Chapter 6:

Chapter 6


‘There are two forms of inner powers: ki and mana, both of them are crucial for mastering will powers. We will start with ki training.’ Adriana stood for a minute and then released a white aura. The aura she released gave me a strange sensation, it was a mix of fear and anger. ‘What I did now was releasing my ki, there are 6 ki gates inside one’s body. The main gate is positioned in your stomach then the energy is circulated from your stomach to the other parts. After you locate them try opening them’. I located them but when I tried to open my ki gates but I couldn’t, I felt that something was opposing me inside my body but I can’t determine what it is. Adriana put her hand in my back, I felt a strong surge of power circulating through my body and I started screaming. The next thing I knew was that I fainted. I woke up in a tent and in front of me was the guy I saw before I died, he was staring at me. He stood and said ‘young one are you ok with being my successor’ he said. ‘I don’t understand who are you, why did you save me before I die and why did you choose me as your successor.’ Suddenly! I was transported into a strange world where every thing was white. In front of me was the guy with black hair, he was facing someone who looked like him but had white hair and had this strange devilish smile. Between them was a lady, she was tall, beautiful and had this purple hair. There was something different about her and it was that she seemed like she was the strongest between them. The three of them disappeared and in front of me was the blue window. ‘The greatest ally is on the way, collect more shards to understand beast and meet the great sage.’ That was what I could understand but there was more written but I couldn’t understand it. I was back on the tent and next to me was Adriana. ‘Get ready young Adrian we are going to start ki training’. She gestured me to follow her outside. My body was still lying out there in the dark. ‘Adriana what is beast?’ She looked at me and said ‘from where did you hear this’. I was about to tell her about the black place when she said ‘beast is the language that wills use’. Before she complete her sentence a girl covered in blood was coming in our direction. Bookmark here

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