Chapter 16:

The First Night With A Princess In Our House (Part 2)

I Got Involved With A Royal Princesses?! What Will Happen From Now On?!

And so, time has passed again and it's time for my alone time, the bath time.

"Brother! I'm done using the bath, you can use it now!" [Haruka]

"Okay!", I replied.

And so, I entered the bathroom and sat down at the bathtub.

"Ah... This is nice, my relaxing lonely time.", I said.

Come to think of it, this house only has almost girls so, which means, I'm the only boy who is here, huh?, I thought.

Being the only boy in a house with three girls is kind of awkward.

But I'm sure things will go smoothly and peacefully in this house, right?

I thought that and as I was thinking about that, the word smoothly and peacefully got erased as someone came inside the bath.

And the girl who came was, Aria-san.

"Wh-why are you here, Aria-san?! I'm using the bath right now, you know?! Please get out.", I said while closing my eyes and putting my hands around my eyes even though she has a towel covering her body.

But even though I told her to get out, she instead declined and said, "I won't go, this is the first step on making you fall in love with me, Haruto-kun!"

But when I opened my vision a little bit, I can see she is blushing red as she was embarrassed to say that.

And so, I decided to open my vision to tell her I am reluctant about her plan.

But then, she started to walk towards me and then...

She then slipped on the floor.

As she was slipping, I ran towards her immediately and thank god, I managed to catch her.

However, I realized that I did something foolish.

I might have managed to catch her but... I just realized I was all this time, naked!

Aria-san's face, who just blushing earlier was now looking like a crimson red face and then...

"No!!!!!", She shouted and leaves the bath.

And as for me, I was still stunned about what just happened.

I decide to go back at the bathtub and sat down there a little bit more longer.

I thought, I'm done for... She is a princess and yet, I did that to her... Goodbye my life...

"*sighs* Should I have not save her then? But I'm sure it will be more dangerous then... *long sigh* I just hope I won't get a death sentence."

This things always happens to me... Am I an unlucky guy? Or did someone put a curse to me?! I just want a peaceful life!, I thought.

And so, I'm really hoping I didn't make Aria-san mad as it will become a great pain for me.

I wonder, what will happen to me later when I see Aria-san?