how my little brother sleeps holding my hand, even in my dreams I imagine it is the hand of our father or mother. It is more than a year ago beehive they left, maybe I should pray more forcefully at night, especially the part of "free us from our visible and invisible enemies", they say that it was one of the invisible ones who took that sad day in the middle of the hive, suddenly those who had left that work day began to get sick and on that same day, the brightness of his body disappeared... I saw everything.

I saw how the workers said goodbye to their flowers buzzing in a song that became silent, how the soldiers returned after finding nothing, nor anyone to fight, how they coughed, how they dropped their golden spears to lose the strength of their bodies and began to tremble on the ground until they found peace.

How my parents came back, flying, screaming and barely breathing, calling an emergency meeting, at that moment they looked good, but the urgency of their voice said something was wrong inside them and they knew it. My brother and I hid as we liked to do to then jump and surprise Dad when he came home, but that night he didn't come back, neither did Mom, I just remember being hidden for a long, long time without having anyone to surprise, and falling asleep without having someone to hold my hand, I took my brother's and so we slept since then and so we also woke up.

Finally I decided to get out of bed, Abu had left my golden dress ready with inlaid with brilliant diamonds, the same as my Ma when it was sent to our kingdom, it came from exchange from the Inhospitable Plain of Biznaga, the desert bees are smaller and of a color close to the sand, our kingdoms usually exchange royal members to strengthen bonds of friendship, this was the dress for your welcome banquet.

Since it was big, I adjusted it myself, my mom spent a lot of time in her sewing machine, I must have inherited that gift of sewing, although she was not with me to teach me, I know that somehow I managed to learn to sew thanks to her, we no longer have servants, our staff was reduced, simply now we are few, even being royal we must do everything for ourselves, this is our new normal.

I cooked some quick and delicious pollen burritos with honey for my brother and myself and ran to get dressed, I like to be punctual, this is not something that a royal girl should do alone, but my Abu is the queen, she is all day busy with matters of the Panalace, I must hurry to learn... time waits for no one, if I am not able to take care of me and my brother today, how could I take care of the whole kingdom tomorrow?

We finished preparing and went out to the great hall.

-What are you doing? You're going too fast and you're squeezing me hard. Are you scared?

I'm always going to take care of you sister... -(he said in a cheerful voice)

- It's not fear, it's nervousness, and I'm going to take care of you always, too, but I have to give my coronation speech and you know I don't like to talk.

- I know! I get under the table and tell you what's next

"You can't even read yet, but stay close, so I'll make sure you don't mischief." You look good in that hat of pa...

- Princess, come in and have a seat.

-"My child, the coronation will have to wait, but I want you to listen to this, it's time to get involved."

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