Chapter 1:

Two sides of the same coin

Ghost Siblings

At the royal university in the middle of class room, a blond haired girl eyes are focused on handsome brown haired man.Bookmark here

[???]: “Should I finally confess my feelings to him? Can even someone like me low commoner confess to a prince?”Bookmark here

Suddenly a loud *Thump* was heard. Prince face looked very frustrated and he was looking in direction of a girl. Bookmark here

[???]: “Did I make him angry? Well, maybe a commoner like me shouldn’t look at prince of this country. Maybe he is even disgusted that such person like me is even looking at him. Considering that everyone in this classroom except me is a noble born. It can make him angry that he is in one room with commoner like me. My parents had to sacrifice a lot to get me here, but for them being just a noble person was enough. ”Bookmark here

Girl quickly turned her gaze away from. Meanwhile teacher spoke to the prince slightly irritated. Bookmark here

[Teacher]: Prince William even though you are a royal family member please behave in the classroom. I will not get easy on anyone, even prince. Bookmark here

[William]: I’m sorry, some fly was bothering me too much. I will behave better now. Bookmark here

[Teacher]: Such a weak excuse, unless this ‘fly’ was a person. Erika can you stop looking at him like this? Bookmark here

[William]: What!? I didn’t meant her. Bookmark here

Someone in the background spoke with mocking voice. Bookmark here

[???]: Ha! I’m not surprised that prince doesn’t like when such a dirty trash is looking at him. I don’t even know what is she doing here. This place should be for a noble born people. Bookmark here

[Teacher]: Kazamir as a prince from other nation behave as one. This place is for anyone including common man. Please apologize. Bookmark here

[Kazamir]: Pfft! Like I could even apologize for someone like her. Bookmark here

Teacher get incredibly angry. He looked like he could slap him at any moment. *Thump* He slapped a desk very hard and spoke to Kazamir. Bookmark here

[Teacher]:That’s enough young one! Leave this class now and we will talk about this later. Bookmark here

[Kazamir]: Eh… whatever I was bored anyway. Bookmark here

Kazamir get up looked at Erika with a mocking smile, then left a room slamming a door behind him. Bookmark here

[Erica]: I’m really sorry for creating this problem teacher and your highness. Bookmark here

She looked down barely holding her tears. Bookmark here

[William]: It’s really not yours fault. Sorry for causing this problem teacher and I’m really sorry for causing this situation for you Erika. Bookmark here

Prince William bowed before Erika, but she didn’t even notice this, when keeping her gaze from a prince. Bookmark here

[Erika]: It’s fine. Let’s just end this topic. Bookmark here

[William]: No! It’s not fine discriminate someone only because of theirs heritage. So please let’s treat everyone no matter who they are, with a respect. Bookmark here

There was a loud applause even, if not everyone agreed with a prince words. Some girls in the class spoke with a gasping voice ‘Prince William have such a noble heart’. Erika looked at prince again like she fell in love again. Teacher was moved by a prince words, then he *cough* and started to speak to a prince. Bookmark here

[Teacher]: I’m honored to have such a noble prince, but please let’s return to a subject. So William answer me this question, when a Naraka Island incident happened? Bookmark here

[William]: Well um… Bookmark here

He looked around, then he answered. Bookmark here

[William]: 323 years ago, huge explosion happened then, which made this island uninhabitable to this day. Bookmark here

[Teacher]: That’s correct! I’m surprised you knew this one. That’s all for today, I need to speak with Kazamir, so you can go now.Bookmark here

Some time later after a classroom Erika was surrounded by the Kazamir and 2 other guys. He spoke to her with outraged voice. Bookmark here

[Kazamir]: How dare you! Why such a piece of trash is causing me such a problem. Women like you are only useful in bed. How about that? Maybe I will forgive you a little then. Bookmark here

[Erika]: No, I don’t want to! Bookmark here

He forced her to the wall. His voice tone and face was even more wicked. Bookmark here

[Kazamir]: Listen here you little shit! I’m the prince and such a trash will agree to anything I say. Don’t worry, I will tell William few good words of course only if you will be great and obedient, maybe he will take you after me, unless he will not want used specimen. If, he does then you will be with him. Shouldn’t you be happy this way you will be a person you love so much. Bookmark here

She then started trembling in fear.Bookmark here

[William]: Hey! Stop it already! Bookmark here

Kazamir not even understanding who spoke to him didn’t bother to turn around and started to speak with him with a mocking voice. Bookmark here

[Kazamir]: Oh! We have a hero here! What will you do to me? Will you hit a prince? Go away to play a hero somewhere else. Pff. Bookmark here

[William]: You don’t have a diplomatic status here. Go away or I will convince a king to do a execution on you. Bookmark here

Kazamir then turned around, still being angry until he saw a William. Bookmark here

[Kazamir]: Ahahaha! It’s you William I was just teasing her a little. There’s no reason to be mad I was just telling her to be a little more honest with her feelings. Hehe! Bookmark here

[William]: Just leave now! Bookmark here

[Kazamir]: I’m leaving. I did nothing wrong. Bookmark here

Kazamir left the scene with 2 other guys in the hurry. William then spoke with gentle and kind voice. Bookmark here

[William]: Are you fine? Did they did anything to you? Bookmark here

Erika with her trembling voice then spoke. Bookmark here

[Erika]: Yes, I’m fine. Thanks for helping me. Bookmark here

She takes then a deep breath and ask him a important question. Bookmark here

[Erika]: I know that this is not good situation for this and that you are engaged with a princess.Bookmark here

She takes another deep breath. Bookmark here

[Erika]: I love you! I love you so much from the first sight! You saved me not only once! By just being close you make me so much happy. Will you be a my boyfriend? I can even be, a concubine, which you will throw away after you get bored. So, please agree I want to be with you even just for a moment. Bookmark here

[William]: I appreciate your feelings, but I’m sorry you will be happier and safer without me. Bookmark here

Erika then with tears in the eyes fell into heir knees and started begging. Bookmark here

[Erika]: I’m begging you even, if I’m a commoner please just give me a try, please! Bookmark here

[William]: Stop with this! It’s not about your heritage, I don’t care about this stuff. Still I can’t return your feelings, I’m sorry. Bookmark here

William then left leaving crying Erika behind. Bookmark here

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