Chapter 2:

The School Excursion (Part 2)

I Got Involved With A Royal Princesses?! What Will Happen From Now On?!

"Okay, as we finished the announcement, all of you will be making a group of 4 people." [Homeroom Teacher]

And so, all of my classmates started to form their own groups with their friends.

And as for me? Of course it is already known that no one will be inviting me to their groups since I am like an outsider or more worse, they can't even see me during times like this.

(I knew this would happen, I should not expect to others...)

As I was thinking, someone approaches me. 

"Hey, Kisaragi-kun!" [???]

This someone is... The beautiful idol of our school, Marina Sasaki.

"Oh, what is it Sasaki-san?" [Haruto]

"Will you join our group?!", she said cheerfully.

"Umm, is it okay for your friends there?" [Haruto]

As I said that, those "friends" of hers, approaches the two of us.

"You are Kisaragi-kun right?" [???]

"Yes..." [Haruto]

The one who talk to me is a girl and a gal type girl. The name of the girl is Mina Shirakawa, friend of Sasaki-san and one of the famous girl around our school aside from Sasaki-san

"Don't worry, we don't hate you or something and if you are asking if it is good for us for you to join, of course, it is okay." [Mina]

"Yes, it is okay so don't worry." [???]

The one who joins the conversation was, Kaito Kitagawa, a popular guy and a cheerful guy. He is also a friend of Sasaki-san.

"Well, if you say so, thank you." [Haruto]

"Let's become close friends during the excursion then!", Mina said but I doubt it though.

As we finished talking, they've gone back to their sits and I checked my surroundings if someone is staring at me with any kind of motives as I was invited in the group of 3 popular people.

But fortunately, no one is staring at me nor glaring as they are all busy discussing about school excursion.

(But for real, I didn't expect that they will invite me to their group and what's more, they are a group that consists of 3 popular people.), I said in my mind.

It is really impossible to be with them because after all, they are popular and I am just a introverted loner. I'm also doubting about what Mina said that we should become friends during the excursion.

(There's too many things I want to ask them like "Why me?" Or "Why not others?" and many more but well, I should just go with them because I don't think they have bad motives to do to me.), I thought.

I thought about that and I tried to think about it more but I can't anymore as it is kind of rude to be doubting about them more.

So, I stopped thinking about it.

I just wish there is nothing bad will happen to me anytime sooner or later.