Chapter 2:

The impossible task to beat your master!


Edymaru starts to train with his grandfather and try to perform the elemental techniques at this point of the story he is 10 years old and he needs to be 100% prepared for the elemental fighting school wich is in his village, it is one of the biggest in the land of Wano where a lot of vilages need to have their own elemental fighters to defend them from demons that are lurking in all of Wano since Yakaza Yakadon (Edymaro's father) died in the battle with the devil god but the devil god got locked in a lost dimension by the godlike powers of Yakaza but it costed him his life.

We skip 6 years and we can see that Edymaro has trained all this years to master all the lightning techniques and he is ready for the final test of the elemental fighting academy 

In the final test we meet the best friend and biggest rival of Edymaro, Azuwa Nagatsume a fire element user who is determined to be the strongest samurai of the land of Wano

The final test is that all of the students need to fight their master Uzukura Sensei and to pass the test they need to at least harm him but they only have 1 hour to do so and their reward would be one of the saint weapons and chosen by them but this is a realy realy hard test beacause Uzukura-Sensei is the best air element user in the land of Wano but he goes bare handed while all the students can go with their specialized weapons (like Edymaru had a double Wakizhasi which is a shorter version of a katana and Azuwa had a katana)and the rest of the students all had different type of swords or spears with bigger blade.

And then the fight begins Uzukura-Sensei has the absolute upperhand beating every singel student by a single fist to everybody he had an insane speed and power and he used the Wind Technique to his maximum use when Edymaro was close enough to cut him Uzukura just fliped him upside down because he could manipulate the gravity as well but at this unawarness of the sensei Azuwa tries the 1st Fire Technique the Unknowing fire with wich techinque makes a slice faat enough that the fire flame's from he's blade to make a tail after him and his blade nearly touches the sensei but he uses the 1st Wind Technique the Dust Whirlwind Cutter and counter's it perfectly but now Azuwa has the upperhand in this battle where all the students got knocked out with the exception of Edymaro and Azuwa and they are now pretty much close to cut their sensei who repeals his students attacks with eas without using techniques but then Edymaro unleashes one of the strongest  Lightning Technique that he knows the 4th one the Distant Thunder wich is an long range massive slice but Uzukura Sensei counter's it with the 5th Wind Technique the Cold Mountain Wind and he even cut's Edymaro and says that in this form they will not bee enaugh to control an Saint weapon. And Edymaro and Azuwa thinked of an combinated attack to somehow defeat Uzukura Sensei who had trained them for the past 4 years on hand to hand combat and in sword use. Is it true that Uzukura Sensei cannot use fire or lightning element so this elemental using Technique's where teached by Isogita Yakadon beacuse he could use the fire and stone techniques as well. All the technique's have the same base that you need to concatrate your inner manna in some portion and combination which is the power that makes a human an element user this manna can be found in everybody but it needs to be trained to be used in combat and not in just normal day to day use. So Azuwa and Edymaro runed towards Uzukura Sensei and Edymaro used the 3rd Lightning Technique the Thunder Swarm wich was a fast close range cut but wich was countered by Uzukura with the 2nd Wind Technique the Claws-Puryfing Wind but there came Azuwa who used the 3rd Fire Technique the Blazing Universe wich is an insanly rapid slice from longe range and then an powerfull and full off insane flame's slice downword's thissliced down their sensei but made just an minor injurie to he's head so he called them out as absolvant of the Elemental School.

So Azuwa and Edymaro crying from happines because they taught that if they fail as well as the rest of their collegues they would be failures as well and they were all so confident before the battle because both of them have huge goals to accomplish Azuwa now wants to be the strongest samurai on the wrold to help his best friend in accomplishing his huge goal to search and kill the Demon God.

They got their golden gripped saint weapons Azuwa got the 4th saint Katana and Edymaro the 1st Saint Wakizhasi which has been Used by the first Lightning King Uyehashi Aramatsu which is the strongest from all the Wakizhasi's that were ever made. 

And ther has been a huge festival aranged just for them where they could eat and drink as much as they wanted for the last time because from tommorow they had to start the training to enter the Special Elemental Fighter's Army.