Chapter 1:

The School Excursion (Part 1)

I Got Involved With A Royal Princesses?! What Will Happen From Now On?!

"Everyone, go back to your sits and I will be checking an attendance and make some announcement." [Homeroom Teacher]

As the teacher says so, the students got back on their sits and as it is, the teacher starts to check the attendance.

(*sighs* It is an another day for another cruel lonely day, huh?)

And yes, it is an another cruel lonely day for me exactly. Why? I'm a introverted loner who doesn't have any friends. This day is another hellish day for me.

(I hope I just stayed home today...) 

As I was thinking that, someone calls out to me many times.

"Kisaragi-kun? Are you there Kisaragi-kun?" [Homeroom Teacher]

And now, I realized I was being called by our homeroom teacher while I am spacing out.

"Yes, I'm here." [Haruto]

"*sighs* Please don't space out during times like this, Haruto-kun." [Homeroom Teacher]

"Yes, I'm sorry."

I apologized and my classmates starts to laugh at me for spacing out.

Well, I don't care about them anyways. If they want to laugh at me, it is okay.

After that, our homeroom teacher ends the attendance check and of course, our teacher starts with an announcement.

"Okay, let's start with the announcement. As the school says, every year, there will be a school excursion so that means, this year we will have a school excursion too!", said by our teacher cheerfully.

Of course, my classmates are excited in the school excursion too as they know it is an exciting event.

Our school decided to have a school excursion every year for educational and social activities.

As for me, I'm not excited as I am not planning to join the school excursion as I am sure, I will be just a nuisance for the others.

But something changes my decision when I heard where the destination is.

"By the way, this year's destination is, England!" [Homeroom Teacher]

And so, all of them got more excited as they hear the destination.

Well, it is not impossible as this school is a prestigious school so, no wonder it is the destination.

And for my thoughts you say?

(Woah! England! Kings and Queens, Prince and Princesses! I like to see them! I'll got to!), I said in my mind.

And so, I decided to go.

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