Chapter 6:


Supersession69's Crazy Incursion

I couldn’t be bothered writing chapter 6 this week, so here’s a Q&A instead:

Q: Where the fuck is Supersession69?

A: Captured by Derek Lee.

Q: Who the fuck is Derek Lee?

A: An unstitcher, someone who hunts people with “threads” for money (unstitching someone usually results in their death).

Q: Who the fuck is Supersession69?

A: A Chinese man living in the ultra saturated corporatocracy of The Glorious United States of Armenia. He has no job, no earnings, and lives entirely off of his father’s trust. He wanks off to porn VRs for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. He’s recently broken his prized headset, and now he needs a new one.

Q: What the fuck is Supersession69 doing right now?

A: He’s knocked out and dreaming about Erica Park shoving his face into a toilet.

Q: So why’s Derek Lee upset about Supersession6?

A: Someone’s made a clone copy of Derek Lee.

Q: And we don’t know why?

A: No. But they don’t clone people for free in The Glorious United States of Armenia, and certainly not for fun.

Q: Is Derek Lee going to do something about it?

A: Yes. Someone’s gotta pay. 

Hungry Sheep
Kuromaru (クロまる)