Chapter 2:



June 2nd, 2097

3:10 PM

The crew up was bright and early compared to other gangs. EX was the first to wake up. EX stood as the biggest of the gang, being a former strongman. He was shaven with a fair skin tone. He also had a bushy brown beard that covered his chin, even to the point where he was able to braid it. He rose up, moving past the bodies on the floor to make himself some coffee.

Next up was Manius, a smart man of African descent. He was slim with curly black hair. He groaned and got up, adjusting his blue smart eye and moving under his arms of Grim to head into the bathroom, holding his bottom a bit to deal with the slight pain of penetration.

Grim was awoken by the movement. Grim, a British man, always had slicked-back blonde hair with his lack of facial hair. He also always wore a band-aid on his nose. He walked to the kitchen, cigarettes in hand, to smoke with his best buddy.

Saturn eventually moved, waking up covered in vomit and semen from Danze. Years of taking F-Tech (or Futanari Technology Pills) have taken a toll on her body, making her look a lot more masculine, accompanying that with her blonde spiked mohawk made a unique look. She was confused about how Danze even got that sick, with him blowing chunks on the floor. She stumbled to the bathroom, leaning on the wall to wait for Manius to leave.

Danze was face down on the ground a few yards away. He was pantsless and also had dried puke on his chest and a little on his face. He staggered to his feet, failed at finding his pants, and walked out to the patio, basking in the smog-filled air.

Jockey was the last to get up. He was soundly on the couch, not really moving since he smoked a little too much crystal which left him paralyzed for the night. Once he found the feeling in his limbs, he opted to stay where he was, feeling comfortable.

After a little while, Danze needed to bring the team together for his plan for the raid. He had been secretly planning it for a while now, all he needed was the finishing touches. The gang was all in one place, Including Rikimaru, who was in his own room during the party. While Danze was setting up the holograms, Jockey wanted to talk. "As usual, I'm a rich man! Y'all suck at poker."

While the gang laughed, Grim clapped back. "Wot? You were high all night! Did you dream that?"

Saturn spoke up. "Damn, Jock. You really are a crystalhead!"

"Oh don't talk to me, Pukie," Jockey turned and responded. "I also saw you losing your lunch with Danze, right?"

They laughed again as Riki started to speak. "Every time I hear about a party I hear about somebody fucking somebody. Who here hasn't fucked any of the members yet?"

Everyone awkwardly shuffled. Danze raised his hand. "I didn't fuck Jockey or Grim. Yet."

Riki chuckled as he leaned back into his chair, getting a small puff of crystal as it was being passed around. "So, what's the plan Danze?"

Danze fired up the projector, showing the ruins of an office building. "Who remembers Tech-Zero? The old company responsible for making AKMs? I had my eye on these for a minute now." He shows grainy footage of old AKM parts being carried into a building. "You know they've been looking to reproduce for a while, and these pieces can help. We sell them at fucking high prices and boom! We rain in money."

Riki had concerns. "TZ is Aki territory. I don't want any beef."

Danze scoffed. "Fuck her! What did that bitch ever do for us?"

"Allow us to continue here," EX said. "You know how powerful the Yakuza is?"

Danze shook his head. "We sound like bitches right now. What, we supposed to follow her, be her good little soldiers?"

Jockey agreed. "Exactly. We supposed to be the Lost Ones, following the ghosts and all that?"

Riki sighed and blew smoke, thinking. "We'll need some heavy scouting, that's for damn sure. Before we burn our bridges we got some jobs from her actually. Just got the email today."

Saturn perked up. "Can't complain about cash. What's the deal?"

"Kill some important old guy named Merrion. He'll be at the brothel in like 30 minutes. Jockey. Saturn. You two are on it."

They both got up and were off, getting on their bikes to drive on the damaged roads, reaching the pleasure district. They parked outside, barging their way in. Saturn punched a guard in the face and shoved her pistol in the man's cheek. "Where the fuck is Merrion?!"

The guard stammered. "U-Upstairs! 240!"

She winded back and broke the man's nose with the butt of her gun. They went upstairs, only meeting a few more men shooting at them. Jockey leaned in and shot one of them in the head, giving Saturn enough time to dome the other one. The duo walked in to see Marrion, nude, messing with the corpse of a woman strapped in the bed. As Saturn knocked over Marrion, Jockey looked at the woman, sick to his stomach. This isn't the first time he's seen this before...

Saturn hit Marrion repeatedly with her fists, mangling his face in the process. After a few minutes, Jockey tapped her shoulder and tapped his wrist. "Cops are coming."

She put a bullet in his head and spat on his body. "I bet she was still alive, the sick fuck."

Jockey shook his head, not denying it. "That's Tokneo for ya. Let's go."

Steward McOy
Kya Hon
Taylor Victoria
Dalion Alteri