Chapter 18:

Third part... again?

Ghost Siblings

Five days later… in the William’s room.

[William]: *Yawn* “Huh? When did I went to bed? I don’t recall it. Well, how much time has passed? Are they arriving soon? Damn, I’m still not ready.”

[Fiora]: Onii-san, yours best imouto arrived.

Fiora jumped on to the William and began cuddling with him.

[William]: Huh!? Glad to see you, but how do you get here?

[Ayame]: She was here for hours. I told her to not disturb you, when you was sleeping. Anyway, today no one will disturb you two. See you later.

And just like that Ayame disappeared.

[William]: “How did I not noticed them? Well, it doesn’t matter.”

[Fiora]: What Onii-san want to do, now? Are we going to eat something, take a bath together or you just want me?

[William]: Huh!? Who’s idea was to told me this?

[Fiora]: Akane told me, that Onii-san will be happy, if I tell you this.

[William]: “She is joking even now? Actually, maybe this is good thing.”

[Fiora]: So, ummm what are you choosing?

[William]: Well, I’m choosing to spent entire day outside with you.

[Fiora]: That’s boring Onii-san. But, if you want to.

[William]: You can get off of me and then I am putting some clothes and then we can go.

Before getting off, Fiora kissed William.

[Fiora]: Hehe. Aoi told me to be more direct with you, because you will never make a first move.

[William]: “Normally, I would scold them both. However, it’s her day. I guess it’s fine then.” Thanks, but can we go now?

[Fiora]: Yay! Onii-san is blushing. It worked thanks Aoi. Yes, we can go now.

A little while later at the local restaurant.

[Fiora]: Onii-san this seafood is amazing. We should eat here more often. Next time, we should all be here together.

[William]: “She doesn’t know or is she just pretending?” Yeah, we should.

[Fiora]: I forgot to tell you, but Akane gave me permission to adventure together with you. Haha. She finally accepted me.

[William]: That’s great. “I guess she doesn’t know. How can I tell her later about this.”

[Fiora]: Oh and Ayame is such a great person. She is so strong and she told me that she will teach me how to use magic later. I was like, what? Can I do that? Isn’t it great? I can then protect you all.

[William]: That’s great news. I always knew that you was special in this aspect. And, Ayame will be a great teacher.

[William]: So, umm something interesting happened in the castle?

[Fiora]: Eh, I don’t really care. I guess they announced new prince? Probably, not sure. Mother scold the father for what be did. But, nothing really happened. You can’t have a worse relationship than theirs anyway. Oh, and father tighten security. He talked about my future marriage, but I didn’t listen. I don’t care what he is saying anymore.

[William]: Oh, I’m sorry that I destroyed yours family.

[Fiora]: What are you talking about? My father destroyed family not you. He did it, when he considered to throw you away.

[William]: Yeah, you are right. I shouldn’t speak like that.

[Fiora]: It’s fine. I can’t be mad at my Onii-san. Where do we go now?

[William]: Let’s go to the local marketplace. Maybe, we will find something special for you.

Later, at the local marketplace.

[William]: I forgot to ask. Does king know, that you are here?

[Fiora]: Yes, he know. Ayame talked with him and said I’m taking a princess with me. And, if you decline I will turn this entire kingdom to ash. Muahahahaha.

[William]: There is no way she said that.

[Fiora]: I don’t know what she told him, but It will be cool if she did this way, right? She then could burn a room or something to make this more menacing. I wonder, if I will be able to do stuff like this. Ahh. I already want her to teach me.

[William]: Haha. I’m sure you will.

[Fiora]: Onii-san can you buy me this?

She pointed towards necklace. William turned towards the vendor.

[William]: I want to buy this necklace.

[Vendor]: Excellent choice. It will look great on the young lady. That will be 200 gold.

[William]: “Really expensive, I wonder where Ayame got all this gold. She is paying for everything for us.” Sure, take this.

William paid for necklace, then put it on Fiora.

[Fiora]: Thanks Onii-san. It looks great.

[William]: Let’s go to the local theater now.

Few hours later, after leaving theater.

[Fiora]: That was great. This story was so sad, I cried like a little baby. Even you did Onii-san.

[William]: How could I not? They just wanted to be together. But, he was local farmer and she was a noblewoman. Hers family, just couldn’t accept that. Why they couldn’t just be left alone. “Why they couldn’t have a happier story today.”

[Fiora]: I never knew, that Onii-san could be affected by this type of story. Hehe. I wish I knew it earlier. In the end they never forgot about each others. So, maybe they will be together in the end. Such a open ending. But, I think I like it this way.

[William]:I just noticed, that is getting really late.

[Fiora]: That was wonderful day Onii-san, but this is time to say goodbye.

[William]: Huh? You knew it? I tried to act normal, but I don’t want to lose you.

[Fiora]: Ayame explained me entire situation. I didn’t believe it at first. But, I knew it was true after saying laŭdo estu. I don’t know what it even means, but it opened my eyes.

William and Fiora appeared before the god of time. Everyone else was here too.

William began to cry and started hugging Fiora.

[William]: Please, don’t take her away from me! I’m begging you, take me instead!

[Fiora]: It’s okay Onii-san. I want you to say goodbye with a smile. I will always be at yours side.