Chapter 6:

Truth after Lies

I Got Involved With A Royal Princesses?! What Will Happen From Now On?!

I have arrived at the hotel 15 minutes late.

And so, of course, the result was... I got scolded by our homeroom teacher inside the private meeting room with some teachers inside.

"Where did you go?! We are worried about you, your groupmates said you ran off from them!" [Homeroom Teacher]

(What? I ran off from them?! Impossible... Such lies...), That's what I thought but, I didn't denied what she said, I did that because I don't want more trouble against them.

I just said, "I'm sorry, It just happened that I lost something and find it but I didn't find it and got lost, I'm really sorry..." [Haruto]

"Just don't do that again if an excursion like this ever happen again, okay?" [Homeroom Teacher]

"Yes..." [Haruto]

As we finished my scolding, we got out of from the private meeting room and I headed straight back to our own designated room.

It is still dinner time but I didn't took dinner because I don't have appetite to eat any food right now as I am still a little depressed.

Thanks to that girl that I met, I am only a little depressed.

And also, thanks to this unlucky and hellish day, I learned to not trust anyone else easily and I learned that I really am not belong to socialize with others.

(I deserved that... Because I'm a dumb foolish person...), I thought.

But something happened when I'm at my bed at the room lying down on it.

"Kisaragi-kun, you're being called by our teacher." [???]

One boy of the other group that in the same room calls me.

"Why?", I asked.

"I don't know, but something happened." [???]

He said that so, I decided to go.

As we arrived in the private meeting room.

"Kisaragi-kun, I'm sorry, It's my fault that I got mad at you, I'm really sorry." [Homeroom Teacher]

"What's happening? Also, why are they here?" [Haruto]

I asked because I was curious of what's happening right now and why Kaito, Shirakawa-san, Sasaki-san and the other 4 from other group is here.

"There was someone in a man in a black suit who arrived here earlier and gave this to us.", While she was saying that, she handed me over a letter.

"This is a... Letter?" [Haruto]

"Yes, there was someone who claims that you said to her that you got betrayed by your classmates" [Homeroom Teacher]

"It must be fake! We didn't do anything like that to Haruto, right, Haruto!?", Kaito defended themselves.

"Kitagawa-kun, let me tell you this thing, this letter has a stamp of royalty in country. I don't know who Kisaragi-kun got involved with but this is a great evidence! We are not dealing with just some kind of normal people here!" [Homeroom Teacher]

As the letter is at my hands right now, I opened it while they are looking at me, I checked it if it was really someone from the royal family or something.

I saw it and... It is not a lie... It is the truth, they're a royal family.

(Then... The ones who I met earlier was from a royal family?!!!) 

I got shocked.

"Now, that you see it, tell me the truth, Kisaragi-kun." [Homeroom Teacher]

"How... How did they found out that I lied then?!"

Rather than tell them the truth, I asked how they found out I lied about what happened.

"What do you mean, Kisaragi-kun?" [Homeroom Teacher]

"Nothing..." [Haruto]

"If you don't want to tell about what you just said, just tell us the truth about what happened at the mall." [Homeroom Teacher]

(It looks like I can't hide it anymore then.)

So, I thought that and just gave up to lie as it was already known.

"Yes, they betrayed me. Let me explain, the moment we entered the mall, I assumed that their first objective is to tear me apart from Sasaki-san, so them, the three girls with Sasaki-san goes to a girls shop."

"So, you mean Sasaki wasn't one of them, is that right?" [Homeroom Teacher]

"No, I didn't said anything like that, she can be one of them or not but the reason I said that wasn't to protect Sasaki-san but her response to the to Shirakawa-san was weak, so I assumed maybe she isn't one of them but that don't clear that she is one of the suspects." [Haruto]

"You mean you don't know if she is one or not?" [Homeroom Teacher]

"Yes, that's right but if those 6 people admit what is the truth maybe she will be saved but if they said she is one then that's that." [Haruto]

"Don't lie Haruto! You ran off!", Said by one of the boy from the other group.

"I don't care whether you say I'm a liar but let me continue. After the first objective is the second objective, to make me use the comfort room and while I was in the comfort room they will ran off from me." [Haruto]

"Shut up you liar!", Shirakawa-san said.

"That's all." [Haruto]

"Kisaragi-kun, you will be put into a private room then, is that okay with you? It is to prevent any incident." [Homeroom Teacher]

"Yes, that's fine." [Haruto]

And so, the meeting finished. They are still shouting at me saying, "You're Liar!".

Our teacher leads me to my private own room.

"Here, this is your room and don't worry about this room, this room is already paid. Also, don't worry about your things, it will be delivered to you later. Well, I'll take my leave now." [Homeroom Teacher]

And so, the our teacher leaves.

After few minutes, my things got delivered in my room and of course, I checked it if something is gone but thankfully it is all complete.

After I checked it, I head to my bed and layed down.

(I wonder what will happen tommorow to me...)

I was thinking what will happen to me tommorow as those guys I just fought with are famous ones.

I'm also, thankful for the help of the unknown royal family but I'm still curious about how they know that I lied about the truth and they helped me.

And so, as I was thinking that, I lost consciousness and fell asleep.