Chapter 5:

5 - Kingdom of Dalmatia - The favor and deal that lead to this meeting part II

Angel of Death

Part 2 - Lucy's decision
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"Master Grey D. Lionheart and Lucy Halbell have arrived permission to enter!"Bookmark here

Quickly after that, the door opened and instead of the guards who were stationed inside captain Ziri was the one to welcome the two of them inside.Bookmark here

"Please enter master Grey miss Halbell"Bookmark here

As the two of them entered the room a woman was sitting in a chair facing the windows eating something next to her a man standing. And another one was standing behind them to the side he was the one who approaches Grey first and greatest him.Bookmark here

"Master Grey it's been too long, I saw the match as expected from one of your one"Bookmark here

"Thaks Milos, but I only showed her the basic the rest she got on her on"Bookmark here

"Even more so then, once Admiral Adriatic-sama hears I'm sure she will love to take her in"Bookmark here

"Well leave the final decision to them shall we" Bookmark here

This familiar exchange showed Lucy that her master must know him from before and they have not just met recently, the uniform he wears is military standard similar to the one worn by the army yet his shows a distinct difference.Bookmark here

Deep blue color instead of the heavy armor he has just leather armor and the emblem on his belt and his accent and the smell of salt in his hair leads Lucy to conclude.Bookmark here

"Master? I'm sorry to interrupt, but?"Bookmark here

"Hm, yes Lu?" The man named Milos looks toward her and Grey responds in a relaxed manner were usually Grey only calls her Lu when they are back home not in a place like this.Bookmark here

"Are you by any chance a captain of the 1st Royal fleet?"Bookmark here

"My apologies, having not seen old Grey here for so long I forgot to introduce my self-were are my manners allow me to correct my self, capita Milos Pearl 4th division of the 1st Royal Navy at your services" Milos showing his serious side salutes and as he was about to continue, a voice behind him interrupts.Bookmark here

"Hey! Milos you sly fool, no head start"Bookmark here

"Says the guy how broth his General with him, captain Magnus"Bookmark here

"Oy, like I had a choice if General Silber wants to meet her she will meet her. I would like to see you try to stop her"Bookmark here

"No thanks, master Adriatic is scary in her own right but that Silber of yours just has something about her that's just more terrifying"Bookmark here

"Ha ha, you telling me, last night she made us reschedule her meeting with General Emmor just so she can personally talk to the young Halbell girl, imagen being the on to deliver that message to the Commander in chief"Bookmark here

"Wow... well good luck with that"Bookmark here

As they all got talking in a cheerful tone seemingly acting relaxed Lucy was even more on guard, not knowing what's going on she turns to her master. Having seen her plead for help Grey cuts in.Bookmark here

"Okay, you guys. Can we stop for a moment I know how you military type like to go on and on about whos General or superior is better - scarier - but can we first get the basic out of the way"Bookmark here

As they, all fell silently Gray continued on.Bookmark here

"Good well then, starting with the royal knight over there" As Grey points to the guy how opened the door he indicates to him, after realizing what Grey wanted from him he quickly spoke up.Bookmark here

"Captin Ziri of the 3rd division 1st Royal nice to meet you miss Halbell"Bookmark here

"And Milos over her you're already meet leaving only  -" Magnus being the last to introduce continues on.Bookmark here

"Captin Magnus 1st division of the 2nd Titans, we already had the pleasure of speaking this morning. Even if that General of ours spoke in her usual demeanor not allowing anyone a word other than her self for that matter, I hope you still remember me"Bookmark here

"Umu, yes I remember captain Magnus its an honor to speak with you again, captain Milos, captain Ziri as well to meet high ranking division captains like your self its an honor. If you allow me to introduce my self properly my name is Lucy Halbell of the Fallen clan"Bookmark here

"Umu" And "Of course " Can be heard from the captains as they respond and then, like out of nowhere a female voice spoke up immediately taking control of the conversation.Bookmark here

"Well, isn't she a well-behaved one. Are you sure she's one of yours Grey my boy? Can't imagine shes part of those troublemakers and ruffians you have back home"Bookmark here

"How rude, let me tell you... at least Lucy and her brother are too young to be influenced by those bastards"Bookmark here

"Then there's hope for her yet, won't you agree my captains"Bookmark here

"Yes!" And "Its as you say" Nodin in approval they spoke after the woman spoke to them, as she said that she stood up and approached them. Not long before all hell broke loose in Lucy's head and she saw only darkness before her eyes, almost fainting yet knowing it would be extremely rude to do so.Bookmark here

The shakiness grabs her, losing strength in her legs from seeing who exactly stands before her Lucy bends the knee putting her right arm over her heart and her left hand behind her back she hurridly spoke.Bookmark here

"My Queen! Its an honor to be in your presence, Lucy Halbell of the Fallen clan at your service"Bookmark here

"Umu, my dear stand up, I already know who you are. Grey did you not tell her anything?" After looking towards Grey he just shakes his head and says.Bookmark here

"No, figured it is best to surprise her" Showing a faint smile on his face as he said so.Bookmark here

"Ahh, really you fool, miss Halbell there is a reason for me calling you here. After watching your match and reviving your academic achievement on the request of Grey here, I have determent to give you a Royal recommendation"Bookmark here

The Royal recommendation is basically what it sounds, it means a royal decree given by the Queen. For Lucy here its a one-way ticket to whatever army or division of her choosing. Obviously, it does not just include the military, joining Shadow or the ministry becoming civil official this could easily lead to high stationing positions in the future.Bookmark here

"Royal, re-recommendation. But why?"Bookmark here

"Well obviously because Grey askt me to, why else"Bookmark here

"Ha!?" Two confused puppy eyes zero in on Grey.Bookmark here

"Worry not, I sent regular reports from back home and I ask your professor to forward her monthly reports to the clan. It was easy after all she's the only one in the school who knew you and Maro were Fallen members"Bookmark here

"After going over them my self. Top grades, and excellent results in practical exams. Going by the 1st Royal Military Academy results alone your at the top of the year" Ads Scarlet.Bookmark here

"Yes but, the match just now could it be you were testing me with it, but she?" Bookmark here

"O, worry not my dear" Showing a gentle smile Scarlet just dismisses that thought.Bookmark here

"Yes, that one confused me as well if you were planning what I thought you where there are better ways for that you now" Ads Grey.Bookmark here

"That issue will be dealt later by me and you my Grey, now then. Miss Halbell I know this fool did not tell you anything but that does not change the results. Boys if you would?"Bookmark here

Each of the captain's handset a letter to Queen Scarlet, which she quickly lookt over and, ads a few of her one giving them to Lucy.Bookmark here

"The 2nd Titans and 1st Royal fleet and the 1st royal - army - extend an invitation to you joining their ranks as a junior officer directly serving under a captain or if you so wish for the General staff. The ones from me are from the 7th Hunters and 1st Royal Air fleet as well."Bookmark here

Quickly glancing over them Lucy realist they were letters that usually the clan masters would receive in such situations. As they would then have a say after consulting with the family and the student in question over were to send him or her.Bookmark here

"But, you mean? I don't understand these are all address to the Fallen clan with my name, and these ones?"Bookmark here

Seeing a particularly different one among the last two the signatures on them shooks Lucy.Bookmark here

One was addressed to Maro Halbell by the ministry of Dalmatia sight by Marija Persa. And the other being a combination of a signature and a ps. at the end.Bookmark here

"You found the last ones, the "special one" Persa already agreed to take you brother, his academic and cultural achievements were particularly superb if she says she wants him then I have no other choice on the matter, well I'm sure he will be useful if my Prime minister says so"Bookmark here

"Sure enough Maro was gunning for that after all, I did ask her to look at his records as well but I did not think she'd be so adamant about wanting him. She left the military no room to even scout him she's can be scary when she decides on something like always " Bookmark here

Ads Grey in a jokingly manner, after hearing that Lucy just fell deeper and deeper in confusion. The Prime minister herself was asking for her brother, truth be told she's a regular at the Red Apple but that's it as far as Lucy goes that's all, yet she goes so far just because the guild master who askt her for it.Bookmark here

But the more concerning one for Lucy was the letter from the 1st Royal Air fleet or more precise the message and signature on it.Bookmark here

"Ps. I want the girl my sister, do not hand her over to those army or navy fools her talent will be lost on them. Sight by Sky"Bookmark here

"Is this really, written by Marshal Sky?" Asks Lucy.Bookmark here

Fleet Marshal Sky overall Commander in chief of Dalmatia's Airforces second on the command chain under General Emmor. And the way, the sister part was written that means it must be Ana Sky and not her father Lord Sky, the sworn sister of the Queen herself there is only one person Lucy can think of that signature belongs to and it's Ana Sky.Bookmark here

"Of course, sis Ana had an eye on you as well, personally I'd recommend you join her 1st Royal Air fleet being stationed on the northern border you will probably see action and fighting there. The peace with them is just a formality after all, but don't get me wrong there is no better commander than my sis when it comes to warfare and strait out fighting shes in a league of her one"Bookmark here

"Well that's the Demonic Angel for you, Lucy it's not a bad offer don't just refuse it because of our clan you know, those guys won't hold it against you" Bookmark here

It is an open secret that the Fallen and Sky clan don't get along, just usually mentioning the Sky family puts Grey in a bad mood. And Lucy her self-holds some resentment towards them blaming them for the raid on her village that killed her parents, if only the Sky clan did not fight to the point of extension with Hell maybe her village would have not been slaughtered or so she thought.Bookmark here

"If you say so master, but my decision stands my Queen"Bookmark here

"O... Really, then let's hear it"Bookmark here

"My Queen I wish to serve the kingdom as a member of the 1st Royal Navy"Bookmark here

"Wonderful Milos, Grey stay here the rest may leave" Bookmark here

A short while after the captains left, Queen Scarlet wrote her recommendation on the letter from the 1st Royal Navy and handed it over to captain Milos. Grey told Lucy to accompany the captain and use the chance to learn about her new workplace since it's a good chance to do so. Bookmark here

As Milos as well bid his farewell he left accompanied by Lucy, leaving Grey and Queen Scarlet alone.Bookmark here

As the door close, Grey turnd his attencon to his Queen.Bookmark here

"Well my sister will be mad, losing Lucy like that but what can you do" Say Grey while showing a bittersweet expression.Bookmark here

"Worry not young Silber has her fair share of talented personnel, the 2nd is safe with her. But I'm glad I got to send her to Bella I'm sure she will make use of her"Bookmark here

"You mean the plan to revive the 3rd and 4th fleet again, we are in need of a bigger ship count after all"Bookmark here

"As you say the weapon trade from Yamamoto and our on increasing trade from Ragusa, we need more ships to protect the trade ships and secure the ocean routs as well. Bella will need capable captains and Admirals for that your Halbell will surely rise to become a capable captain in some twenty-thirty years time"Bookmark here

"That I don't doubt, after all, shes of the same opinion the quickest way to promotions is in the navy at least that's what my Lucy thinks"Bookmark here

"Really? Consider me impressed, maybe I should have set her to Ana, after all, such a smart one at such a young age she would have been a god sent for her"Bookmark here

"Don't doubt it but, better not she... well both of the twins for that mater resent the Sky clan quite a bit for what happened, now I think they know better but with me and Sky you know"Bookmark here

"Yes, for that I guess your right. There were rumors that that old fool Sky - Ana's father - is doing his usual rutin, and how your two clans that don't really get along or more like -"Bookmark here

"Like the Fallen are the south front, an internal enemy right?" Grey finishes Scarlet's line of thought.Bookmark here

"Ahh, right. Best not to send a young Falle there"Bookmark here

At that moment a nock can be heard on the door, followed by the guard outside announcing.Bookmark here

"General Emmor and princes Yuki have arrived permission to enter"Bookmark here

After a moment of silence between the two, Scarlet points to the door.Bookmark here

"Let them in Grey"Bookmark here

"Yes my Queen" Bookmark here

As the door open much to Emmor's surprise Grey was the one to welcome him not the guard's station inside.Bookmark here

"Come in, we were waiting for the two of you. Having shifted his view to Emmor's side Grey saw the princes standing next to him.Bookmark here

"Grey? I see then we should not make our Queen wait any longer my prices let us proceed inside"Bookmark here

Yuki just nodded in response to Emmor the two of them enter.Bookmark here

"MY Queen" Emmor bowed down as he greets his Queen.Bookmark here

"Mother, I have returned" Yuki hesitant in her reply as she bows down.Bookmark here

"My daughter its been too long, come here I would like to introduce you to someone"Bookmark here

Despite Gray's years of service and regular visits to the capital, he had yet to meet the princes,  fate has it Grey had his run-in with the prince long ago almost losing his head even now its a topic of amusement for the Queen.Bookmark here

"He is the guild master of the Fallen clan that the girl you fought belongs to the Fallen clan"Bookmark here

"I've heard much about you, my princes, my name is Grey-"Bookmark here

"Grey D. Lionheart" Yuki cuts in and continues on. "Mother always spoke of you whenever she was in a good mud"Bookmark here

"Really? I hope only good things" As Grey chuckles, he looks toward Scarlet.Bookmark here

"Well, now then Grey my boy, about that favor you owe me"Bookmark here

"Yes?..."Bookmark here

"Care to repay it now"Bookmark here

"I don't mind"Bookmark here

"Good, good then listen well"Bookmark here

What happens next is well, a story for another time. General Emmor left the room in an angry and bad mod, and the princes was not seen for the rest of the day. Bookmark here

Even so, this was the start to one of the more ridiculous and dangerous adventures that Grey took part off.Bookmark here

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