Chapter 3:



Mr. McMillan Orwell showed me the way to the dorms once I finished changing into the uniform and gave me the key card for the room. Each dorm had one room with a bathroom & toilet inside the room and a kitchen with a dining room together outside beside the room and a living room. The room had a bunk bed with two study tables beside the bunk bed, also a huge bookshelf near the entrance, and a red rug in the middle of the room on a skin-colored carpet. The room also had a giant window beside the study tables with black curtains and chandeliers to light the room plus the bathroom & toilets were beside the bookshelf. Now, wait a second. why is there a bunk bed and two study tables for one person plus the room seems a bit dirty, or perhaps someone is already living here. No, it can’t be because Mr. McMillan Orwell said that each person gets the whole dorm and is not supposed to share dorms. Maybe I’m overthinking stuff and now all I need is a nice long warm shower before I go to sleep. After I got out of the shower I heard an announcement saying that all students must attend an important assembly in the main hall. Right after the announcement, I got a text from Mr. McMillan that he sent someone to direct me to the main hall and is waiting outside my dorm, he also said to wear the uniform with a blazer for the meeting. Right after reading his text I quickly changed into my uniform and went outside, a Yankee-looking boy with brown hair, is waiting for me while using his smartphone, I cleared my throat to get his attention, and when he finally looked up at me with an angry face, seriously does this jerk has the nerve be angry when I don’t have any energy but still had to come out when I was about to get in bed. He then bothered to introduce himself, his name is William, he is my senior and has been in this academy for two years, which makes sense why he was angrily waiting for me as I took my time. Then he takes me to the main hall for the assembly, as we arrive at the main hall, a lot of students are already gathered in groups. William tells me to go ahead without him as he needs to go somewhere before joining the assembly and after saying that he leaves in a rush. I go in to find a seat to sit, a lot of things have happened and I feel tried, all I needed was a little rest but of course, I can’t get any rest because my luck sucks. The hall is a lot bigger than I imagined, there is a big stage in the center and around it are seats set up like a restaurant, five chairs around one huge table with a white table cloth on. As the students settled down, Mr. McMillan came on stage and announced that the day after, the school will be going on a trip in a group of 20 people. Where four people will then share one camp and more information will be told tomorrow. Soon we were all dismissed from the assembly and the other students headed to their dorms, then I saw William waiting for me with an annoyed look on his face. I went to him, then he asked if I remembered my way back to my dorm? Of course, I didn’t but I lied and said “of course I do, who do you think I am?” while giving him a fake smile. “Then you won’t be needing, goodnight ” William left after saying this to me, he was out the door already before I could stop him. I had no idea why I did that but now I have to figure out on my own where my dorm is. Worst of all I am not good with directions or remembering things and here I am in a school that is as big as a city looking for my dorm like a fool. My only choice was left to just look around the whole dorm block, one by one but then a sudden thought came to my mind that I got a whole map of this school sent by Mr. McMillan on my cellphone. Finally found my way back to my dorm which to me one hour, as soon as I entered the room I went straight to the top of the bunk bed and didn’t even bother to change into the sleeping suite. A few hours later, I woke up because of someone showering in my dorm, which was a bit creepy, then I looked at my cell phone to check the time, it was one o’clock in the morning. I slowly got up and walked up to the bathroom without making any noises while thinking who could it be, first I thought I was having a nightmare then I thought maybe it was a ghost but then why would a ghost need to shower in the middle of the night in my dorm shower?! The thought of ghosts was killing me, I simply want to run away by not going any further into who is really in the shower and not being like those main characters in a horror movie. But thankfully I got the courage to go back up to my bunk bed and tried to sleep so I can just quickly wake up from this horrible nightmare but then I heard the bathroom door opening. I was already on my feet and ready to sprint out of my dorm, the ‘ghost’ was wearing a dark blue robe with a white towel on his head coving half of his face. I asked the ghost “ Are you a ghost?” which was a stupid question to ask even though I already knew but I was just checking if the ghost was friendly or not so I could talk things out without making any fuss. The ghost replied saying, “ are you a stalker? And why are you in my dorm”