Chapter 1:

The Chaos Began!!!! Chapter 1

My Hectic Life after Adopting a Shape-shifting Dog!

Our encounter was such that no Human can predict, it was a cloudy day when I met her, she was sitting beside an electric pole. She was so beautiful that I can't even describe it in words, her flowing silky white hair, her innocent face showed no malice, her slender body as though she was straight out of a fairy tale, her eyes blue as the ocean, her eyelashes were like that of a secretary bird. Such was her description.

She looked at me as if begging me to approach her and embrace her in my arms. But I resisted.
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There is No Fricking way such an adorable Dog is abandoned beside the road for no good reason. So I pulled a Pro gamer move and walked past it.

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"Don't look, Don't look, If you look you will go and pet it."

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After that, without looking back I went straight home and nowhere else. I live with my parents, I have Dad who is currently Abroad for his research in Information Science, So I live with my Little sister and Mother Both of whom are out on Vacation!

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You are asking why I didn't go?"Go tell those asshole Schools for having a thing called Mid-term exams, Anyway Both of them return today so it is all good "

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you are asking what my name is?"OH! yeah I forgot to introduce myself, I am Aziel Elsher, and I am a Highschool Student, 3rd year, So it makes my age 18."

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My family?Bookmark here

"What are you a stalker, not gonna give my family's Introductions without their consent."Bookmark here

After this Idiotic self-monologue, I realized that I reached my home But as fate would have it I turned around for some reason, only to find out that dog had followed me to my home.Bookmark here

Lightly " woof~ (•‿•)"Bookmark here

"Why did you follow me you little thing?"Bookmark here

Sadly bowing down and lightly " woof "Bookmark here

"Are you hungry?"Bookmark here

Happily panting " U ´ᴥ` U "Bookmark here

"Fine come in then."Bookmark here

thinking"Hmm Chips, Chocolate, last night's meatballs, and cola, but there isn't anything that would be safe for a dog to eat"Bookmark here

"Fine, then I will just go and buy you some dog food."Bookmark here

"Woof ?"Bookmark here

"You just wait here I will just go and buy you something to eat."Bookmark here

After that, I changed to my normal Clothes from my school Uniform, While I was changing The dog was looking away almost as if It was embarrassing to watch me change.Bookmark here

"Well, you are a girl; can't complain about being self-conscious even if you are a dog."Bookmark here

After that, I headed out thinking She will sit quietly in the house while I was out, But If my life was that good then I would have never met her.Bookmark here

It was like fate that I ran into My mom and sister who were returning from their trip and as I had nothing to hide so I greeted them.Bookmark here

"Big bro, What are you doing here?"Bookmark here

"That's my question what are you two doing here?"Bookmark here

"Well we thought that we would buy groceries for dinner because knowing you, I don't think there is anything in the fridge."Bookmark here

"Yeah, Big bro always gets the bare minimum needed."Bookmark here

"Hey! don't go spouting nonsense and we don't know when those things might spoil so it is a necessary precaution."Bookmark here

"Well we have the fridge for that, don't we?"Bookmark here

"Um.......Yeah I guess"Bookmark here

"Big bro just confess you are a big cheapskate"Bookmark here

"GRRRRRRRR"Bookmark here

as I was growling at my little sister, a gentle hand came to my head, a hand whose feelings I missed for 1 whole month, I enjoyed it fully as mom patted my head, In this world If someone tells me to choose whether I live or Mom, My answer will be.Bookmark here

"BOTH"Bookmark here

Because there is no way I can live without mom and I don't wanna dieBookmark here

Yeah, I am a selfish person, Sorry, But I think this is how everyone should be."Bookmark here

"Anyway Big bro why are you here?"Bookmark here

"Yeah, So I suddenly found a stray dog that followed me home, and we had nothing to feed the dog So I came to get some dog food "Bookmark here

"A Dog huh? well, do you think you will adopt it?"Bookmark here

"Oh no no, It looked hungry so........"Bookmark here

*Sigh*"If you feed a dog once it will come again and again in search of food "Bookmark here

"Wait what?"Bookmark here

"Yes, so it would be better to just take care of it don't you think?"Bookmark here

"Yeah big bro, I want a dog too."Bookmark here

"AAAAAAAAH Fine I will take care of it "Bookmark here

"Feed it timely?"Bookmark here

"Yes"Bookmark here

"take it to the vet in case of any emergency?"Bookmark here

"Yeah, I will do that too."Bookmark here

" Clean its poop, urine, and vomit."Bookmark here

"Grrrr....... I will do it too."Bookmark here

"Good, then we can keep it."Bookmark here


" yes and as I am going to be taking care of it, I will be the only one who plays and pets her"Bookmark here


Ironically it was mom who said it.Bookmark here

"Yeah, big bro you can't do that."Bookmark here

"Oh, I can."Bookmark here

"GRRR... fine I guess I will bring its food"Bookmark here

"Yeah, and I will feed it."Bookmark here

"none of you gonna take poop duty huh? *sigh* Fine I can do the rest"Bookmark here

"YAAAAAAY" both mom and little sister yelled out loudBookmark here

But as they say, It takes one second for your life to change.Bookmark here

Just as I opened the front door to the hallway, I heard TV noises Bookmark here

which were shocking as I did not turn on the tv before going out.Bookmark here

I stopped for a moment. Mom and Yui entered from beside me Bookmark here

"you didn't turn off the TV."Bookmark here

"I never turned it one"Bookmark here

"whatever let's just turn it off then."Bookmark here

At that time I didnt know that My life was about to change like wind currents.Bookmark here

"N....Na.........Naked...." -MomBookmark here

"There is a naked girl watching tv"- YuiBookmark here

As I looked I saw a silverish white-haired girl watching Tv and eating chips, Naked.Bookmark here

her innocent face showed no malice, her slender body as though she was straight out of a fairy tale, her eyes blue as the ocean, and her eyelashes were like that of a secretary bird.Bookmark here

DEJA VU,Bookmark here

at this point, I was screwed anyway so it doesn't matter if I looked or not,Bookmark here

The shopping bag fell from mom's hands with a loud thud and the girl Looked back with her mouth full of chips.Bookmark here

And thus Our Eyes meet for the first time.Bookmark here

To Be Continued.Bookmark here

F.C Fondness
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