Chapter 9:

Water and Ice


Before the big festival to wich people from every part of the world will come together we need to keep up with the rest of the rookie Elemental Fighter's.

First of all the Water-Ice brother's Akahoshi Yurai and Zashu Yurai  they would train themself and were defending the Aslaka named City in the land of Ringo at the region near of Wano so they had countered quite  a few demon's. Among the 2 of them it was sent one of the Ice commander Ichitake Tadanori but once Ichitake was in a different city having another mission that a villager had transformed into one of the previous demon commander's and there was sent the Water king as well Yogishi Kuzen. But back in Aslaka once both brother's fall asleep and the demon commander teleported in the skyes above the city he's apearence in the other village was just to lure the stronger human's so he can open the portal to hell and let the new Demon King to invade the world so he spawned houndred's of demon's and they killed a lot of people in the city but when the brothert woke up and they realized what just happened they tried to put out the fire made by the Demon Commander wich used Fire Technique's. The city's defender sayd that the local soldier's will deal with the common demon's and that they could fight with the stronger demon wich they could not face.

Akahoshi used the 5th Water Technique  the Blessed Rain After the Drought with wich he started a massive rain and put out all the fire. The demon commander wanted to attack him and used the 1st  Fire Technique the Unknowing Fire but before he could hit Akahoshi Zashu used the 1st Ice Technique the Freezing Fog and he freazed and sliced away him from he's brother. They had a really strong opponent in front of them and they realized this when the Demon commander used the 3rd Fire Technique the Blazing Universe in an insane speed and slashed them pretty heavily that both of them had fallen to the ground. So they decided to use their combined attack's wich meant that they would use two techniques in the same time and in the most accurate way so they could do major damage to their opponent so they just did that Akahoshi used the 4th Water Technique the Striking Tide and Zashu used the 2nd Ice Technique the Freezeng Slah and the demon commander couldn't counter it or to dodge it so he get's two huge slashes on his body one on he's chest and one slices down he's arm.

The Demon commander quikli regenerated himself but he needed time to do it with he's hand and this was the oppurtuniti.... Akahoshi used the 7th Water Technique the Drop Riphle Drust and Zashu the 5th Ice Technique the Ice age and with that they seemd to finish off the Demo commander but he still get's up and switche's into a demonic mode wich gave him extra strength and insane speed he quikly used the 3rd Moon Technique (wich was possibly because the Demonic Mode give's the user the ability to use the first 7 Moon Technique's) the Moon Chains and sliced pretty heavily both of the brother's and Akahoshi went uncontios it was an massive upgrade of he's power and speed that they couldn't face Zashu tried to attack him with the 6th Ice Technique the Ice Dragon but the demon commander countered it easily with the 2nd Moon Technique the Moongazing and even sliced Zashu again in he's chest and he was knocked out as well and before the demon commander could kill them  Yogishi apeared from the rain and sliced down both of the demon commander's arm's with the 9th Water Technique but the commander quikli regenereted one of he's arm's and used the 1st Moon Technique the Dark Moon but Yogishi countered it with the 10th Water Technique the Constant Flux and rapidly after that used the 11th one the Dead Calm and choped of the Demon Commander's head.

Yogishi chaked on the brother's both of them were pretty heavily injured Zashu was bleeding fastly and they were transported to the nearest hospital wher they were between death and life 2 week's. But they have survived and when they woke up Yogishi thanked them they heroic action's against the demon commander and said that he was pretty injured after they attack's and he just landed the final blow. Both of them had been promoted as Regional Defender's.