Chapter 2:

Heaven's warning

Ápeiron (Hanged Man's Route)

"This is what I have said to Pharaoh: God has shown Pharaoh what he will do. Behold, there come seven years of great plenty in all the land of Egypt; and after them shall come seven years of famine, and all the plenty in the land of Egypt shall be forgotten; and the famine shall devastate the land.Read more.And abundance shall not be known in the land because of the famine that shall come, which {shall be} very severe. And as for the repetition of the dream to Pharaoh twice, {it means} that the matter is determined by God, and God will soon do it." Génesis 41:28-32

As if justified by the work and faith of creation, for a slight moment everything ceased to exist, he thought of nothing and definitely felt nothing either, at least, at the beginning.

The spirit merges with the flesh of the wicker man burning in fire, all the young man can see is red, suddenly all he sees is red and black as far as his eyes can perceive the distorted elevator, sensations of invasions quickly flow through his being calming the fire, the feeling of oppression and falling as if the elevator is rapidly falling into the depths of the underworld. All this resulted in a forced and synthetic mood of tranquility on the surface but inside he felt the bile begin to rise in his throat, his eyes watered in anticipation, his blood simmered, the manscuspia spread all known mental illnesses inside the skull of the man lost in red and his heart threatened to open his chest from the inside out to become one with the endless blackness.

Then the bellhop bathed in the red light said in a sweet tone like that of a grandfather spoiling his grandson, his words were: o where are my manners my name is #$&%&/)I(%&%$&, the sharp sound like a sudden jumpscare, did not cause fear in itself but did cause a startle and a sense of alarm, but "Námaste" he said with a slight bow and a jovial tone, his uniform with the protagonist of the grand budapest hotel, although comparing him to 90-year-old clint eastwood or a lanky, sunken-eyed Count Olaf would be a more accurate description of his physical appearance, despite his height Easily over 2 meters, he looked strangely harmless. Those words made the boy in the hat lying on the floor against the wall regain his composure a bit and the sinking in his stomach calmed down slightly, the elevator doesn't fall anymore now it's going up? I could even swear it's going left or right. right but the disconnection with reality makes it impossible to determine with certainty, the boy with the hat would swear to see his silhouette turn his face and smile at him from the corner of his eyes, but he decided to dismiss it as a visual hallucination, so while the red light had flooded the elevator mirror only being able to see a black silhouette belonging to it, the bellman was not reflected in the mirror for some reason, this of course gave him an unconscious shiver down his back and the written letters did not give him biggest consolation: "To enter the red room is not about being good or bad but about not being anyone's slave"

With a flick of his gloved hand to regain his attention the bellman said "It seems you are unable to understand it, I see that you are also unable at least at this moment to see through the shell", the mirror is flooded with black and colon The reds look predatorily at the red man, but he does not flinch from the scrutiny, "if the truth contradicts deeply held beliefs, it is that there is something, completely wrong from the foundation of being, you do not believe it" that fundamental phrase like a pandemic entered through the ear and infected the brain completely, revealing a dormant memory, in this memory there is a man this man only seen once is the leader of the cult of beleht, gael has only seen him once the cause of all the pains of his little world in his mind, He is a young uncomfortable boy surrounded by dark silhouettes with fanatical lights in his eyes, he looks with an animalistic and instinctive fear at the figure finely decorated with a priestly costume and oval hat bathed in bronze with a tongue on fire like any unquestionable preacher of the faith, he says looking at everyone and in turn looking at him as if he were looking at his soul. "With lights of artifice.

He never stands still.He walks around like a cursed man,like a madman, guessingthings I don't tell myself.Who knows what drops he putsin my eyes, that I looksometimes with a devil's facewhen I'm distracted.From time to time he grabs my fingersmy fingers while I write.It's weird and simple. He looks likesometimes regretful.The poor guy doesn't know anythingabout himself.When I am a saint I startto murmur in his earand I make him dizzy and take it out on him.But after allwe are friends" 

this verse or poem, resonates in him as if it were a rebuke said specifically to him.

He briefly returns to reality to see to his right as the mirror swells and recoils with difficulty as if it were alive, the black liquid like black tar inside it bubbles and gives a nauseating sensation at the repulsive smell like skinless flesh rotting in the open air, an image of a rotting womb with a dead baby inside suddenly assaults him, he can see through the mucous mirror as the amniotic fluid slowly penetrates the uterus while the horrifying fetus? If I had to describe it in any way, it would be like a grotesque mix between a shark, a human and a parrot fish, the vision is flooded with black and I begin to have visions of the past, a priest shaving a child in a distorted version of a baptism, a child witnessing a sudden abortion, broken people smiling, consumed people, lost people with no idea where to go. With each vision the boy realized that the elevator was slowly turning into something, the walls were replaced with muscle and bone, with a moist, fleshy texture, semi-solid in places, the elevator boy disappeared at some point and in his place all there is is a prominent hematoma from which the dark filth begins to leak into the room? the idea of having that stuff seeping out of his pores makes him shudder and fills him with disgust but without a doubt the biggest revelation is that the creature from the underworld is alive, in these situations it is completely normal to start raving and escaping from reality as a way to make continued existence more tolerable. The miserable saddled boy lies in a fetal position in the corner of the room? covering his eyes and ears trying to contain the visual and auditory delirium and the unbearable headache, his brain is unable to comprehend the primordial chaos assaulting all his senses at the same time in a wild and uncontrolled way.

In his mind he can only think that thing is alive, alive, alive, alive, alive. the liquid is already up to his knees, he can't see it but he knows it is alive, it is hungry and it is moving, he cannot see it and does not want to see it but he can feel the vibrations and the violent movement of the creature, writhing and tearing the walls of the uterus trying to escape with more and more success, it begins to shake violently before the black tar that it takes each more and more ground and the creature feels closer and closer, all you can do is close your eyes hoping that everything is a helpless dream of not being able to do anything to change the outcome as it has been since the day he was born, he knows that no matter how hard he tries, he can't change anything and that fills him with a rage that he never knew existed inside him, with a determination or madness before he dies, he pulls out his sharp and animalistic teeth inherited from his father, FATHER that's something that awakens a warm feeling in his heart, which feeds the flame of bestial madness that was contained throughout his empty life full of pain, but at that moment he completely unconsciously released all the chains that held him.

 kept away from his own inner being, all those happy memories that kept him bound to the ground, the family dinners at the big table, the other brainwashed children of the cult of beleth whom he saw as brothers, all the moments when the people from his world showed him the best of themselves, everything was consumed by the flames only leaving the true self hidden behind the most expensive of submission, gael in a depraved and monstrous catharsis submerges himself in the black tar and with extreme violence bites the fetus seeing it as just food, humans eat everything, monsters are not an exception, humans are the greatest monster in nature in this world, the undefeated super predator fools are the ones who forget this, then the hungry boy tears with your nails and teeth to the fetus? This monster resists and rips off a finger, an ear, part of the stomach, a leg, part of the face, but the child no longer feels pain, he does not feel fear, he only eats with great joy and pleasure, finally in the womb of the beast our fighting boy breaks something inside the creature and devours it until it vomits the bones in a disturbing and magnetic vore, but it is still hungry it finds an egg (fetus) and gobbles it up without hesitation or laziness, finds an egg and repeats the cycle once again, after a while there are no more eggs, but he sees an umbilical cord attached to his body, he eats it, he sees the walls and starts eating and tearing them apart, he doesn't realize or care but, now It's beautiful, it's perfect, the fusion between the abominations of nature and the super predator (humanity), standing on two legs and two arms capable of turning into fins at any moment, muscular and enormous, covered with an exoskeleton of bone, a skin hard and dark as the o Obsidian of the deepest black, a head and beak like that of a parrot fish, a fin and a stomach like that of a shark or orca like a remnant of the consumed creatures, but his mind retains all the cruelty and cunning of the human being without doubt now it's beautiful, now it's perfect

With all that power to break the barrier between waking fantasy and dream reality, when he stepped out of the elevator at the base floor of the building there were no more holes in his heart everything was consumed by emptiness leaving only the evil of this world molded into a new bestial but unmistakably human heart, still immature but solid at the same time, without hesitation with renewed steps he walks slowly but steadily towards the mountain transport network, not even bothering to look back even though the elevator was empty and clean as if nothing had happened there, an unfathomable mystery the ignorant might say, no matter passing through the central park that connects the departmental buildings (a,b,c,d,e,f,g,h) formed a kind of star and each building is in a corner positioned in cardinal points passed through the center of the star in the direction of building E stationed in the south in the direction of the sun, as he was passing through the central green zone the boy in the hat was swamped by a sea of students leaving their assigned areas to go to their study and work areas within the school, already accustomed to the sea of ​​people, normally he allows himself to be mistreated a little and would walk locked in his own world but today with his head held high, I swim through him confident and calm at his own pace no one would force him to do anything he didn't want to do he thought unconsciously, most people decided to ignore him and surround him preferring to respect his space as if they were a dominant species, their vacant gaze looking somewhere in distant space as if observing something beyond, his back straight, his hat shading his eyes slightly and its height a little higher than normal, made the small fish concentrate on their own plates without consciously thinking about it, they simply opened space as something natural, this future is completely normal that the masses who have lived their entire lives inside it the bubble with parents trapped in the bubble it's not uncommon for the majority of the population not to have a strong ego, after all when you're so deep in suffocation Given comfort without any difficulty in life, it is normal to stagnate in mediocrity, with what is necessary to fulfill your purpose in the hive, why would you need to aspire to more? Or why should he resist the powerful who fatten him up and nurse him? After all, even if he suffers a little, the shepherd will always seek the well-being of his cattle, right?

But within the sea of ​​people there are also sleepwalkers who feel a natural attraction to the awake individual, they look at him, analyze him, talk behind his back, some admire and others envy for that brief moment of visibility, finally leaving the park a person approached to the boy in the shadow at the time he was thinking of a way to distract himself from the boredom he is experiencing, maybe the solution was in his multipurpose device in his pocket entertainment, information, communication all compressed in a small sphere the size of a hand. Simply the definition of convenient and comfortable, a reflection of today's society. Then the individual of doubtful gender made a gesture full of charisma, the gesture consists of putting the thumb on the ring finger, pointing the middle finger towards the chest of the greeted, lowering the little finger, and pointing the index finger to the sky, a gesture to get closer to another person in a very popular friendly manner, the hat shifted his view from front to back to see a bright purple shoulder-length hair covering the ears combed in waves going out on his head with a slight fringe on his right side of the face, violet-painted lips, a delicate face with an affable smile, long black eyelashes accentuated with bright golden eyes, a slim and elongated body build, a long, loose-fitting dress shirt that hides the butt and leaves room for a hypothetical breast which contributes to her androgynous look, long synthetic wool shorts that go below the knees loosely also hiding her long legs, the rest covered with wrinkled but clean stockings pia that prevent knowing the density of the ankles, with black leather boots that reach a little above the ankles, with his powerful but sweet voice it is impossible to determine his gender his androgynous appearance, elongated but not higher than meter ninety in height , shining with the neon feels magical, the hat couldn't help but feel interest in this guy never seen before but if you've heard of this guy of indeterminate gender, well determining him is a waste of time things like sexuality don't have a special meaning in this paradise of steel and neon, the ego is weak and the identity can be altered just by wishing it thanks to new technologies, it is as simple as that.