Chapter 8:

It's a miracle!


As Yakaza drowned he had seen the 3rd Demon King in front of him and he said that this last attack consumed all of their manna resources and that both of them will die but he will reincarnate in a newborn demon but Yakaza will die as the hero who saved the world from the demon's another invasion. After a few day's of just floating in the ocean he was washed to a shore in the land of Wano, he was brain dead wich meant that he could only hear but couldn't speak or take action over his body but the 3rd Demon King's soul get's the life back in Yakaza's body and start's to control it and he said that he knew that he will be in a nearly dead state so he could easily come back to the living world but he had to perform a ritual in the island of demon's but it need's a 10 year time to syncronize to a 100% with the human body and he started it by searching he's old armor and to put it on and he just does that it took 1 whole year for the 3rd Demon King to find the cave where the mask was and then he told Yakaza that he has a name actually every demon has a name but they don't think that humans ar worthly to know them but he saw that Yakaza is totaly worth of knowing such a thing. He's name is the Moon Demon-Eddy.

Yakaza was so proud when he heard what Eddy said that he formed a willpower and managed to make his body to go to Kuri and to appoint as a soldier so he could be in use of the Wano people. But when he met Edymaro he's willpower light up and had total control over he's body but he couldn't make any sign's to anybody beacause it was in he's deal with Eddy that he could not give sign's in any form in this case the body will die. Everything was fine until the day when the 10 years syncronizing have been complete and Eddy took control over he's body and made a portal to the island of Demon's but there when Yakaza realized the possible outcome of Eddy's revival would be that the world is gonna be under he's controll and nobody could face him because he's God Power combined with Eddy's demonic power's and the perfect knowladge of the Moon Technique's it could be an unstopable combination. 

So Yakaza uses his last light of willpower and manage's to just teleport back he's body where the portal was and hoping that Edymaro could manage to break the mask wich hopefully kill's Eddy. And this just happened and it was an immanse happines to Yakaza that he was back to life and that he's son had become extremly powerfull. 

Edymaro Amata and all the villager's who were in the house where he was hospitalyzed where just shocked about the insane story that happened to Yakaza after a few day's of recuperating from the 10 years of prison in his own mind they had gone back to Yakadon Village so Domimaro and Harakuro could see him again. This was the most sad and happy seeagain in the same moment that everybody had ever saw Yakaza huged he's wife and son and cried the soul out of him Domimaro was in a shock state he couldn't understand what just happened and Isogita had huged him and cried just like a child as well. Everybody just shouted in the village that 'it has been a miracle it has been a miracle the Great Yakaza-dono is alive!'

It has got in the new's the Hero of Onighasima Yakaza Yakadon is back to life! And all of the Wano was extremly happy that they could seen him again and thank he's sacrifice to save everybody. Yakaza decided that he would go back to Kuri just for the festivel wich is going to happen just beacause of him and after that he will go back to Yakadon Village and time of 1 year he will train both of he's son's to be the next Sun or maybe Moon God. 

Domimaro due to the shock of seeing again he's father he unlocked he's elemental ability wich was unknown to him and to anybody around him the Light Element wich is extremly rear and it has never been seen like somebody to just born with such an element control that could only been achieved when somebody became the master of all of he's elemental Technique's and than he could unlock the concantrated mod and after the person got's a perfect use on the concentrated mod and the Sun Element just than he could try to perform an Light Technique wich are the hardest Technique's of them all. So everybody had doubt that a kid of 13 years old could do such a thing but Yakaza could only perform the 1st Light Technique the Divine Slash and after he told to Domimaro how to do that and wich manna part's need to be consumed to perform it in a perfect rate, he uses it and make's a huge slice in the near mountain and on Domimaro's first try he make's it in a perfect manner so he manage's to slice the whole peak of the mountain of it was just shocking to everybody.