Chapter 0:


Dreams of Reality

"Don't forget to eat your vegetables Nico!“

       my mother said to me with a raised voice, like she always does. "Yeah, yeah, sure. I'll eat them after I rest for a little.“Classic mom... she gives me more than I can eat and then she's surprised that I didn't finish my meal. I don't know why, but my mom just can't understand it.

       This happened many times before, and I always tell her I'll eat my leftovers later, but she always throws them away! It's not like I don't like vegetables. A few days back we had a steak with fries and I left some because we were celebrating my cousin's birthday and I ate snacks and stuff before dinner... I'm sure everyone has done that at least once.

       And guess what? She threw it out! Or maybe my dad ate it? Now that I am thinking about it, I don't remember. So, I was thinking of starting my own diary... You know, I think it would be funny to read it when I am older and sometimes I have nothing to do. What do you think? I think there's no harm to sit down for a while and scribble a few words, or more if something unusual happened.

       Just imagine it. It's a summer evening. A refreshing breeze is blowing slightly into your face. The sun is setting, creating beautiful scenery with colors. The sun shines with yellow and a little of orange mixed in it, the surroundings are more orange than yellow, and with more distance from the Sun, orange begins to fade and dark purple shows up, eventually transforming into black.

       Quite poetic isn't it? I'll be delighted to witness it. I would have something nice to write about. And with that, Nicolas ran up into the bedroom and slammed his door, but not enough for other family members to get mad. The moment has come. For some reason, he felt uncomfortable, anxious, and excited at the same time.

       As he sat down on his chair, opened the drawer on his desk, and gazed at the notebook that was inside. The feeling of making a massive step, doing something that can change life came in. But in which direction? Will this diary become his therapist?  Someone he can talk to? About what?

       “I don't think I need someone I can talk to.“ Nico told to himself. Or what if he would maintain this up for like a year and then someone found this diary a read it. That would be a disaster. “After a year of writing, I would definitely note some of my deep thoughts or secrets, and if my parents were to see them... It would be so embarrassing.“

       Nico freaked out about something that's not even reality at this point. But It is one of the paths that life could go, and that frightened him. However, Nicolas knew that if he buys a notebook with intention of writing a diary in it, one day he must start writing it eventually.

       This is the first clause of the settlement he subconsciously agreed upon with himself. And that “one day“ is today. Nico grabbed the notebook and put him on a desk. He inhaled and exhaled a few times with closed eyes. After that, he picked up his pen that happened to be on the table and opened the new, clean notebook.

       It has been over half a year since he bought it, but something inside him decided that today's date will be marked as the start of his tale. As Nico holds the pen, he starts writing:

1st September 2456

       Today, another school year started. Nothing special now, but I still recall my first year at school. The idea of sitting and studying instead of playing with toys or messing around with my friends really did upset me back then. I was mad at everything because there has been a drastic change in my life which I didn't like.

       Pretty childish huh? My classmates always say children nowadays are so stupid and disrespectful, and they are not wrong.

       But the fact that I was the same sometimes keeps me from supporting this opinion out loud, so I am just agreeing with them because I am not interested in all the explaining and who knows if they would even understand.

       But I have to admit that I have changed since then, It feels like my attitude to the world and everything associated with it has no connection to my younger self and how I behaved in the past. Can a human mentally develop this much? Looking at myself, I assume yes.

       Maybe It's pretty common, I wouldn't be surprised now that I am thinking about it. People can't be the same for eternity. I've seen and read many fiction stories where someone would pursue eternity in some way, but they never were able to fulfill their ideas.

       The change came eventually. I am not disappointed in who I became so there is not really a reason to think about it any further. We all gathered in our classroom. Since this wasn't our first year, we knew which class to go to. I certainly don't envy the first years.

       They are coming into this school for the first time and don't know to which class they have to go. Yes, the school management certainly provided them with some info, but still... You have no idea what to expect there. What if you went into the wrong class?

       And many, many other quite tense situations that you can experience when starting a new school. I guess these things come hand in hand when starting something new and everyone must overcome it.

       Our class teacher told us all the boring stuff she must say every year like school rules, and we were basically good to go. I said hello to my friends, but I wasn't very interested in hanging out with them today.

       I rushed home because I had a big thing planned. I had in mind that today I shall start writing this right after I got home from school. After I get home from school heh.

       Before I knew it was evening already, but I forbade myself to delay with this diary thing. Nicolas stretched his arms and was happy he finally started. The clock on the table struck 11 pm and Nico went to bed with a pleasant feeling.

       With a feeling that he has done something good for himself. Nico falls asleep quite fast with a slight smile on his face.

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Arashi Sensei