Chapter 13:

The Battle Begins

My Childhood Best Friend is a VTuber! (OsananaV)

As we step up to the podium – a small metal platform with arrows that serve as buttons for our feet to press – I am hit with an overwhelming force emanating from Koi.

I feel like I’m in an anime where one character is choosing not to conceal their mana and it’s leaking out.


Koi has her feet firmly planted on the platform, already arranging herself in a way in which she can manoeuvre herself best.

The aim of the game is to hit the buttons on the floor with your feet in time with the beats on the screen. It’s a competition of sorts, that kind of turns into a hectic dance party once things speed up.

Although much of my flexibility and maneuverability has waned in the past few years playing video games and watching streams from the comfort of my home, I am still confident I can beat Koi in this game.

Even if she does have this newfound confidence and aura.

I can’t let this shake my own confidence in my ability!

Using the handrail on the side of the machine, I start doing some stretches in order to get peak performance out of this withered gamer body.

“Only old men need to stretch before this game.”

Koi’s voice comes from behind me as I’m pushing my arm against the metal bar in front of me.

“That’s probably because old men have the knowledge that comes through experience.”

I hear a sharp tssk noise in the background.

One point for Aki and the game hasn’t even started!

Oh god, I’m calling myself that now, aren’t I?

I knew this would happen.

These girls are a bad influence on me.

“Are you saying you’re an old man then?”

“I’m just saying the comparison isn’t one that bothers me.”

Releasing my arm and turning back around reveals a very pissed-off Koi, biting down on her lip and staring daggers into my very soul.

I hate that I find this look to be freaking adorable.

As I think back on those comebacks; they were different from our usual jabs – they kind of felt a little ruder than the ones we usually dish out. I don’t know if that was in the tone of voice or in the words spoken.

Not that I’d usually feel bad about that sort of thing with her, but now that I look at that face, I feel as if I’m the worst person in the world.


The aura has grown to immense levels – mixed with her fiery anger, she has truly become an entity to be feared.

A demon.

“Vermin, get your filthy self over to where you need to be! Make sure you don’t encroach on my area as we play – I’d hate to step on you.”

Koi’s wide smile, baring the full extent of her teeth, reaches the very fabric of my being and starts to unwind it.

Based on that smile, it sounds like you would very much like to step on me!


I have nothing I can say in this moment and instead just choose to do exactly as she asked of me. I mean, it was what I was planning on doing after I was finished stretching anyways.

We came here to play, after all.

Besides, despite the line being the sort of cringe-fest I said at the beginning of my story that only a virtual girl like Mayu could get away with, when combined with the power of a fierce woman like Koi, it’s still liable to get a few scares.

I can attest to this fact.

Cringey but scary.

A terrifying combination.

I walk, or maybe even cower, over to my player area and position myself in an optimal spot – my usual position if you will for complete domination in this game.

Koi’s eyes are back on the screen as if I’m not even here – she is completely focused.

“Which song do you want to start off with.”

After going through the song titles for a while, I decide that we should start off with the one Koi was particularly good at back in the day. We’d typically always start off with it in order to boost her confidence for the rest of the songs - the ones I’m really good at.

“Are you sure you want to start off with this one? You were never very good at it.”

Koi still doesn’t take her eyes away from the screen as she taunts me.

“I figured you could use the head start, you were never very good at everything else.”

The game starts with a nostalgic tune that launches me back into our childhood days.

My movements, swift.

My accuracy, on point.


What the hell?

Looking over at Koi’s side and she’s racked up more points than even the best player I have ever seen at the game.

Her foot placement is immaculate, and that speed! Her speed is at an almost inhuman level, hitting notes before they even fully show up.

Within moments the game comes to a halt, with Koi achieving a score much higher than mine.

It’s not even really a comparison at this point.

I see.

I know what she was doing.

The anger, the aura, the snarky comments, the sadistic outburst and then ignoring me – she was just trying to psych me out. Demotivate me.

Well, I won’t let you win!

Reaching over my head, I grab the top of my sweater and pull it off in one smooth motion – throwing it to the floor as I do.

My shirt gets pulled up a little with my sweater as Koi turns her head to see what I’m doing as if she was getting ready to say something completely demoralizing post-game.

Instead, she turns red yet again and instantly looks in the opposite direction.

“If you think distracting me like that will work, I won’t be falling for your cheap trick.”

Cheap trick?

Wait, does she think my body is distraction worthy?

The more I think about it, the more my head tilts to the side in confusion. It’s an involuntary response at this point.

Feeling a mild breeze on my abdomen, I reach to pull down my shirt, noticing which one I’d decided to put on this morning.

As I look down, I see a half-naked anime girl, staring back up at me.

Half-naked probably wouldn’t even cut it, maybe three-quarters naked would be more accurate.

Maybe that’s what Koi was considering a distraction…

Instead of worrying about this embarrassing sight, I’m fired up instead.

Putting my hand on my chest, which also happens to be on the chest of the girl on my shirt, I say my fighting words.

“Give me strength, even mid-tier anime girls can steal the show for an episode.”