Chapter 1:

The Perfect Doll

Horror and thriller anthology's/Oneshots

    My beloved, with silk shinning blond hair and your piercing blue eyes, I want you ideally in my arms. Sadly you still refuse what you always meant to be my one and an only porcelain doll. How you dirty yourself to other people is unknown to me. If you want money, I can give it to you. If you wish to have power, so be it the easiest thing to buy. If you want attention, just ask me; we're engaged. No, you rather play this cat and mouse game.

Don't you realize how much I adore you? Your perfect shape body makes any woman envious and makes men crave it. How your white silk dress makes you look so pure but at the same time tempting for my corruption. Oh, would I love to do that to you. Red is all I could think of to bath you truly in red and gore. Wouldn't that be such a perfect look for you with how brightly you shine now, dyed in a crimson red? Truly a marvelous sight to be seen. Once I have you, my doll, I would bathe you in my chaos and cruelty. I can't wait for your reaction once I carve into you the fountain of youth where you would never worry about dying, getting sick, or falling hungry or thirsty.

Of course, you are not the first person I have tried this on since my dolls collection has been growing since I was young. If you may, I like to talk about two of many that I do adore, don't get me wrong, you are the best among them; I'm confident once I have you, I will be completed. Now, where was I...oh yes, my collection. There was my first doll, yes, my very first one. I enjoyed her the most since she showed me the pleasure of all this. Yes, what was her name again? I believe it was Martha; no, it has to be Amy; that is not right either...ah yes, now I remember it was Bella. That girl would come over once in a while to play with me; however, she never learned to stay quiet for the life of her. That was her imperfection. Good for her. I accepted that fact and slowly felt my heart beating for her. Until one day she rejected who accepted her whose family is rich and powerful...ME WHO SAVED HER FROM HER FILTHY HOME AND LIFESTYLE!!

Sorry for losing my cool is just the nerve of her to say to me, who saved her, "I never love you," to "Stay away from me," and the breaking straw, "As if I will ever love a psycho like you." So I broke her. It was the most satisfying thing I had ever done—the thrill as she screamed as I ripped out her fingernail one by one. She thought bargaining with me was a way for me to let her go; what a foolish notion. Of course, she will believe that she's imperfect. That's when a perfect idea came in, yes a one like myself could be agreed to do.

Turn her into a doll.

One where she will have no thought, no aging, no breathing, and the most annoying aspect in all people, no will. So there, I smiled wide enough to bring fear to her beautiful blue eyes. Then, finally, my euphoria grew to its climax as her screams were no more, and her dead cold skin shone brightly in the moonlight. Her blue eyes are dull and lifeless; her blond hair lay messy on the chair. The color red splashed everywhere, making my doll room smell like iron. This was my blessed, my first ever doll.

My appetite wasn't done by her. After all, she wasn't perfect. Soon followed suit was once a month that eventually turned to once a weekend, but that won't last until now; it was now once a week. I finally found my second favorite, a woman with glasses and long golden locks.

After dozens of dolls, I had made non of them compared to Bella until I met Marcey. I thought I finally found the one that would complete me. So I decided to strike and started with an easy conversation. From there, it was simple every day on the dot. I would see her at the same spot at the cafe, drinking what I presume is coffee, slowly knowing her. Again my heart beat just like when I was with Bella, a rare sight to behold. There I asked the same question as I did with the others. Her response was different. She was engaged. This irritated me; how dare she cheat on me for this nobody.

On the same night, I carried Marcey and this lowlife to my doll room. It was too simple to wait till they fell asleep, and the deed was done. Finally, I arrived at my doll house, where many of my dolls were now stuffed with cotton and locked in an air-lock enclosure to keep them from rotting away. I strapped my darling doll Marcey onto the fixing table. For this no-good homewrecker, I cemented his legs and, hands down, put his head in the grinder where I dump out the useless pieces from my dolls. There I went back to the table and stared at her peaceful face.

This annoyed me.

I slapped her hard to the point it could be heard through the room. She worked up, startled and shocked. I peeked behind me to see that noise also woken up him. There I smiled, feeling the pleasure again, the unfiltered happiness that came up once when I did that to Bella. She stares at me; as awe questions me about where she is and what happened to her lover. Ah, humanity is something I'm a little foreigner to, but do I enjoy some of it—this joy I have, as I have shown her, were that nobody was. He was still foggy from waking up, but soon he recognized where he was as he started to scream for help. This just brought my euphoria a step up as I saw him struggling and begging to at least leave Marcey to go. I just started to laugh hysterically—a new feeling for me, just like this joy.

From there, I looked at Marcey, seeing her pale and thoughtless. This made more go off the roof with joy there, and I see her broken without doing anything but having her lover's head in a grinder. I rubbed my hand on her face and made her look at me. There I see her telling me to let go of him, and I will have her with complete loyalty. Yet again, another foolish notion. I nodded and walked to the machinery. I looked up to see her face with some hope. I bend over and...

I turn on the machine.

I hear is gargling noise mixed with screaming and whimpering with the red liquid spilling onto Marcey and me. Looking into her eyes, now undoubtedly, she became unfixable. I walked back at her, smiling widely, knowing my doll was ready. Throughout the night worked on her until she became another my collection. Sadly she wasn't the one, not my perfection, not the one to cover the hole in my heart.

Yet again, months passed, going for others to feed my hunger, and more and more dolls showed up in my doll room. I was hoping to find the perfect one, but one by one failed to do so until I found my lovely bride. Ah yes, my beautiful Lizzle. It was hard to get near you with your piercing blue eyes; I was attracted to them—your long blond hair, oh that I so much I adore—your silky porcelain skin does it shine brightly. When I saw that I confronted you, only for you to try to walk away, I stopped by your track, and by the look of it, you were surprised by what just happened. There I forced you to speak to me, which somewhat pleased me to see you struggle to get out of my grasp.

Ever since then, I have focused slowly on you. As such, I could tell by your eyes how much more you were willing to let me be beside you. Knowing this, I popped the question again, and an unexpected answer happened, which I had never expected since it was a simple ploy to trap my prey.


There, with my dumbfound face only looked shocked. This I looked up and saw her with the same look as always. My lips moved upward as my heart beat loudly, my twisted thought going a million miles on how she said the one word I was looking for and finally retrieved it. I looked at her. As such, both of our faces got closer to meeting each other. Our lips touched, and I could taste a hint of berries on her. I felt another feeling with her as we broke off, and she started to walk away to her carriage. I looked at her perfect figure, and my thought was simple I had finally found my prize. Lizzle, my darling, I can't wait for our future,

My Perfect Doll.

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