Chapter 6:

Side story one - Kingdom of Dalmatia

Angel of Death

The ruler of Dalmatia

The Dragon clan's Lord Scarlet I. Dragna is a member the powerful Dragon's race and the Queen of Dalmatia and Lord of the Dragon clan fourth of the Dragna name the founding family of the Kingdom of Dalmatia. Her great-grandfather is the unifier of the Dragon races and founder of the Dragon clan that laid the foundation for the kingdom of Dalmatia, she is regarded as the most powerful warrior of Dalmatia the God-Queen Scarlet, she has two sworn sisters Ana Sky and Bella Adriatic.

The great family of Dalmatia

In the world, only a hand full of great families exist, they are as old as the time itself. Some existed even before the oldest of kingdoms and empires were founded, others were but the start of something great from humble origins to become a mighty empire that ruled half the world. 

Such is the power of great families one such family united the Dragon race and founded the current Kingdom of Dalmatia the Dragna great family.

The current head of the Dragna family is the Queen of Dalmatia Scarlet I. Dragna, through the millennia many great Generals, ministers, diplomats, scholars and, of course, warriors came out of the Dragna family but the most famous ones - and the main culprits for the legendary status of a great family - are the four God-ranked heads of the family that lead the Dragna family and ruled the Kingdom of Dalmatia as their respective Kings/Queens.

The Father of Dragna and the great unifier - Having unified the Dragon race under one clan, he founded the Kingdom of Dalmatia becoming it's first King.

The Mother of Dalmatia - Dalmatia's first Queen and widely recognized as the greatest military leader Dalmatia ever had she expanded the borders of the Kingdom, gathered many races under Dalmatians banner, her military reforms and strict regulations transformed the already powerful Dragon race into a well-disciplined elite army that now included many other races in their ranks making her one of the first rulers to do so.

Scholars and historians all over the world today consider her a genius ahead of her time as one of the greatest military leaders and reformers in history.

Her actions and policy brought Dalmatia a golden age of prosperity and peace, because of it every citizen of Dalmatia today considers her to be the Mother of Dalmatia.

The Wise Scholar - the third ruler of Dalmatia the Wise Scholar King as he is known best known for his administrative and cultural policies and economic reforms they say his rule was the most peaceful one.

As such being a great and charismatic ruler and a formidable diplomat it was under his rule that Dalmatia truly opened its borders for the first time and started diplomatic missions to other countries. And under his rule, Dalmatia saw the beginning of one of it's greatest alliances the Dalmatia-Yamato alliance.

After all his rule was the longest and most peaceful one Dalmatia experienced, having dedicated many years of his life to the academic fields his thirst of knowledge prompted him to create one of the most extended and wast education systems the world has seen creating many schools, academies, and research institutions in his lifetime.

The saying goes the first unified his people and thought them how to live in peace the second thought her people discipline and order while forging bonds of brotherhood between many races and the third thought his people how to read and write showing them that the pen can be as mighty as a sword.

Dalmatia's rulers were all great in their one right having achieved great things and deads in their life but the fourth ruler of Dalmatia is just as great as her rule will make her into a legend having success in achieving something even her mighty predecessors coud not that earned her a particular title one she will be well known for in the coming years, yet now is not the time to refer to her as the Mother of ....

These four are just one part of the Dragna family having unified the mighty Dragon race, founding a kingdom and having four God-ranked beings are just some of the reasons the Dragna family achieved their status as a great family. 

The Dragon race

The Dragons are among the most powerful and long-lived races in the world as they can live up to 1 500 to 2 000 years there are four different types among the Dragon race; fire dragon, dark dragon, water dragons, and earth dragons as a race they are most proud and honorable they only respect other races because of their strength or skill that they themselves do not possess but the benevolent and learned way of the Dragna family did show their fellow Dragons a new way of life and they are a peaceful race but a very territorial and protective as such there is a saying.

 "If you want war with Dalmatia you will get it and it will only end with your death your family's death your King's death your Kingdoms demise and only then will we talk about peace" 

So despite their peaceful appearance and nowadays general dislike of conflict, they are a war-thirsty race of warriors that thrive for a chance to go to war, as such most of the wars in Dalmatia's rich history ended in total destruction for their enemy's there was even a case of a continent being completely destroyed but that is a different story.

The - Dragon army - 1st Royal

Currently, the Kingdom of Dalmatiamilitary consists of five armies and two fleets, yet the most famous or infamous - depending on who you ask - is the 1st Royal, Dalmatians first and oldest army founded by the first King himself.

The command structure and composition of each army is the same two Generals lead an army one senior General and another General as his second in command under which are five Captains that each lead one division. 

Every army consisted of five divisions, one division having 50 000 soldiers with an additional reserve force of 50 000 bringing the number to 250 000 active soldiers and 50 000 in the reserve fully assembled totaling a force of 300 000 strong.

The duties of the 1st Royal army are to serve as the guards of the Royal family and the defenders of Nova Dragonica as well as escorting diplomats and protecting envoys. Their duties stade the same as when they were given by the King himself when he founded the 1st Royal, they took pride in it as they represented the power of the Dragna family hence the call name 1st Royal.

Current Generals of the 1st Royal are General Emmor and the first Princ of the Royal Dragna family. 

General Emmor is the sole Commander in chief of the Dalmatia military putting him on the third highest command position only below the Queen and Ban.