Chapter 19:


Ghost Siblings

Fiora leaves William arms and began to walk towards god of time.

[William]: Please, don’t do it!

[God of time]: Ayame you successfully brought 3 parts to us. You are free now.

[Ayame]: It doesn’t make me feel better about this.

[God of time]: Now, it’s time for ours meal.

[William]: Please, stop! You don’t have to do it. Please, I will do anything for you. Just don’t kill her.

[God of time]: Fiora you successfully completed task, we gave you. As we promised you all are free now. Don’t cause any further world cataclysm, because we will not be nice next time.

[William]: Huh? What you mean?

[God of time]: She was never part of us. We asked her to play this role. We knew that you would fail with third part. That was the entire point with bringing you to him. Just, so you fail and we can bring you this punishment.

[William]: Are Ayame free too?

[God of time]: Yes, you all are. However, there is one more thing. You will die in less than 10 years.

[Fiora]: What!? You was not supposed to do anything to him!

[God of time]: We did nothing. He brought 2 dead beings into his world. Of course it will have consequences. Farewell, until we see each others again, maybe. Try to not meet the others. They are not as nice as us.

Everyone appeared before theater. William rushed to Fiora and began to hug her.

[William]: I’m so glad that you are fine. You can go with us, wherever you want. You are part of the team now.

[Fiora]: Wait! Didn’t you hear? You will die in less than 10 years.

[William]: I don’t care. Let’s just make this 10 best years ever.

[Akane]: We are sorry. I never knew that taking this contract will cut yours life span so much. It’s ours fault.

[William]: I really don’t care. Anyway, I could be dead much sooner, if you didn’t protect me. Let’s say you prolong my life.

[Aoi]: And they already lied to us once. They could do it again.

[Erika]: Did they? They never said Fiora was part of them. They just asked to bring her to them.

[Ayame]: Wait wait wait. If, William dies will Akane-san and Aoi-san disappear too?

[Aoi]: More like back to the other side, but yes.

[Ayame]: No. I can’t let it happens. I can just take contract with you instead, right? It’s not like, it will affect my life span in any way.

[Akane]: It’s not that simple, but you can. However, you will take a contract with William too.

[Ayame]: Nah, I don’t need him. I will just take you both.

[Akane]: Then, we will not accept this contract. All of us or none.

[Ayame]: Gah! Fine. I will make a contract with him too. You just need to tell me how, later.

[Erika]: Haha! You are always acting like this, but you will make a contract with him anyway.

[Akane]: Ayame-chan is a tsundere after all.

[Ayame]: What? I really don’t care about him.

[Erika]: Oh yes? And who’s idea was to leave them alone for this day?

[Akane]: Just say it Ayame-chan. It’s not like I like you or something.

[Ayame]: Gah! You are so annoying. Fine, you win. I would make a contract with him either way. But, only because of you.

[Fiora]: Haha! Onii-san is in a big demand. I’m really envy. Now, can we go spent a night together, Onii-san?

[Akane]: Wait, Fiora! Get off of him. I only accepted you, because I thought you will die today. So, go away.

[Fiora]: Never! Aoi please help! She promised to accept me.

[Aoi]: You can’t take it back Akane.

[Akane]:Gah! At least stop hugging him!

[Fiora]: Onii-san started it first.

[William]: Yeah, but it’s getting uncomfortable. You can let me go now.

[Akane]: Fine, I will do it too.

Akane began to hug William.

[William]: Can you both stop?

[Fiora]: Hah! I was here first. It means that he loves me more.

[Akane]: Haha! We are already past ours first night together. So cute that you think a hug is all a man can give to a woman.

[Fiora]: Wait! Onii-san you did what to her? I want it too. Let’s do it together, tonight.

[William]: Huh!? Wait! I’m not ready.

[Akane]: I will not let you.

[Fiora]: Are you getting envy? I can get a child with him, but you can’t. Who is in better position now? Thank you for giving him experience.

[Ayame]: Are they always acting like this? I feel bad for him.

[Aoi]: You will get used to it. Maybe.

[Ayame]: Anyway, Erika are you coming with us? We will probably visit others countries in this time. You are sure you don’t want to go back?

[Erika]: Yes, I’m going with you. And, after what you did to me. I can’t let you go off that easily.

[Aoi]: Oh? Ayame did something happened between you?

[Ayame]: No! Erika, please stop acting like Akane-san.

[Erika]: Now you are acting like this? *Sob Sob* I’m sorry I thought you was happy back then.

[Aoi]: I’m leaving this to you both. I’m going to help William.

[Ayame]: Wait! Onee-san it’s misunderstanding. She is lying.

[Erika]: *Sob Sob* And, now I’m lying. Don’t you remember? Together forever.

[Ayame]: Please, stop.