Chapter 5:

Chapter 5


The lady looked at me again and muttered something that I couldn’t understand. Then she finally stood and said ‘I haven’t imagined even in a billion years that he would choose a successor’. I couldn’t understand who is he and what in the world is she saying. I was about to say something when she transported from her place and held my hand. Suddenly! We were in a mountainy area. The area was full of monsters of all kinds. She said ‘so successor, my name is Adriana and I am a will.’ My mind was blank, I couldn’t understand what in the world was she saying. ‘Adrian my boy you are a successor of a wills means that a will chose you to replace his position due to something you have that is special, you are a successor of one of the strongest wills there ever are and there ever will be, but there is one thing I can’t understand and it is that why would he chose you when he can’t die.’ A voice inside me knew she was right but another voice inside me said not to trust her. ‘I will be there to train you and guide you until you reach the state where you are able to fully control your power.’ Adriana gestured me to come near her. Suddenly! She touched my forehead and my soul was separated from my body. My body was extremely light like gas but I feel an enormous amount of power inside me and that felt really good. She smiled at me and then said ‘now that you are in this form you are the closest thing to your will power, but what I don’t understand is that why are you wearing this.’ I found that I was wearing a strange thing; a gold kimono with black, white and purple stripes. A gang of giants were coming in our direction, the shortest one between them was 4 meters. ‘I will show you a fraction of my power.’ Adriana was suddenly enveloped in fire or did she become one with fire, I can’t determine but the only thing I can determine it is that she is extremely strong. She raised her palm and in a flash she radiated a enormous amount of heat that turned every single giant in front of us into black smoke. She said ‘this is called ki transformation.’  Bookmark here

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