Chapter 4:

Meeting the Demons


So there was again a huge festival arranged for every victorius new Element Fighter who had been chosen to an army and here is where Edymaro and Amata gets a little bit closer to each other because Edymaro has fallen in love with the beauty of one of the strongest Wood Element user. And of course he has been bulyed by Azuwa that the reason he has gone to the army of Wano was because of her and he negs that with a blushed face.

So after the party everybody has been departing to their new homes and the two big rivals has been parting ways for the first time since they have promised themself to be rivals until one of them becomes a God. This is a very rarely schene where Edymaro can be seen crying and Azuwa as well it was a a really sad moment but they promised one to other that when they meet they would in a level where they could fight with God like powers.

Edymaro and Amata has gone to the Wano Country Special Elemental Fighters HQ to meet the rest of their army the leaders of them. Here they meet the 2 commandants of the Lightning Element Okibi Nario and an anonym one who had a mask and a very dark aura around him and he never talked since his join to the army but his powers has been compared to the 8th King of Lightning. They learn that everyday they need to do reports from the area that how much demon has apeared and how much they killed. About this they were shocked they never heard that the demons can apaear this close and even in Kuri.But Yashira have confirmed that yes the demons apear most of the time around the capital because here was the raid that happened 8 years ago when the 8th King of Lightning Yakaza Yakadon had died. And they were a lot of red regions in Wano where the demon's apeared quite a rarely times. And this was their first misssion ass well to go in one of these regions and defend the village's in it.

They would go in this mission with the anonym commander wich has had this creepy mask and aura everybody at the HQ was afraid of him but he is in a realy god use for the army because hes power is probably even greatar than the current King of Lightning Yashira. They had seen him just once in a battle when 3 years ago the one of the previus demon commanders had escaped from the lost dimension and attacked one of the village's wich was in a green zone so just weaker element users were in the area and he did a lot of damage and killed a lot of people that day the first was the anonym commander wich everybody called Demo due to his demonic aura and mask. And he beated to death the demon commander and those who had seen it they said that this was the gretest Lightning user that they ever saw.

So they start they journey to this village and go with a train from Kuri. They arrived just before evening and the village where they had to sleep and be in the next half a year was a village with the most demon apearenc per day in the land of Wano. This village was called the Sakazuka Village and everbody could use elemental powers at a very high level so Edymaro and Amata where surprized that ther was needed soldiers to protect them but the Chief of the village Kagubata Katsukashi has said that at night there comes demons like never seen everywhere else on the country and they are realy powerfull and they cant even face them not to beat them this gived chills for the newbie elemental figter's.

And then comes the night they all 3 gone to a post where the whole village could be seen and after the sun had gone down the demons had apeared and Kagubata was right the demons where just so abnormal looking Edymaro had paralized by the fear and need to be slaped by Amata to get him back on the line. Demo had made hand signals that they will seperate in two groups and to shoot a lightninh in the air if they are in big danger and with he goes off and slice with eas the demons neck's but when Edymaro tried to do it the demon just grabed his sword and tried to bite his arm off but Amata used the 2nd Wood Technique the Sakura Slash and sliced down both of the demons hands. Edymaro realised that he need to use techniques to kill them and in a realy quik rate so he used the 5th Lightning Technique the Heat Lightning and decapetated all 3 demons that were in their area.

So they would stay there and wait for the rest of the demons to apear but after a few hours both of them fall asleap and at the morning they are awakened by Demo who by they huge surprize had killed all the demons around the village.And they go down in the village to report the things that happened to the HQ of the army and Edymaro is imploring Demo to be his master and to be that strong even with using only one Lightning Technique the 1st one the Thunderclap and Flash because he recognized that move at his attack but he did in a whole another level of power and Demo don't have any other choise so he starts to train with him by making him signs to attack him with the best of his techniques so he does that and uses the 6th Lightning Technique the Rumble and Flash but before his blade could touch Demo's mask he was hitten like by a train by his counter attack a single slice and he had been sent flying in to the nearest mountain. Amata shocked runs after him and after an hour of searching he finds him in the hole of the mountain where he just looks out of it laughs and says that the next 6 month are going to be fun.