Chapter 3:

The Start Of The School Excursion

I Got Involved With A Royal Princesses?! What Will Happen From Now On?!

The day of the school excursion.

We are right now at the airport as we will go to the country named "England".

Right now, I am with my group which means, with the 3 of the popular people in our school.

I was really glad things are going on smoothly. I just hope this will last forever.

"Okay, all of you follow me, we will now be boarding the plane.", Our teacher said.

And so, we started to follow our teacher to the plane and as we reach the inside of the plane, the teacher starts to assign where we will be sitting.

And my name got called but the second name that got called was... Sasaki-san.

As we got to our designated sits, I sat down near the window and Sasaki-san sat down near the walking path.

As we sat down, I can now feel the stares and glares of our classmates around us. Why would they do that you say? Of course, it is already known that this girl beside me is a girl who is one of the popular girl around our school and a the beautiful idol of our school so, it is expected to happen.

Right now, I'm trembling, my hands and legs are shaking because almost all of our classmates are staring and glaring at us and by they way, I'm not used to be a center of attention so this happens.

I don't know what should I do right now but to be silent.

"Hey, Kisaragi-cchin! You're there with Marina-cchi, huh?" [Mina]

"Y-yeah..." [Haruto]

"So you're there, huh?" [Kaito]

The two of them seems to be in the sit in front of us. Thanks to the two of them talking to us, some of the stares that is directed to us seems to have gone but it seems that some stares are still directed to us.

But I thought, I should not care about it as I am with these guys.

As I was thinking, the plane started to move and it ascended to the skies.

By the way, up until now, I haven't talk to Sasaki-san until now nor she even talked to me so the atmosphere around us is kind of weird. I don't know if Sasaki-san is mad at me or something but I decided not to open my mouth.

But however, as I decided that, Sasaki-san started to talk to me.

"Hey, Kisaragi-kun." [Marina]

"What is it Sasaki-san?" [Haruto]

"Can I ask you why did you join the school excursion? I'm sorry to ask you this but I ask you because you didn't join the last year's excursion so I was wondering." [Marina]

"Well... I don't have many friends to be together at excursion and for me, it is just a waste of time, that's why..." [Haruto]

"Then... Why did you come this year...?" [Marina]

As she said that, I was stuck that I can't say why because if I say the reason I'm sure I'll get laugh at but for some reason, I feel like telling her so, I decided to tell her about it.

"The truth is, England is my favorite country...", I said it in a small voice but she seems to have heard it.

"Why is it your favorite?", She asked.

I took a deep breath and then told her the whole reason.

"Because... I like kings and queens and prince and princesses...", I said it again in a small voice.

"Pfft...", She laugh with a red face.

Of course, she laugh as it is a childish thing.

But surprisingly she said, "I'm sorry to laugh at that...".

I mean, it's okay to laugh at it though but that apologize is kind of cute, I thought.

"So you like princesses too, huh?", She said with a red face.

I wonder why her face is red. Does she like princesses too? But it's impossible for a girl to like a princess though?

(Is she a yuri who likes her same gender?!)

"What's wrong Kisaragi-kun? Why are you staring at me with a shocked face?", She said while pouting.

When she said that, I realized I was creating a shocked face about the thought I made earlier so, I fixed my face immediately and disperses the thought I just had.

And so, we chatted all along.

And now, our plane are now at the skies of England.