Chapter 8:

The New Worst School Life

I Got Involved With A Royal Princesses?! What Will Happen From Now On?!

If my worst school life was only a lonely life that is worst.

This day, that worst school life got rewritten.

It is worst as I have a life called the Liar's Lonely Life or so the other students says.

It has been 5 days since our school excursion but the story of me, a Liar is still not been erased from the mind of every student of this school.

It is wednesday. The school excursion ended on last friday. I hope it is alreay friday so that tommorow is alone day.

But that's just how cruel this world can be, it is still wednesday.

I'm right now, at my sit waiting for our Homeroom Teacher to come.

Of course, while I'm sitting peacefully at my sit, someone approaches me.

"Hey, you!" [???]

A girl calls out my name with her two girl friends at her back.

I answered, "What is it?".

"What is it you ask?! You bastard! Kaito-kun and Mina-san got suspended because of your stupid lie! Just admit that you lie and that's all!", She said madly.

As she said that, Kaito and Shirakawa-san got suspended for 1 week because for what happened back then. Well they deserved it.

"How many times do I have to tell you I didn't lie?" [Haruto]

"YOU ARE LIAR!", While she was saying this, she used her right hand to slap me but she was stopped but someone I didn't expect to protect me.

That girl stopped the hand of the girl who is about to slap me in the face and that girl is, Sasaki-san.

"Please stop it." [Marina]

"Why?! He is the one who is the cause why they got suspended! Because he is a liar and whats more you're one of the victims!" [???]

"I don't know if he is a liar or not but we don't have enough evidence to say he is the liar or not and I know I am one of the victims but if they really did that to Kisaragi-kun, I am not one of them who planned it." [Marina]

"So, you're defending that liar, huh? Okay then, defend that guy then, I'm sure the truth will soon be unveiled." [???]

After that, the girl left with her friends.

Sasaki-san immediately goes back to her sit.

I wonder, how long can I hold out myself from not being angry.

I just hope this me won't go berserk or something.