Chapter 2:

William’s perspective

Ghost Siblings

[William]: “King is supposed to announce something today. What can it be? Eh, whatever I will see it anyway later. Now, I should just focus on this class subject. At least I thought I could.”

William felt a soft object in his right hand. It actually wasn’t a object, but a chest of red haired girl, which hair was about shoulders length.

[William]: “Ugh! Akane was supposed to leave me alone in the classroom. Not doing this stupid stuff. Aoi please take your sister and just leave.”

[Akane]: Oh! William I know that others don’t see or hear me, but doing this stuff in the public space. You are such a naughty boy! Well, if you don’t mind. You can toy with them as much as you want.

[William]: “Why are you even blushing? Well, I can’t even tell you to leave, because it will sound weird. Gah! This gal which just appeared out of nowhere and forced my hand onto her chest. Why can’t you act more like yours sister. You are such a problem. Fine, I will do a scene.”

*Thump* William slammed his left arm into the desk and then looked at Akane with a angry face! A long haired blue girl, which hair was so long, that it almost touched her legs, appeared and drag Akane of William’s sight.

[William]: “Thanks, Aoi for taking her from me, but you could do it a little sooner”

[Akane]: I got it Onee-chan. Geezz! Can’t I even tease him a little?

[Aoi]: We was supposed to leave him alone in this place. Why are you even bothering him right now?

[Akane]: I was just bored! It’s not like anyone will see it. You are making out of this such a big problem.

[Aoi]: Just be quiet and stay in the background. He is already in trouble, because of you.

[Teacher]: Such a weak excuse, unless this “fly” was a person…

[Akane]: Wait a second! Did William called me a fly? I didn’t listen to him when he spoke earlier.

[Aoi]:I guess it’s really fitting for you. Acting like a insect, which irritates someone with her buzzing around.

[Akane]: Onee-chan that was rude!

[Aoi]: Be quiet already. You made this situation and looked this girl is in much worse situation, than you.

[Kazamir]: Ha! I’m not surprised that prince doesn’t like when such a dirty trash is looking at him. I don’t even know what is she doing here. This place should be for a noble born people.

[Akane]: Oho! Look at this big guy, who acts like being born from royal woman body is such a big achievement. Onee-chan, can I just kill him right here? No one will cry after guy like this.


[Aoi]: Be quiet already. Stop with yours stupid ideas and don’t make more problems for William.

[Akane]: Ouch! Onee-chan it hurts. Why are you so rude to me. *Sob Sob*

[Aoi]: Stop pretending and be quiet or I will hit you again.

[Akane]: Ok, I will stop. You can always hit me harder in the bed with William.


[Akane]: Ok, I got it. I will stop for now.

[Aoi]: You made such a big problem and you keep joking. Just look at this poor Erika. She is barely holding her tears, thanks to you.

[Akane]: I’m sorry, but I didn’t said anything bad to her. It was the other guy and he already left. Wait, do you know her name? I’m getting envy Onee-chan.

[Aoi]: It’s not that hard to hear someone’s name, when she is in the same room. Now, be quiet and just listen to others.

[Teacher]: I’m honored to have such a noble prince, but please let’s return to a subject. So William answer me this question, when a Naraka Island incident happened?

[William]: Well um…

William then turned around looking at Akane and Aoi.

[William]: “You created this situation, so at least help me here”

[Akane]: Ooo! I know this one. You will give me a reward later for this answer.

[Aoi]: 323.

[William]: “Thanks Aoi. I’m glad that at least you are the normal one”. 323 years ago, huge explosion happened then, which made this island uninhabitable to this day.

[Akane]: Oh c’mon Onee-chan. I wanted to answer this and get a reward.

[Aoi]: Be quiet already. You are making a fuss over everything.

Teacher announced end of the class, then everyone began to leave.

[Akane]: I guess it’s finally over. William!

Akane ran towards William, then hug him tightly. William looked around checking if everyone left. He then pushed her back.

[William]: I guess we are finally alone.


[Akane]: Ouch! Why are you so mean to me. I mean if you enjoy this, we can work with this in more private space.


[William]: Why can’t you act normal, just for a moment. You was supposed to stay in the background, when I’m in the public space. I’m so tired of you, when you are goofing around. I just don’t want to speak with you. You will not understand this either way.

[Akane]: I didn’t force you to make a noise. You could be just quiet and enjoy a moment. I’m just feeling lonely, because you are not spending time with me *Sob Sob*. Hey! Stop leaving and ghosting me just listen to me.

Aoi approached Akane.


[Akane]: Onee-chan. At least you could be nice to me. *Sob Sob*

[Aoi]: Yours fake tears don’t work, so stop already. Just go and don’t speak for the rest of the day.

Few hours passed. Akane is just quietly following not even trying to talk with William. William noticed Erika, being surrounded by Kazamir and two other guys.

[William]: “What is he even doing. Is he forcing onto her? Should I tell Akane and Aoi to deal with them? Nah, I don’t want to talk with Akane and she will probably just kill them. Yeah, she will just create another problem. I can deal with this alone. In the worst case Aoi will just help me. “

[William]: Hey! Stop it already!

[Kazamir]: Oh! We have a hero here! What will you do to me? Will you hit a prince? Go away to play a hero somewhere else. Pff.

[Akane]: Geez this guy again. Oh look I’m so cool, because I was born as a prince totally my own achievement. Can I just kill him? I hate his face. O wait William I didn’t said anything, please don’t be mad at me again.

[William]: “Yeah, just kill him, what a great idea to solve everything without thinking about consequences . Still I kind of understand yours feelings, so I will just let this pass.”

[William]: You don’t have a diplomatic status here. Go away or I will convince a king to do a execution on you.

[Kazamir]: Ahahaha! It’s you William I was just teasing her a little. There’s no reason to be mad I was just telling her to be a little more honest with her feelings. Hehe!

[William]: Just leave now! “What a clown.“

[Kazamir]: I’m leaving. I did nothing wrong.

[William]: “At least he is leaving without causing a problem. Why is he even acting like that. Is not my fault right? It was Akane fault anyway. I can’t even force her to apologize. I will talk with father about Kazamir later. Well, back to current situation.”

[William]: Are you fine? Did they did anything to you?

[Erika]: Yes, I’m fine. Thanks for helping me.

[William]: “Can I expel Kazamir from this country? I will talk about this with my father later. It’s not like he have any diplomatic immunity here. We are not taking any side in theirs civil war.”

[Erika]: I know that this is not good situation for this and that you are engaged with a princess.

[William]: “Poor Fiora, with this forced marriage. I will deal with this later, at least thanks to this I don’t have to meet other candidates. I already have two women in my life I don’t need third.”

[Erika]: I love you! I love you so much from the first sight! You saved me not only once! By just being close you make me so much happy. Will you be a my boyfriend? I can even be, a concubine, which you will throw away after you get bored of her. So, please agree I want to be with you even just for a moment.

[Akane]: Ha! He already have me and onee-chan. That’s all he needs, but if you will try anything I will just deal with you.

[William]: “That’s true, but you could skip this last part. I feel bad for rejecting yours feelings, it takes a lot of courage to say this. With Akane in my life it will be safer for you to just forget about me.”

[William]: I appreciate your feelings, but I’m sorry you will be happier and safer without me.

[Erika]: I’m begging you even, if I’m a commoner please just give me a try, please!

[William]: Stop with this! It’s not about your heritage, I don’t care about this stuff. Still I can’t return your feelings , I’m sorry.

[William]: “Already my heart belongs to Akane and Aoi. Till death tears us apart doesn’t even applies here. Time to leave. Nothing, I will say can help here anyway. “

[Aoi]: You sure that was a good answer? I don’t really mind you having someone in this mortal life, we will have eternity after yours death anyway.

[Akane]: If he even dared to say yes to her. I will not hesitate ending her life here. You already have us.

[William]: I expected you to say that. You are right I already have Aoi in my life I don’t need anyone else.

[Akane]: Huh? What about me? Are you still mad at me? You already don’t love me?

[William]: I’m just kidding. I love you too, even when you are so annoying like today. Still you need some punishment, so maybe then you will start to behave better.

[Akane]: Will you tie me to your bed? I’m not sure I’m ready for this, but if you want to. I will not escape I promise.

[William]: Still not serious? Punishment, not a prize for you. Your punishment is just to leave me for the rest of the day. Aoi can you force her to do that?

[Aoi]: Sure, I can do that. On the other side there is nothing cool do to, so maybe thanks to this she will learn her lesson. Probably not, but we can dream.

[Akane]: Wait! You can’t do this. Not seeing you for hours is too much for me. *cough cough* I mean it will be to dangerous for you to be alone. What if something will happen to you? I can’t let this happen. Let’s think about other punishment. No hugs for day? Week?

[William]: Nah, then you will just keep hugging Aoi. She is not supposed to get punishment. I will be fine, it’s just few hours.

[Aoi]: We will come if anything happens, so don’t use this as a excuse. Now, we are leaving. See you later.

[Akane]: No, this is irresponsible. We better…

Aoi used her magic to put Akane to sleep, then she just disappeared with her.

[William]: “Weird feeling being alone now, maybe this is a bigger punishment for me. For years they didn’t leave me for longer than few minutes. Ehh I will deal with it somehow. Now time to go to see what my father will announce.“