Chapter 9:

The Secret

I Got Involved With A Royal Princesses?! What Will Happen From Now On?!

Five days have passed and it is now monday. 

This means, the worst school life of mine is now back and the return of the traitors is also today.

"*sighs* I feel like not going in school today...", I said.

As of now, I am still lying down on my bed, not moving any inch. 

But even so, someone comes in my room.

"Brother! Get up now!" [???]

It is my little sister, Haruka, she is one year younger than me and at the same school as me. Unlike me, she is a famous girl around our school since she entered. 

"*sighs* I feel like not going to school today so-" [Haruto]

"You can't skip school, you know?!" [Haruka]

"I guess, it can't be helped then", I said and followed the command of my little sister.

"I know, you don't want to go to school because of that 'thing' but that is not enough reason to give up on your life, brother." [Haruka]

And yes, she knows about it since she is a student in our school and she joined the excursion so, she knew.

"Do I deserve it, Haruka?" [Haruto]

"Of course not! Those famous guys are on the wrong! So, don't worry! I won't leave your side, brother!" [Haruka]

"Thanks, Haruka." [Haruto]

"Then, get going now or you'll be late." [Haruka]

She said and then leaves my room.

(It's great that she isn't one of those people who suspects me as a liar.)

It's also expected that she didn't suspects me as I explained to them the truth and thankfully they believed me.

After that, I prepared to get to school and leaves my room. I walked downstairs and saw my mother preparing our breakfast.

"Oh, good morning, Haruto." [Haruto's Mother]

"Good morning, mom." [Haruto]

I sat down at the table, clasps my hands and said, "Itadakimasu" and ate the breakfast our mom prepared.

As I was eating, mom suddenly started to speak.

"Oh, I forgot to tell something to you Haruto and Haruka." [Haruto's Mother]

""What is it, mom?"", Me and Haruka asked.

"There will be someone joining us in this home and they will be here later after your classes is done.", She said cheerfully.

"What? Who are they?", I asked.

"It-is-a-secret!", She said it in a irritating way.

"Ugh, mom, just say it, please?", Haruka pleased.

"Sorry, but they said I should not tell to you who are they so, it's a secret.", She exclaimed.

"Well, if it can't be helped then let's just wait for it then." [Haruka]

"Seems like it." [Haruto]

And so, as we finished eating, Me and Haruka goes on our way to the school together.