Chapter 5:

Demo's secret


5 months since we got to the Village Edymaro and Amata have developed a very strong relationship but he was afraid ti tell her how much he loves her.His training had been going perfectly he now could easily use the 6th Lightning Technique the Rumble and Flash.He had killed in these months a total of 682 demons in the area but Demo had a 3298 kill count and amata has killed a total of 231 demons quite impressive numbers given that they are rookies.

In a usually night Edymaro observed that Demo has been too long missing on his tour and he thinked that it would be a good choice to go and search him.After quite a long search he found a portal with some scary noises a dark energy like he never seen before this was a portal to the hell.Edymaro was afraid to enter and a after a few minutes he saw someone geting out of the portal ant closing it, it was Demo. Edymaro had questioned what he has done out there but Demo with a darkek eyes and aura than ever before attacked him with a very powerfull blast him countering it with the 3rd Lightning Technique the Thunder Swarm which used pretty well after this Demo had stoped and sarted drawing something on the sayd "Slice down my mask"

And he unleashed an even stronger and darker attack and he used the foreign Moon Techniques wich he tryed to learn but he nearly managed to learn the first one while Demo used the 5th Moon Technique the Moon Spirit-Eddy which was an multiple fast slices one on another infused with demonic power.At this attack Edymaro couldnt use any techinque fast enough to counter so he just sliced uppwords the attack with a lightning slash and it worked because it was a long shot attack. Edymaro couldn't imagine wath happend to Demo but he knew that he had 0 chances to even slice him not to slice down his mask so he was thinking on an escepe but if he would let him go he would kill all the villagers and maybe all the region so he tried to think on something but he's time was limited because Demo attacked with another Moon Technique the 1st one the Dark Moon and Edymaro somehow dodged it but still got wounded quite heavily by this attack.

Very strangely like never before now when Demo used a Moon Technique there was a strange dark voice sayng the techniques names wich surprised Edymore. He tried to use on him the 7th Lightning Technique the Thunder Blast but Demo quikly used the 10th Moon Technique the Drilling Slashes, Moon Through Bamboo Leaves wich made a huge blast and left an even bigger crater after it. It could be seen from the village and everybody had wakened up due to the huge blast. Amata waked up as well and she started running towards the blast.

When she arrived she had seen that Edymaro is heavily injured nearly uncontios while Demo gets up with a slight ice on his chest. Atama runs to Edymaro to help him up but Demo attacks her and knock's her down wit the 3rd Moon Technique the Loathsome Moon, Chains wich are two rapid slices wich spread into a lot more smaller slices and send's her flying into the mountain.

Edymaro angry and in dispair think's at the last thing that he could and that was to try to combine the lightning techniques maybe it would cach him off guard and he just did that rapidly used the 1st Lightning Technique the Thunderclap and Flash and qukli after that the 6th Lightning Technique the Rumble and Flash and he managed to slice down Demo's mask and the face that he has seen was like an old mans and he falls down to the ground when Edymaro exhausted after using two techniques one after another falls to he's knees and watches him with couriaseti becasuse he wouldn't thought that it could work that easily but after a few seconds a spirit just came out of his mouth and healed Demo's face and when Edymaro had seen it he just colapsed and startet crying it was he's father.