Chapter 1:

A night to remember

Dreams of Reality

        I was in a car. I was sleeping, but still aware of my surroundings. My eyes were closed, and I could feel the light from lamps as we were passing by them. I wanted to look around, but I was not able to. All I could hear were voices in front of me. I heard them before, yet I couldn't tell from where I knew them. Was I listening to someone from my family? Or someone from school? Maybe a stranger I eavesdropped somewhere? I tried to move, open my eyes and answer my question, but I felt frozen.

       Is there anything I can do? Or all I am capable of is to sit back and wait? For what? I began to feel restless because I wasn't in control of this situation. If someone throws a paper ball at me, I can't catch or dodge it. Thought that I might by getting kidnapped crossed my mind, but as I began to think about it, I realized that it wasn't the case.

       I couldn't feel ropes on my hands or anything in my mouth. Was I paralyzed? Did they give me an injection of poison? What do they want from me? Do I have anything to offer? Suddenly I started to feel very tired. All the ideas about what is happening just disappeared, and my mind went blank. It was like someone was trying to stop me from thinking about where I am, where I am going, and how to get out of this situation.

       As I was slowly falling asleep, I got a disturbing feeling that I was experiencing something again, that I already was in this situation. I was once again panicking because I thought that this would end very badly and the “I can't protect myself at all“ thing came back. My heart was beating faster and faster with each passing second, nausea came to me, dizziness showed up and everything just fell apart at me. I never felt like this before, so hot and tired, but in an instant, all of that was gone.

       From almost melting, I suddenly felt much better, and my fever subsided. I could feel the front of my body lying on something cold and wet and I also had something cold on my back. I think I had a fever wrap. My mother used to make them for me when I was younger. There was something on my hand. It tickled, and it felt like a bug. It was moving slowly on my hand till it reached the ground and fell off. There was a chance that it was a bug or something similar.

       I opened my eyes, without even realizing that I couldn't just a minute ago, and looked at what it was. I got blinded by a light as soon as I looked up for a second, but in a moment I could see clearly from where that light was coming from. There was a huge piece of glass in my hand. I was shocked when I saw that, but when I realized how deep the glass was, I thought my heart stopped beating for a second. Panic began to grow in me, something was telling me that this is the end of me. I tried to at least sit-down and look around me to finally see where I am. I saw a car right in front of me with smashed front glass and two people in it.

       They were just sitting there without any sign of movement. I couldn't recognize who were those people, and I assumed that something happened to them since they didn't react to someone lying in front of their car. I picked myself up and approached the car. As I was getting closer, my body froze from what I saw. There was a person with a knife stuck inside their throat. It was disgusting, and so deep that the tip could be seen from behind. I nearly threw up because the moment I laid my eyes on it, I felt like I had my own knife in me just like that person.

       The face of the second person, the driver, was covered by an airbag so I had to move it to see if that person is alive. I regretted it instantly. He had his face smashed with his knee, blood was all over the place, not to mention that half of his head was gone. It was not only a horrifying sight, but I didn't even understand how something like this can happen.Before I thought of something I could feel that I am about to pass out from all of this. I'll tell you, I don't handle the blood of other people very well. My whole body was shaking, and the strength in my legs slowly abandoned me.

       I tried to hold onto the broken car window, but it was too much to ask. I fell to my knees, and everything went dark after that, but right as the sight abandoned me, it came back and I found myself in my bed awakened from the worst nightmare ever.
Taylor Victoria