Chapter 12:

The Princess and Her Objective

I Got Involved With A Royal Princesses?! What Will Happen From Now On?!

As our homeroom teacher comes in, our teachers called the transfer student in front of the class to introduce herself.

While she was walking her way towards the front, everyone was staring at her with admiration in their eyes as this girl was a beautiful girl with well mannered posture.

As for me, I'm really kind of wondering if I saw this girl before because she looks like that girl but some says, in the world, there can be 2-3 person with the same face so maybe she isn't that girl I was thinking about.

And so, she reached the front and picked up a chalk and she starts to write her name at the blackboard.

Her name was, Aria Roselliana Marquees

As saw the name, I, remembered something.

The last name, "Marquees", is familiar to me.

So, I immediately finds the letter back in the england, opens it and there, the last name, "Marquees", was written in the letter.

As I was finished checking the letter, the girl speaks and starts to introduce herself in Japanese.

"Hello everyone, my name is Aria Roselliana Marquees, I am a fifth crowned princess in the kingdom of England. Also, you can just call me Aria, nice to meet you everyone!" [Aria]

As she said that, everyone was stunned as she said is a princess. No one was even move their mouth after that until someone brave enough asked her and that one is Sasaki-san.

"May I ask why a princess like you is here?", She asked in Japanese but it seems that Aria-san understands it so she answered.

"I am here for a certain person, who saved me back from england, this person as he said, was betrayed by his classmates and being labeled right now as a liar by the whole school and this person." [Aria]

At this moment, I completely remembered who she was and I also completely understand why this girl is right now at this school. This girl is the beautiful princess I met back in england.

"The name of this person is, Haruto Kisaragi.", She then said and continued, "Haruto Kisaragi, I am here to repay my debt I owe you."

Now, as she said that, everyone was even more stunned.

"What?!", I shouted.

"Why? Is there something wrong? Haruto-kun?", She said proudly.

"I already told you that you don't need to repay me right?", I said calmly.

"Well, it is not only me who wants to repay you, Haruto-kun. My family right now is, grateful of you who stopped me from that time. I was told that my objective here is to repay you and..." [Aria]

As she was going to say something next, I feel a strange feeling that she will say something unexpected.

And it really happened.

"And to make you my boyfriend and marry you, Haruto Kisaragi.", She said with a embarrassed red face.

""""""What?!!!!!""""", Everyone shouted.

Of course, it will break the silence here as it is an unexpected ridiculous objective. 

And so, she walked back towards her seat that is right next to mine and as she reached her seat she sat down and said, "Looking forward to be with you, Haruto-kun.", With a scary smile on her face.


I guess, the spring of my life has come... Or not. We'll know the answer soon...