Chapter 5:

The Traitors and The Depressed Girl

I Got Involved With A Royal Princesses?! What Will Happen From Now On?!

The next day have arrived.

As we are at the restaurant of the hotel again for breakfast, we are talking about what to do later on.

And so, we finished eating our breakfast and we headed back towards our own room to prepare for todays group journey.

As we are preparing, Kaito talked.

"This is nice, the map is on our hands now so, I'm sure we won't get lost out there." [Kaito]

"Yeah." [Haruto]

"*sighs* Now I'm done preparing then! I leave now Haruto, let's just meet up at the lobby." [Kaito]

"Oh, okay." [Haruto]

"See you then there!" [Kaito]

Kaito left.

As he left, I finished preparing my bag and things for the journey. I also has a money from england that I exchanged to money exchangers in the airport. I'm grateful for my parents to give me such money.

And so, I arrived at the lobby and saw the three of them and an another group there.

"Who are they?", I asked.

"Ah, they are my friends", Kaito answered.

"Well, let's go now, shall we?" [Mina]

And we started to get going on our journey for the day.

After walking towards our destination for 25 minutes, we arrived at a mall.

We entered and we searched where should we start.

"Hey, girls, there's a shop there for girls should we go?! It looks great!" [Mina]

"""Sure!""", Marina and two other girls from other group accepted Mina's invitation.

And so, us, four boys finds where should we go.

"Oh! There's a comfort room there! Can I go to there for now?", Said by one of the boy from the other group.

"Sure.", Kaito said.

"Can I go too?" [Haruto]

"Sure!", Kaito said suspiciously cheerfully.

And as I was at the comfort room, I was thinking about the reply the Kaito gave me. 

(I wonder why he suspiciously cheerfully did that... I hope nothing bad happens... He's not that kind of guy.)

And as I was finished at the comfort room, I got back where they are waiting but when I got back... They're not here... 

The thing I'm thinking of... Happened.

I tried to look anywhere else but they can't be seen anywhere and moreover, it is crowded.

So, I gave up on finding them. I already have come to a conclusion that they... Betrayed me...

I tried to recall about what Shirakawa-san said earlier. 

(So, it was to get Sasaki-san out, huh?)

So, there I was, betrayed... I don't know what to do... 

I tried to check my backpack for my cellphone, but it is not there... It seems that I forgot it.

(What I dumb I am...)

I thought I got fully prepared but I was not fully prepared at all and now, I am lost in this city without any communication to others. I don't even have a map.

I also thought I am also dumb for trusting those persons. I am dumb to think they will be befriending me but it is the opposite. 

(So, that's just who I am, huh?)

I started to think I should just go get kill myself for being useless and dumb.

And so, I started to walk towards the exit of the mall.

I just walk and don't know where to go.

I was thinking again and again that I was dumb until I saw someone.

I saw a person in a jacket with hood on the fence of the bridge.

(That person... Is commiting a suicide?!)

I thought about that and I rushed to the person who is about to jump of.

"Stop!!", I shouted in english.

"Wha-" [???]

I pulled the person at the bridge fence and we both got back to ground.

"Why did you stop me?!", The person said with a girlish voice, so I assumed that she was a girl but that doesn't matter for now.

She asked so, I started to talk. In english.

I know english a lot as I am a smart student so that's that.

"Why you ask? You're going to commit suicide so it's natural that someone like me would save you, idiot!", I said madly to the girl in front of me.

"I-idiot?" [???]

"*sighs* I know, I don't have the right to stop you as I was just thinking the same thing that you are planning to do but because of you, that plan is now gone as I saw me in the position you are in and I wonder if I am the you in that position and thought I should not waste my life because I'm sure there are good things that will come to our life.", I said in english.

"*sobs* I'm sorry for doing that... *sobs*", She said that while crying.

She removed the hood on her head.

As she removed it, I saw a beautiful face of the girl who is like a princess of a kingdom that I almost hugged her but I stopped myself.

"Anyway, why are going to do that?", I asked.

"Well... Things aren't going well at home and I hate the life I have...", She answered.

(She must be a rich young lady in this country.), I thought.

"What about you, why do you say you're thinking the same thing as I am?" [???]

(Thank god, I can speak and understand english), I thought and I answered her question.

"Well, let's just say I was betrayed.", I said sadly.

"Betrayed...?" [???]

"Yes, I was betrayed by my classmates... I got lost because of my classmates and I don't have anything or a map to go back to the hotel. You see, we are on a school excursion right now and this country is our destination." [Haruto]

"If you are not from this country then, where did you come from?", The girl asked.

"I'm a japanese, from japan." [Haruto]

"Japan? You live in Japan?!", She asked me again with shocked and cheerful face.

"Yeah... Is there a problem?" [Haruto]

"No, there's no problem, but you know I like japan very much! Their animes and mangas are great!" [???]

(Oh, so she like those things, huh? Well, I like those things too...)

"Ah, so that what is was." [Haruto]

"Anyways, you said you got betrayed, right?" [???]

"Yes, that's right... This world really is cruel... And that's just how reality is, hehe..." [Haruto]

"By the way, you should go home no-", As I was going to say something, Two Man In A Black Suit approaching us.

As they are approaching, I decided to protect the girl but the girl replies to me saying, "I'm okay, they are my bodyguards.", So I immediately move to the side to make way for them.

"So, you're good now. Well, that's great, I should go now too." [Haruto]

As I said it, one of the man stopped me and gave me something.

It is a map. I don't know why they gave me a map but I decided to have it.

"Thank You", I said to the man in black suit.

"No problem, our lady said you needed it so there you go." [???]

(Our lady? Who is it? I'm sure that girl doesn't have any cellphone to tell them about it and I'm sure the girl didn't interact with them at the moment they've got here.), I thought that but I immediately removed that thought as I am glad to have a map.

As I started to get away, the girl stops me.

"Wait!" [???]

"Hmm?" [Haruto]

"May I ask for your name?", She asks.

"My name is Haruto Kisaragi, why?" [Haruto]

"I will pay you back for your kindness if we will be able to see each other soon, so I asked.", She said in a very well mannered.

"That's okay, you don't need to do that, I don't think we will see each other again, you know? I'm not from this country. If you really want to pay me back, just remember my name, that's all I want you to do." [Haruto]

"I'm sure, I will be seeing you again.", She said with a proud face.

"Well, I don't know if that will happen but well, I should go now, goodbye." [Haruto]

And so, I walk back to the hotel as it I realize the time is now 5:30pm as the designated time to be back is 6:00pm.