Chapter 15:

The First Night With A Princess In Our House (Part 1)

I Got Involved With A Royal Princesses?! What Will Happen From Now On?!

-Clock ticking sound-

Right now, all of us are in the living room, all silent.

You could say, we are in a middle of deep thinking as you already know what is going on right now.

And so, after a few long minutes of silence, I started to talk to break the silence among us.

"So... If I'm right, Aria-san, you will be staying here until you make me your boyfriend, am I right?", I said.

"Yes, that's right...", She replied.

"And mom, you allowed her to stay here, right?" [Haruto]

"Yes...", Mom replied.

"So, now... Tell me, when the two of you started to communicate with each other?" [Haruto]

I asked, as I am curious when did they started to communicate with each other as we, siblings, don't know when they started.

And just a few seconds later, Mom answered.

"Uh... The day after the end of the school excursion?", Mom said.

""What?!!!"", And so, Me and Haruka got shocked and surprised once again.

"Aria-san managed to find the contact of my mother that fast?! It kind of scared me...", I said then Aria-san apologized.

"I'm sorry... Please forgive me...", Aria said while bowing her head.

"Please raise your head, Aria-san... It is kind of weird and kind of bad for a princess like you to do, you know? I can't have you do those things so, please forgive me too...", I said apologetically.

For real, to see a princess bow her head to a mere human like me is more likely can result to a royal family disgrace. So, I swear not to make her do that thing in front of others.

"Anyways, we should eat now, right?", Mom said as to escape the conversation.

"*sighs* Well, I guess that ends the scolding time... And please, don't hide anything like this, okay? Mom and Aria-san? It's tiring when I am not ready for something like this to happen..." [Haruto]

""Yes..."", They replied.

"Well, brother, let's all eat now.", Haruka said.

"Yeah, we should really eat now as I didn't ate earlier at lunch break." [Haruto]

And so, all of us walked towards the dining area.

But for real, I'm still thinking about Aria-san. I can't really believe that a princess like her is living among us... It really is an impossible thing to happen. I just hope these things will go smoothly.

Now, we arrived at the dining area taking seats. The food was already prepared already so all we need to do is eat.

""""Itadakimasu!!!!"""", We all said in unison.

We ate and time passed and now we're finished.

As usual at our house, I put all the dishes at the sink and I started to wash them all. However, someone came and help.

"Oh, you don't need to help, Aria-san.", I said.

"No, I need to help you.", She replied.

"If you are thinking about making me fall in love with you, you don't need to do it this way, you know?" [Haruto]

"No... I'm not doing this for that... You know, you guys let me live here so I thought I should repay you.", She said.

"Ah... You don't need to do these things, we'll take car of this as you know, your parents are now giving us the needs we need so there's no need. Also, I'm afraid as you're a princess after all." [Haruto]

"I told you right? Don't underestimate a talent of a princess! I can do almost anything! Before I moved here in this country, I learned many things from my mother so that I can use it here usefully. So, don't be afraid, I'm doing this own my own decision." She said while smiling.

As she is smiling while helping, I unusually found myself staring at her. I thought again that she really is a cute girl like I want to pat her head or something but nevertheless, I can't really do that.

As I was still staring at her, unfortunately, she caught me staring at her face.

"W-why? I, is there something wrong with my face? You are staring at my face to much, Haruto-kun...", She said while wearing such an embarrassed red face.

Ah... She really is a cute girl and a pushy girl isn't she?, I thought.

Then I remembered one thing again.

"By the way, how did you learn Japanese? More like how fast did you learn?! Your japanese is really fluent, you know?!" [Haruto]

"So, you noticed, huh? Hehe... Well, my mother hired the best language tutor and I am really devoted in learning Japanese as you know, I like japan as I told you back there, right?", She said.

"Yes, right. But that kind of scary, you know?! You learned japanese that fast! So, I thought your mind is kind of scary as I'm scared you might surpass me in the class." [Haruto]

"Please don't say my mind is scary! And let me tell you something, even if I surpass you in the class, don't worry, you're still my number one, you know?" [Aria]

"That's a different ranking, you know? Hahahaha." [Haruto]

"Yeah, Hahahahaha." [Aria]

We then continued to talk about a lot of things.

And so, as the time passed as we talked to each other, we realized we have already finished doing the dishes.

Ah... This kind of things isn't that bad at all, huh? I hope things like this goes on forever..., I thought.

But there are just things that does not goes on forever and has limitations and we call it... The cruel reality. Not all time is happiness and soon things such as sad and bad times will come.