Chapter 1:



The story begins when a man steps out of a black car, wearing black gloves also a long light brown coat, and with a black hat covering half of his face, holding a black briefcase. He then rushes to the building in front of him and all of a sudden he hears a man yelling his name across the road “J!”. J stops for a moment, as he turns toward the man, he slowly reaches his pocket and gets a gun out pointing at the man while the man starts to panic and tries to calm him down, “ J, I know you're going through a lot but this is not how you end things buddy so why don’t we a little chit-chat in my car?” As the man tries to come towards him, J shoots his head while saying, “goodbye and I hope you get a nice long sleep, also my name is Arthur Edwin, not J”.

One week later, J gets a mail to go overseas to Seoul in South Korea with instructions on what to do for his next mission:

Next Mission

Location: Seoul, South Korea (the airport is the meeting location)

Dress code: High school student, the nickname will be Jason, age is eighteen.

Flight Time: 10 am tomorrow morning

"When you arrive at the airport look for someone holding a banner with your name on it and from there, he will tell you what you’ll be doing for this mission," says in the instruction.

Right after he finishes reading the note, he then starts to pack things up and burns the shed as he leaves so no evidence is left behind. Of course, as an assassin, he doesn’t want to leave any evidence behind for the American police. He heads to the train station to go to the airport. As he arrives at the airport, he books a hotel room near the airport for one night's stay and plans everything for the next mission.

My name is Arthur Ewin. I am 20 years old with dark brown hair and with brown eyes with a height of 175 cm. I was born in America and raised in America which might sound ordinary but I’m not an ordinary person, from the outside It may look like I’m living a normal life. My life is all about being an assassin undercover and completing the missions that I can be assigned anywhere in the world to earn money to survive. This is all happening to me for many reasons, firstly I’m from a poor family and maybe not even a family as my dad left me and my mum alone because he couldn’t support us anymore when he got kicked out of his job plus, he owed a lot of money to many people. Then after that, my mum left the house as well and so eventually I had to leave the house to find someone else to live with. I did find someone to live with who was a real pro assassin, my grandfather! He took me in and took care of me as his own child, he even enrolled me at one of those top schools in the city. My grandfather taught me many things to become a real assassin and my life was perfect up till I got to high school. That is when things became messy and out of hand. Two days after I got into high school, my grandfather died and left me alone all by myself. I did not give up to full fill my grandfather’s last wish to become the world’s best assassin and for that, I need to finish my studies. On my third day of high school, I became the new target for bullying. They labeled me the ‘killer: which is because they think I killed my grandfather after moving to his place. Also, the kids in my class made fun of me that I have no family because I’m a killer, they even posted embarrassing videos of me online, and abused me every single day because of all this my grades dropped. I couldn't make any friends as I became an outcast, and nobody helped me, not even the teachers because all they cared about was themselves. Then I had this one thought coming to my mind over and over after school as I was going up to the roof, SUICIDE!!! I thought this was the only way I could get some peace from this hell. I went up to the edge of the roof, even though I promised my grandfather that I would fulfill his last wish but looks like I won’t be able to. Then all of a sudden, I heard footsteps as I turned a man with a long black coat and hat covering his face appeared in front of me. I asked him why he was here and who was he? He didn’t answer me for a while, finally took his hat off and looked me in the eyes, and said "are you Marlin’s grandson?” I was shocked and my thoughts were going wild that how did he know my grandfather and who exactly is he? How did he find me? My grandfather once told me to never let my guard down or you’ll be dead and that is what I just did and now I regret it, of course, how could I think straight that I just met a man who knows my grandfather which hardly anyone knows him. That man got a gun out of his coat and pointed at me saying that “you look just like your grandfather Marlin and even making the same kind of expression as him while thinking” Then he put his gun back and asked me what my name was. He seemed like a nice guy, so I told him that “my name is Arthur Edwin and how do you know my grandfather?” He laughed for a moment, then answered me with a serious face “your grandfather was a good partner, and we completed a lot of missions together” then I had this bad feeling that why didn’t my grandfather ever mention that he had a partner for every mission he did? 

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