Chapter 2:

Chapter 2


suddenly I woke up and felt that my heart was about to explode. I tried to stand up but I couldn’t and I don’t know the reason, I felt that my legs were not there. He looked at his lower part but found out that his legs were missing and blood was rushing. In-front of me was a catastrophic war raging between 2 demon clans. The clan in the right was named the sun clan; they were demons with: a dark complexion, white hair, blue pupils and apparently they had sun-like powers. Their skilled warriors could radiate heat that would turns everything in the radius of 100 meters around them into liquid. The clan on the right was named the blood clan; they were demons with: a pale complexion, black hair, red pupils and apparently they had shadow and soul-sucking powers. Their skilled mages could radiate shadow that could suck the soul of any person in the radius of 100 meters around them. Once their skilled mages of the two clans clash you couldn’t expect the outcome. I was so horrified but I could not move and inch from my place and suddenly! In the sky a black hole appeared and a demon emerged from within it(the same demon we saw sitting the throne). He was smiling and said ‘why didn’t anyone invite me’. Everyone in the battlefield was staring at him with a look of fear. The demon radiated a murderous intent that I can’t even describe. Suddenly! He disappeared from his place and in a matter of seconds every head on the battle was chopped. He looked at me and smiled in an amusing way. ‘Hello flash’ I replied, I felt as if there was another person controlling my body. I was suddenly enveloped in a black aura, my legs grew and I was wearing a white armor with black stars and a black core in the chest. In my right hand I was holding a katana and I was ready to attack anytime.Bookmark here

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