Chapter 4:



It seems to me that the ghost is not nice, better make a run before he globals me up, before I could reach the front door the ‘ghost’ reached out and grabbed me by my shirt’s collar. “Please don’t global me up Mr. ghost!” I blurted out, “firstly who are you calling, and secondly, ghosts don’t global humans, also I’m a human being like you, plus I have a name, Erin!”. I pushed Erin away from me to make sure he wasn’t lying about not being a ghost because I don’t trust humans or ghosts. That was embarrassing, “You new here? and why are you in my dorm?”. “I was told that it was my dorm though so ask them not me.” I quickly replied back.

‘BANG!’, I woke by a gunshot, was I dreaming again about my past? ‘BANG’, again, what exactly is happening outside? I packed my stuff up and went outside as I was getting late for my flight to Korea,  I heard footsteps coming closer at a fast speed so I hid behind a shelf. A tall fat man appeared in front of my room with a bazooka in his hand, I tried to see his face to see if he was someone I knew who had some sort of grudge against me but he seemed like an assassin just like me. Now the only question is why is he after me and who sent him?  TO BE CONTINUED!!!

(NOTE: Hi guys, I've made this chapter short on purpose as I'm busy writing four novels!)