Chapter 3:

Chapter 3


My body was moving on it’s own. Before Flash could react I kicked him in the temple and he went flying, in mid-air I tried to land a kick on his head but he disappeared. Flash tried to kick me in the back of the head but I reacted instinctively and swung the katana, he deflected the katana with a backflip. In the instant my katana was over my head, Flash caught my head and swung his knee so hard against my head. It was so strong that I flew like 50 meters . I don’t know how but he was holding a 7 meters sword. He rushed and I rushed and we were clashing with swords. The problem is that every time we exchange blow we move and faster and the blows get more and more stronger. He raised his hand, threw his sword and opened his palm. In an instant all I could see was white and I couldn’t open my eyes. Before I could open my eyes he punched me like 50 times in the face. I was about to fall out, that was when I swung the katana so fast that he couldn’t react and I cut his limbs. I was happy I won. Suddenly! The scenery changed and we were in a dark area. I was enveloped in a massive black aura and in front of me was Flash, he was enveloped in a same massive black aura. We stared at each other ready to attack and we both attacked at the same time. Bookmark here

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