Chapter 3:

Magic nature

Another death

"Three months have passed since i learned my first magic spell, time sure flies huh, well as good as that is it means that my jobless life is now over" Andrej thought walking down the stairs to have his breakfast. Afrer arriving his parents took a chair for him to sit on and put all his favorite meals on the table.

"Good morining?" he said dumbfounded.

"Good morning son!"

"Did you sleep well?"

"Was the bed comfortable?"

"If it wasn't we will buy a new one"

They closed in on him like flies.

"eeh, everything is fine"

"I'm certain it's coming, the "Can we talk" or the "We need you for something" moment"

"Just say it!"


"Say it!"

"Well, it's just that, well we wanted to..." said Kiril while picking his words carefully.

"Just say it already"

"Because you already learned some basics of magic, we wanted to send you to Katarina's parents to train you in magic, since they are former adventurers"



Andrej runned around the house and yelled out of happiness, ever since that day he always waited for this to come.

"Well what are you waiting for?" said his mother "Go ahead and see when is the training"

"Okay!" he said and ran out of the house not even closing the door behind him and he ran towards Katarina's house. When he arrived the training had already started.

"Water cannon" said Katarina as she fired a ball of water from her finger at full force which splashed into Andrej's head, making him wet head to toe.

"You are late" Katarina told Andrej with a small smile on her face.

"Well nobody told me when the training will be starting!" he exclaimed, angry at the fact that he was still fully wet.

"I'm sorry for not telling your parents on time" apologised Oleg, Katarina's father, who was also one of the top adventurers of his time.

"Sorry Andrej, Katarina didn't mean to splash you" kindly said Vesna, Katarina's mother.

"Too much formality"

"It's okay" he said.

"Well since you arrived late, shall we begin your training now?" asked Oleg politely.


"Just go on idiot!" laughed Katarina while taunting him.

As an answer to her taunts, he tried to do the same think that she did, shoot a waterball while yelling "Water Cannon" when that didn't go so well he tried switching it up, instead trying fireballs while yelling "Fire Ball" nothing seemed to work except prompting Katarina to laugh more and more.

"Andrej, you still can not use magic like that" kindly said Vesna.

"Huh, why?"

"You first need to find the element you were born with an affinity towards, there are six elements: earth, fire, wind, water, dark and light"

"How do i find out?" he asked.

"Look at this"

He could sense that Vesna was gathering some mana in her arms, "Crystalize" she said calmly before the mana gathered mana crystalized into a single ball, which quickly shined bright orange, before small flames and the flame spirit Salamander started revolving around the small ball.

"Wow! That means your magic is fire type?" he asked amazed.

"Yes, now you try" said Vesna "Just gather the mana around your hands like you would do normally"

He did just that, "Crystalize" he said and once again the mana formed into a small ball, before suddenly shining really strongly with a deep purple and black glow, after the glowing died down all that was left was a perfectly black sphere.

"Amazing!" yelled Katarina.

"Oh wow, i haven't seen this in a long time, a person born with dark magic" commented Oleg in awe.

"Eeh, i don't really like to stand out that much"

"Andrej! when i'm finished with my water teach me to use dark magic"

"So you have dark magic huh? That means i won't be able to teach you" said Oleg sadly.

"Why couldn't you?"

"Because my affinity is light, and i can't teach you light magic, since dark and light are opposites, if you attempted to use light magic your innate dark magic would negate it"

"I see"

"But Vesna knows some dark, so she could teach you some tricks"

"I thought her magic was fire"

"You can use other elements in conjuction with the one you have an affinity towards, except you wont be able to 100% master them"

"I understand, can we start with the training now?" asked Andrej.

"Well" said Vesna "Dark magic spells are mostly used in conjuction with a blade, so i would recommend you first learn some swordsmanship with your father, and then i will teach you dark magic i know"

"I understand" said Andrej sadly, before making his was towards his home.

"andrej" said Katarina quietly.

"Katarina, go after him and give him this, tell him to tell his father that it was from me" Oleg handed her a sword with a the blade made from iron and a hilt and guard made from wood, it was a common training sword given to kids who are just starting to learn sword arts.

"Okay!" she replied before running towards Andrej's house. After a bit of running she finally saw him heading for his home before yelling.

"Andrej... wait i've got... something for you" she said in between breaths. He turned around and she gave him the sword, he picked it up and examined it for a bit before hugging her and saying "Thank you so much!"

"No problem, now go train! Also tell your father that it was from mine"

"Got it! See you!"

He stepped into the frontyard of his home and called for his father, Kiril stepped outside and saw the sword in his son's hands.

"I guess Oleg gave it to you, that man never changes huh?"


"So, i can begin teaching you about the sword?"

"Of course!" Andrej said and gripped the sword in his hands.


Another death