Chapter 4:

Horror isn't scary at all...

Off kilter war of random occurring events

I stared at her for a little bit and after looking at her I bursted out laughing. She wore a hooded cloak and I couldn't really make out any features. Although sadly she was taller than me.Bookmark here

"Since when was horror a little girl? That reminds me if your horror where did you come from? North western or eastern?"Bookmark here

She smacked me in the face and sighed. Then she replied, " I'm from America, along time ago there was a big horror boom especially with influences from the gaming industry but now I'm left to rot here in this North Western territory. So I'll ask again pair up with me."Bookmark here

"Jeez your an old reincarnation to be from America, that's like ancient, I remember the original horror was suppose to be this edgy looking guy."
She smacked me again but harder I told her to stop.Bookmark here

"I'm a washed up Asian romance genre and your not scary at all something's wrong here"
She hit me again and called me stupid trash. Then she pulled off her hood and I saw I blind fold over her eyes, ragged grey hair, and some scars.Bookmark here

"Your to cute to be scary"
She looked flustered then said," I'm taking you by force then."Bookmark here

She blushed and then knocked me out.Bookmark here

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