Chapter 1:

Chapter 1

Ankh Holder (Season 1)

“So…..let me ask you again, what’s your reason to come to Tatera?”

Zeya looked at the Guard and said “I’ve told you before, I lost my way”

The guard pressed the button

“Gahhhhhhhh!!!!!!” Zeya screamed as the high voltage was transferred to his spine. He was bound to a metallic frame with restraints. A wire was attached to his back. Along him were 4 Tateraian Guards, interrogating him.

“Kid, you are so stubborn. I can do this all day, so tell me your reason for sneaking into our Planet. You were right in front of our base when we caught you, tell me who you are working for! Don’t tell me again that you have lost your way !!!” Zeya said “Yes I have lost my way” The guard pressed the bottom again.

This time, he pressed it for so long that smoke appeared from Zeya's back. Zeya was sweating and breathing heavily but his face still looked audacious. The guard couldn’t take that manner anymore and gripped Zeya’s neck with his scaly hand and said “Listen here you little creature. You don’t look like any other beings from our neighboring planets. I’m glad that my translating system is still working. Do you know what we Taterians do when aliens from other planets visit us? We opened their bodies and made them an “Alive Autopsy”,” “Sound interesting,” said Zeya.

‘’You annoying little creature,” the guard said and pressed the bottom. But this time, it didn’t work. The guard pressed it repeatedly but still, the electricity didn’t come. He knew something was wrong. Suddenly, all the power supplies from the base were shut down and a red alarm broke out. “It’s an emergency!!!” the guard yelled but then he fell to the ground as Zeya punched his head. The other guards in the chamber were also confused but suddenly they all fell to the ground. They couldn't prepare for a sudden attack.....

Zeya had been freed from his restraints when all the powers from the base shut down. “Zeya, Zeya !!!! Can you hear me !!! repeat, Can you hear me !!!” Zeya heard from his little microchip in his ear. “Yes, I can hear you. Stop it. You are banging my eardrums, Lora” he replied. “I’m sorry. Now, if you leave this chamber, you’ll find a long hallway. Go straight until you find another big hallway with a metal door. Go inside there, it will lead you to their lab”

Outside the chamber, He saw a large hallway just as Lora had said. He also found a vehicle, it resembled a one-wheeled circle with handles. He got onto it and tried to start the engine. There’s no key in this vehicle as it was used for traveling around the base but the problem was, it was so big for him. He could also hear the heavy footsteps of Taterian soldiers.

Finally, he had started the engine and it drove insanely fast. Zeya had to hold the handle tightly, ensuring not to fall. Suddenly, a group of Taterian soldiers stood in his way, shooting him with their guns but Zeya didn’t stop the Vehicle. He tried to avoid their laser bullets and went through the group with his vehicle. After traveling for about a minute, he found the big Metal door, just as Lora said. But the door was closed “Lora!!” he yelled. “I’m still working!!! Do you think hacking these Taterian tachs are easy !!” he heard from the microchip. Zeya was also having a problem as his Vehicle couldn’t be stopped. So, he had to drive round and round near the door, figuring out how to stop that. A group of Tetarians was also chasing him at that time. He tried to shoot them back with the gun but it’s so hard to aim when he was riding the vehicle. Then, finally, the door was opened.

When he went inside the hallway, Lora told him from his microchip, “The hallway will lead you to a lab, take a photo of what these nasty Taterains are doing. There are some emergency mini-spaceships in the lab. Use them to escape, Understand?” “Yes”, he said. After traveling for a moment, he got to the laboratory. Surprisingly, nobody was in the lab. “I made a false alarm about so-called chemical radiation, hee he,” Lora said. “Yeah you are smart,” said Zeya.

Inside the lab, he found a massive glass box, and it was shocking to see what was inside there. He looked at that for a moment. “Zeya, Zeya !!!! What is that? What do you find?” Lora said. “Umm, It’s like……I…I..can’t tell clearly. It’s massive and…..and…..” he said. “Zeya, leave the lab now !!!! The soldiers are coming” Lora told him.

Zeya quickly re-focus on what was happening and he saw an emergency mini-space ship at the edge of the lab. There were places for 5 ships but 4 were gone. He quickly boarded one and escaped the lab.