Chapter 50:

A6P4: Call to arms

From Assassin to Demon lord

We returened to the city shortly before dusk and I gave Ruzu the urns. No-one asked me what happened in the city. They knew that my anger got better of me.

„So now the name… Your name will be Phara.“

„Yes my lord.“

The golden light surrounded Phara and she started to shrink, until she took the form of young woman around twenty years old. I’m not even supprised at this point in time. She looked like wolf-folk girl. Her fur turned silverish white from pure white. And her brests were solid D cup.

„Oh, a Wrath fenrir.“

„Yes. I got to feel your anger and pain… with that I knew that my evolution would look like this.“

„Hm… unique skill <Lord of Rage> …it seems like it gives strenght boost to you when under effect of strong emotions.“

„Yes. That is power of Wrath fenrir. You better take good care of me, my husband.“

„„„What?“““ I and Yuki exlaimed and suprisingly, Kyoko too.

„Like I said. Take good care of me, dear husband,“ Phara bowed.

„That’s not fair! You are new here! I was here long before you! I should be fourth wife, not you!!!“ Kyoko yelled at Phara.

„It’s rule of Fenrirs, who get summoned, to marry their summoners, if they don’t have previous bonds. I, as only gray fenrir who never got summoned or made a bond in her life am now in your care. Also I don’t mind being fifth wife, if you wish for it miss Kyoko.“

With that they both turned to me and Yuki, who stood behind me.

„Well, what’s your answer?“ Yuki asked.


„We wouldn’t mind you know? If you continue to give us same deal of your love and affection, I’m sure Lizzie will be cool with it as well.“


„Be a man Zaru! Do you plan to throw away those two?“

„Well no… You sure, you won’t mind?“

„As. I. Said. As long as you continue to give us your love and affection equally, there will be no problem,“ she smiled.

„Fine I understand. If you’re cool with it then I don’t have a problem either. Kyoko, Phara, welcome aboard.“

The two beamed with smile that could destroy fortress and nod at each other.

In next moment they grabed me by shoulder each and took me to the bedroom.

Thus I enjoyed my first threesome.


Meanwhile in the capital of council state, the Carben city.

„Is it true?“ dwarf with golden beard asked his coworkers.

„We believe so, sir Dozan. Amas city was taken over by Demon king Zaru. A letter was send to us with formal declaration of rebellion.“

„If we don’t take the city back, the Dural duchy will attack us… no… we will take it back before that happens! Call all capable men to arms! We will declare war on that demon lord! He may took over the northern part of the Ork kingdom, but not completly, which means he’s not strong enought to defeat all of us. Our level cap is higher then thst of orks. We can destroy that newborn demon lord!“

„Yes, head of the state Dozan!“

„We will take back the city where our people are suffering under the hand of demon lord! Let that be known!“



The next morning, when I woke up I froze when I saw Yuki between Phara and Kyoko.

„Don’t tell me I…“

The blood stains told me everything I needed to know… I went overboard... wait… Kyoko drink that powdered thing last night didn’t she... waid didn't she needed my blood for it to work? Wait, I gave some blood to Fia for testing… does that mean that Kyoko will get pregnant right away? And when Yuki joined in? Was it when I… oh, that’s it…

„I’m in for serious scolding from Lizzie…“

I silently left the bed with three girls and went right to the provisional office I made here.

Zalum was already here and the rest of the official came through dungeon entery I created just past the city.

„Good mornig sir, how was your night?“ Zalum smiled at me and I suppresed my urge to glare hole into him.

„Yes, it’s really good. What did you prepare for breakfast?“

„We have bread with Miner’s ham and pickled vegetables, for drinks we have Eisblatt tea, a speciality of this city.“

„Thank you… so what’s on todays agenda?“

„Yes, with all representatives present we were planning to show you the workshops of our city.“

„Yeah. That’s good idea. Also, I think that we will need to prepare ourselves for confrontation with council state. They will not let this slide that easily.“

„I think so too.“

In that moment a pidgeon flew in the window, carrying a letter.

‚To Demon lord Zaru. Leave our city withing three days or we will have to declare war on you. Head of the State, Dozan Grayroc.‘

„Is that it?“ I asked.

„Dozan is man who only listen to gold. I’m sure he will bring an army that can be accomodated in Fortress city.“

„How much can we expect?“

„I belive it would be somewhere between two hundread and three hundread thousands. If we are unlucky he will bring entire army of 500,000.“

„I see. You have a big army.“

„Well not really. The council state have law of conscription, in which is written that all citizens who participate in deffence of the state will be excused from tax for two years.“

„I see… that's different from our armies.“

„A-armies? You have more then one my lord?“

„Well, I have Magic beast army and also undead legions… did I mention that there is also vampire squad?“

„Th-that’s amazing sir… I belive that there is no way you could loose.“

„Well I am a Demon king after all… With how fast they can move their army I belive we could turn most of the northern state into my dungeon area. After that I will call upon my armies.“

„Morning!“ Phara said smiling in doors. Behind her Kyoko and Yuki were beet-red.

„Morning you three.“

„M-morning…“ said Yuki.

„G-g-good mornin’“ Kyoko stuttered cutely, which didn’t really suited her muscular figure.

„After you get your breakfast prepare for move out. We will go sightsee the city.“

„„„Yes!“““ they said in union.

After two hours we got out and visited the glass workshop, where Zalum worked as Head Glasscutter and we visited other facilities and I decided to send here fraction of our mine reserves.

After that I went on journey to turn the land into Dungeon area. This brought me to small hidden place near Fortress city. Between the city and my dungeon area to north was a ravine twenty kilometers long and five hundread meters wide. The ravine had a stone bridge near the Fortress city with route leading to cities Glu and Amas.

The other side of the ravine was now my teritory, sadly I couldn’t spend more DP today so I retired for the day after creating entry to the dungeon.

Tony Raven