Chapter 3:

Entering the SEFA


Several days  after the party Edymaro and Azuwa had started the 3 month extreme training rithm that was needed to be in a good shape and to have a better controll over ther techniques. After the 3 monts they had gone to the town of Kuri the capital of Wano where they could join the SEFA (Special Elemental Fighters association) here they could be recruited by any elemental king's army.

So there was aranged a major fight in a colloseum in between the new Element user fighters that wants to join to an army so there was the 9th King of Fire:Kurisho Miyamara the 11th King of Water:Nogishi Kuzen the 8th Queen of Wood:Shoka Jonomi the 7th King of Ice:Zamaya Kuzen the 6th King of Air:Aigiri Himuro the 4th king of Sand:Kurojima Matakumo the 6th King of Stone:Honda Atsukasu and the 9th King of Lightning Yashira Kojuseki. 

Every Elemental King has his region to defend like the land of Wano is protected by the King of Lightning Yashira Kojuseki and he is where Edymaro and Azuwa wants really badly to join but everyrhing will be decided after the fight in the colloseum where we can meet our main femele character a wood element user from the Land of Wano but from a very departive Village her name is Amata Fumizuki.

And two brothers wich can use the Water element his name is Akahoshi Yurai and an Ice element user wich name is Zashu Yurai they were from the land of Ringo the land of Winter wich is located in the north of the main island and led by the king of Ice and the king of Water same like these young fighters are brothers.

And there were much more element users from every region from the land of Dressrosa the land Of Summer led by the king of Fire Kurisho Miyamara and from the Land Of Alabasta the land of desserts led by the king of Sand Kurojima Matakumo and from the land of Kazegakure the land of autumn led by the King of Air Zamaya Kuzen and the Land of Udon the land of mountains led by the king of Stone Honda Atsukasu.

The Fights are 1v1 everbody was pared with another same element users so Edymaro got paired with a lightning element user named Rakurima from the land of Udon Azuwa was paired with a fire user from the land of Dressrosa named Kodamo and as well Amata had a fight with a wood element user and the two brothers had their opponents as well.

First the two brothers had fheir fight and got easily over their opponenst because of their knowledge over all of Water and Ice Techniques. Amata had a lot more harder fight and she used a realy strong wood technique the 5th one the Forestal Slash which grows a huge jungel in the battlefield wich sucks out the most of the manna from her opponent and thats how she won her fight.

The next was Azuwa's fight with Kodamo a very strong fire user who was very confident in his skills and that he is going to beat him with eas and thats how he takes the fight but Azuwa unleashes a very strong techinque the 3rd one the Blazing Universe wich hurts Kodamo really badly and he goes for a Fire Technique as well the 5th one the blooming Flame but Azuwa counters it with the same techinque and finish the job with the 1st form hes speciality the Unknowing Fire where he charges with an insane speed and aims to decapitate his opponent but wich for all the kings seamd to be too dengaurus as he nearly kills his opponent but he gets the victory over a strong opponent. 

The last fight is between Edymaro and Rakurami.They start fighting and it seems like Edymaro has the upperhand in the fight with very quik slice attacks but wich cannot slice Rakurami who as his first attack Uses an lightning technique the 5th one the Divine Slash wich Edymaro himself couldnt master to perfect use in battles so he try's to use the 3rd Lightning Techniques the Thunder Swarm which couldnt face Rakurima's attack and he gets injured pretty savarely... and from that on Edymaru seems to lost the majority of his stamina and power due to the power of his opponent's attack and they switch into a light speed sword battle that is just impossilbe to be seen by the bare eyes just the kings know the potential in these two young element users but just one of them could join one of the armys.Their fight rages on to the point that Edymaru feels like his power is gone and needs to use one last Lightning Technique if that doasn't work its game over for him so he uses the strongest technique that he knows the 6th one Rumble and Flash wich turns out to be the fight winning attack slicing trough his opponent and slicing down one of the colloseum's tower.And Edymaru gets out of the fight as winner but with some injuries at his arms due to the power that he unleashed with the 6th Lightning Technique because his body wasen't trained enaugh to use this technique.

And now the selection for the figters that have won their figts..... Akahoshi and Zashu Yurai were selected into the army of Ringo, Amata to the army of Kazegakure Azuwa has been selected by both the King of Fire Kurisho and by the King of Lightning Yashira but he chose to go to the land of Dressrosa because thats were the majority of the fire users live and train and its a land were its a lot more hotter than in Wano wich makes him to take the decision to go there.And Edymaro has been wanted by all the Kings of elements a thing that doasn't happend since his grandfather was in the same position to be selected in to an army but in those days ther where wars between the elements and this was the single eveniment where all the kings have meet in peace but most of time it has ended ina raid by some of the alliances. So Edymaru has a hard choice to make but in the end he really wants to train to perfect his techniques so he chose to remain in the land of Wano and to join the army of the Lightning Element.