Chapter 4:

Chapter 4


I was way slower than him so he cut my head and pierced my heart. I was falling again in the same black hole but this time the hole was different it had a bottom and I was really so close to the bottom like too close. I tried to evade the fall but I nothing I could do helped and I hit the floor. Suddenly! I woke up and found my self in a black room. There was something emitting a very strong light and heat approaching the door and it was coming closer. Someone opened the door, he was from the sun clan. He was old like in his late 50s. He said ‘son wake up it is breakfast.’ He thought that I was his son but how like wasn’t his son supposed to be a demon. I neglected everything and went with him. The scenery change and my surroundings became white and I front of me was a blue window and a message was written in it but I couldn’t read it. Then the another window appeared and something readable was written in it: congratulations receiver, you power now have reached the uncommon stage. When you reached the reach the special rank the great sage will tell you about your powers and goodbye. I was again with the that old demon but we were in the middle of the street which appeared to be the Main Street because of the gigantic gate in the end of the street. Apparently his name was Silas which was written over his head and next to his name was the number 350. Suddenly! A vision of a lady with black hair and black eyes flying on a white background appeared in my mind. The gates of the city opened and 9 dragons appeared. There were 9 soldiers on the dragons and there where 9 dead soldiers riding them. The crowd was shocked. The city gates opened again and the same lady in my visions entered. She smiled and then everything went white. I looked at her, she looked at me with this look of surprise. She said ‘young one who are you’. ‘My name is Adrian’. ‘No I asked who are you I didn’t ask for your name’ she said. That was one of the strangest questions a person could ask someone else. I looked at her and she looked at me but this time her expression was of pure fear. ‘Adrian my boy did you happen to see a man with black hair before you die’. I nodded and she fell to the floor. Bookmark here

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