Chapter 13:

Lunch Time With A Pushy Princess and The Evidence

I Got Involved With A Royal Princesses?! What Will Happen From Now On?!

As the time passed, lunch time is now here.
And as the lunch time is here, there's something is about to happen.
"Haruto-kun, let's eat lunch together!" [Aria]
Of course, that girl who just called me is no other than, the transferred student, Aria-san.
She said that and sticks her table right next to mine.
As she sticks her table next to mine, I can already feel the eyes of different persons that is staring at us from our right and front ways.
"Oh, by the way, I created a bento for you!", She said and then...
The intensity of the eyes that is directed to us seems to have become more intense than before.
As I was curious how a princess create a bento, I asked.
"Uhm... How did you create a bento?" [Haruto]
She then pouts that looks like a baby and said, "Are you underestimating me?! I'm pretty talented myself in creating foods and at alot of stuffs, you know?!"
I wonder about that... I'm kind of suspecting her bento...
"Here, eat up now, d-ar-ling...", She said with an embarrassed face.
(Why would you do that if you're embarrassed then?!), I thought.
"Yes... Itadakimasu", I said.
I then, opened it up and there, it is not what I am expecting, it seems that it is a decent food.
As I opened, I picked up a karaage at the lunch box using my chopstick and puts it on my mouth.
And the result...
(Yum!! It is an awesome food! It tastes good!)
"Hmm... It tastes good... Hmm...", I said.
"Great to hear...", She said while his hands is at her red cheeks.
Thank god, mom didn't create a bento for us siblings today but on the other hand, it's not thanks god... As those people around us are not eating but instead their eyes are now all directed into me like they want to eat me alive...
This situation is torturing me...
But in a moment, someone stands up on their seat and it is, Kaito.
He stands up and speaks up.
"Why are you with that guy, Aria-san?", He said like he is irritated.
"Why? I told you the reason earlier, didn't I?" [Aria]
"I know, but that guy is a liar, haven't you heard?! And you can become one of his victims too sooner or later, aren't you scared?!" [Kaito]
"I don't think he is though? More like, you are the guys who are liars. And if you're asking me if I'm scared, I am not." [Aria]
"How can you know he isn't a liar? Do you have a evidence? You just heard from him that he got betrayed and you believed him? Just how easy are you to be deceived?!" [Kaito]
"Me? Easy to deceived? I am not that kind of person, Mr. Kitagawa.", She then took a breathe then continued. " And an evidence? Are you really asking for it? Okay then, I'll give it to you then." [Aria]
She said and claps her hands two times, then two man in a black suit entered the classroom while carrying a TV.

As the two man in a black suit entered the room, our teacher was shocked as she didn't expect someone to enter the school and the classroom with a TV.

I also got shocked and curious about know how did they managed to bring a TV here but the thing here is not about that right now, it is about the evidence.

As the TV was placed at the teacher's desk on the front, they then plugged in the TV.

They Plugged in a USB in the TV and opened the TV.

As they plugged it in and opened it, our teacher starts to walk towards the front of the TV to see what is going on, as she was in the back of the TV.

And a few seconds later, there, a video that is from the CCTV of the mall was screen shared. 

The CCTV footage shows how the three boys leaved the area. Of course, those three boys I mentioned are Kaito-kun and the other two boys from the other group.

And after that, the me who was finished using the comfort room, was now there looking for his classmates.

As the CCTV footage shows, all of us got shocked about it, our teacher who was at the front near at the TV, was also shocked and disappointed about the thing that the CCTV footage showed.

And as for our classmates who are protecting them are now, has a face of disappointment and faces like they can't believe it was the truth.

And so, even though all of our classmates saw the truth, Kaito starts to defend himself.

"This isn't true! We didn't ran away from him, we told him to stay there if his done as we are just going anywhere to buy something immediately.", Kaito claimed.

"Oh, is that so? But tell me one thing, is it right to leave behind your classmates just for your own need? If you also have something to buy, you should only be the one to go then not the other two and those two should have wait for him then. Now, tell me, are you going to stay lying at your classmates? Or you'll still be defending yourself, Mr. Kitagawa?", [Aria]

(It looks like Aria-san is a scary person isn't it?), I thought.

It should be really bad to fought a person from a royal family as they have many connections. I thought things like using your family happens in manga and animes but I guess, it also happens in real life.

As she said that, Kaito, who was defending himself was stunned and can't even move his mouth. He face looks pale as everyone was staring at him with disappointment and anger.

And so, just a few seconds have passed, he confessed with a scary look at his face.

"Yes, yes. I did it. I planned it with those guys and with Shirakawa.", He said.

And as he said so, of course, Shirakawa-san starts to defend himself.

"I am not! If you planned it, don't involved me!", Shirakawa-san said while her hands is obviously trembling.

"Oh, aren't you? But you are the one who said, "Let's teach that guy a lesson, so he won't come near Marina. He really creeps me off.", Right?" [Kaito]

"No, I didn't said that!!" [Mina]

"So, should I tell more about what you said then?! Well then, everyone listen." [Kaito]

As he was going to continue, Shirakawa-san shouts, "Stop It!", And runs away from the classroom.

"Oh, there she ran off, Hahahaha, it's funny." [Kaito]

Everyone was scared about how Kaito was now acting. He isn't his own self anymore.

And so, Kaito started to speaks up once again.

"Oh, I forgot to tell all of you. Don't worry, Marina aren't one of us. You know, I just did that thing to Haruto because he is becoming cocky himself, as he is becoming close of 'My Marina', so there, he deserved it. He is just an ordinary introvert loner so a guy like him cannot become one with the society!" [Kaito]

He said that and then, Sasaki-san stands up from her seat and walks up towards Kaito.

And there, Kaito was slapped by Sasaki-san.

(*sighs* For real, this day is again, a great disaster day...), I thought.

And so, the lunch time ended without us even eating and for real, I'm now really really hungry as I don't feel angry about what Kaito said anymore.