Chapter 6:

The greatest fight of all Part I


Edymaro couldn't believe his eyes but when Yakaza gets up and looks at him with tears in his eyes and he thank's his son that he escaped him from the curse of the mask and hugs him. Edymaro cant understand what just happened and he was in shock he has houndreds of questions to ask he's father but first they had to search Amata in the nearly mountain which had quite a lot of holes due to the training of Edymaro. But they found her uncontios in a hole made by her they get her to the village and edymaro realy coriosly ask's his father what happened that day when everybody thought that he died so Yakaza sits down and starts to tell him from right the beggining of the day.

It was just as other days he done hes tasks in the region around Kuri when he saw a massive explosion from where the holy gates are to protect our wrold from the island of demons then he teleports back to the capital and he calls all the Elemental Kings to the capital in an instance. And after that he saw the Demon King and a whole army of demons flying towards Kuri so he needed to stop him on the near island named Onigashima.He quikly gets into his Sun God form wich is a form wich can be optained after infusing the Concatrate Lightning mod with Sun element.

Yakaza charges towards the demon king and attacks him with one of the most powerfull attack's that was invented by him the 12th Sun Technique the All Mighty Sun with this attack whiped out the majority of the demon's army and made a big slash in the chest of the Demon King but the demon king stood up and said that whatever he does he cannot stop this raid because it has been planning it to perfection in the last 30 years so the humans have no escape and they will be ereased from the world and it will be just demons and chaos on it it doasn't makes sense that Yakaza will slay down the majority of the demon's because the demon king can create demons that much as he wants.

At that moment the rest of the Element Kings arrived who could go of course. The 8th Fire King Danaka Miyamara, the 10th Water King Mabira Sukeshiro the 6th King of Air Honda Atsukasu and the 3rd King of Sand Mazumi Kyoken. So Yakaza now had the time to think on a strategy to defeat the Demon God because he knew that he cannot defeat him by his own powers.

In the time the Elemental Kings tried to attack with different attacks Honda with the 4th Air technique the Rising Dust Form wich had no affect he was countered by the Demon King easily with a colossal slash wich sliced him down.The rest of the Elemental Kings succeded to dodge the attack but Honda had been sent flying to the seas. So the rest of them tryed to attack him combined so Danaka used the 3rd Fire Technique the Blazing Universe, Mabira with the 7th Water Technique the Water Dragon, Mazumi the 2nd Sand Technique the Sand Shambles and Yakaza topped it all of with the 1st Light Techniquethe the Divine Slash. These attack's combined seemd to reach him but the Demon King used for the first time a Technique wich was the Dark Technique used just by demon's but from that the 2nd form the Black Hole and with a slash he made an black hole and the attack's  disapeard.

Yakaza had a plan the mask wich he was told about by his inner God... every God Technique user has an previous God reincarnated in him and those if the human's can colaborate could gain God like powers like Yakaza his inner God is the 3rd Lightning God the master who made the cursed mask wich is a mask with the 3rd Demon King's soul in it. And if he could somehow gain he's powers he could perform the strongest Technique's and the Dimensional Blast wich is a techinque wich can be used when the user can combine the Sun and Moon element and the 3rd Demon King had used the Moon element and mastered he was the best user ever known he invented 7 form's of it.

And Yakaza find's the spot and teleports to the nearest village he has been in because he can only teleport on places he has been before. So with hesitaton but with the time cloking against him and the fate of humanity he puts on the mask and the 2nd Demon King makes him an deal Yakaza to  give his soul to him and gain all of his power's but he will die because he wont be able to break the deal or to speak after he sold's his soul. Yakaza accept's the deal and obtains the most terrifyng powers from all of the wrold.